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WWE Monday Night Raw Ratings & Viewership 8/10/20 (Including Top 5 YouTube Views)


Monday Night Raw this week was main evented with Randy Orton punt kicking Ric Flair after defeating Kevin Owens. The show also featured continued attacks by the group known as retribution, more Raw Underground, and Seth Rollins putting a major beating on Dominik Mysterio. 

The show trended #1 on Twitter most of the night in the United States last night and also has had a video clip already get to 1 million views in under 24 hours. Seth Rollins beating of Dominik hit that mark this afternoon on YouTube.

Other notable YouTube metrics from the show (as of 3:45pm):
Randy Orton Punts Ric Flair- 759k views
Dominik and Rollins Sign Contract- 644k views
Asuka vs. Bayley- 591k views
Ric Flair recevies Medical Attention- 585k views

Those four would round out the top 5 clips on YouTube from Monday Night Raw. 

As far as the viewership and rating for Raw last night you can see that number below:

Hour 1: 1.81m
Hour 2: 1.75m
Hour 3: 1.60m

This would mean the show averaged once again this week 1.7m just like last week did. 

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