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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap 06/22/20

The Universal Champion Drew McIntyre starts off the show. Dolph Ziggler interrupts his promo. Ziggler was a Smackdown superstar. He informs everyone that he was traded to Raw with Robert Roode for AJ Styles. In Zigglers promo to McIntyre he states that he is owed a title shot due to there past. McIntyre thinks for a second and agrees that he will grant the shot at Extreme Rules.

Nia Jax unexpectedly comes out and demands a chair from ringside. She sets up a sit in the middle of the ring saying that Charlotte doesn’t deserve her title shot tonight against Asuka. The 24/7 champion R Truth interrupts her. Truth mistakes Jax for Akira Tozawa. All of a sudden Tozawa appears from behind the announce desk and his ninjas start surrounding the ring. R Truth runs away with the crowd followed by Tozawa and his ninjas. While this is going on, Jax continues her sit in stating she’s not leaving. Out comes Charlotte to banter with Jax about family entitlement and reasons why she has earned all her title shots. Jax fires back with the fact that Charlotte has never beaten her in the ring and they come to blows in the ring. A group of referees fly out to try and break them up but to no avail. In the scuffle, Charlotte is left with a left arm injury, which doesn’t bode well since she has a title shot later in the night.

Time to recap the rivalry between Street Profits and Viking Raiders from their ‘anything you can do I can do better’ series. Street Profits and Viking Raiders join in the locker room for a show of respect towards each other but the best tag team will win the Tag Team Titles tonight. Before they head to the ring, you see Zelina Vega lurching in the back. Their match is great tag team wrestling with the Street Profits trying to use the Viking Raiders finisher, The Viking Experience, against them. In the end, Montez Ford hits Ivar with the frog splash off of a failed frog splash attempt by Ivar. Ford pins Ivar for the win. The Street Profits have beaten the Viking Raiders for the first time. After the match, a great show of respect between the 2 teams is observed. Out of nowhere come Angel Garza and Andrade to spoil the celebrations.

We see a recap of Seth Rollins and Dominick encounter from last week. Rollins delivers a great promo stating that whatever happens to happen to Dominick the guilt will be on Rey Mysterio’s hands because he was defiant. To Rollins, defiance breeds suffering.

Charlotte strolls out of the trainers room with KT tape across her shoulders. She tells Charly Caruso that she will not be postponing or cancelling her title match with Asuka tonight. Next, Charly moves over to speak with Garza, Andrade and Vega wanting to know why they attacked the Street Profits earlier. Garza starts talking with Charly but is interrupted by Vega informing her that they are a united team and going after the Tag Team titles.

The women’s title match sees Asuka going against a wounded Charlotte Flair. Jax is also watching the match from back stage. Asuka and Flair put on a clinic in the ring. Asuka targets the injured shoulder of Flair the whole match. In the end, we see Asuka applying the Asuka Lock onto Flair’s injured arm where we see Flair tap out.

Wow, we see a phenomenal promo from Edge where he tells Randy Orton that he awoke a dark place in him. The Rated R Superstar is back and Orton better be looking over his shoulder.

This is followed up with Orton stating that he was only doing what he had to do because when you put a snake in the corner he will attack.

Backstage after the match, Jax attacks Flair and continues to target the injured shoulder.

Another title is on the line between the 24/7 champion R Truth and Akira Tozawa. Out of nowhere MVP and Bobby Lashley come out to the ring to take out the ninjas. Tozawa quickly runs and hides under the ring. Then Lashley puts the full nelson submission onto R Truth. R Truth is laid out in the middle of the ring. Tozawa takes advantage of the situation to become the new 24/7 champion.

Next, we see a match between Liv Morgan taking on Natalya. This is a fall out match from their tag match that they lost last week. We learn that Natalya has a new friend in Lana. Lana comes in handy by distraction Morgan for a brief second to allow Natalya to get the win by sharpshooter.

Big Show is backstage with Charly stating that he is still around and shouldn’t be counted out. Very upset about the Orton situation against Edge and Christian.

Woooo here comes Ric Flair to the ring to anoint Orton as the greatest wrestler ever. Flair starts with a quick injury report on Charlotte saying that she is out for a bit but when she comes back Jax is on notice. Orton starts to gloat about his Legend Killer status and taking out Edge and Christian. Big Show has had enough and comes storming out to the ring to confront Orton. Show is ready for a fight but Orton and Flair have other ideas. They leave the ring to head to the back.

Continuing we have another title match, Bayley and Sasha (Womens tag team champions) vs The IIconics. Bayley and Sasha retain their titles. Then we have Sasha in the ring telling Bayley that she is jealous of her dos straps. Possibly hinting towards challenging Bayley but swerve Sasha challenges Asuka at Extreme Rules. Out comes Asuka to accept the challenge. Asuka is left lying in the ring after a cheap shot from Bayley and a double team attack from Bayley and Sasha.

We are now exposed to seeing MVP trying to recruit Apollo Crews saying that he will help be the best US Champion. He would know because he held the belt for over 350 days. Crews is not budging on joining MVP. MVP needs to leave the conversation to head out to the ring for the VIP lounge. In the lounge, Crews is the guest and MVP is still trying to recruit him. Crews is still against the idea and thinks he can do it himself. This segment leads into the US title match against Shelton Benjamin. Crews retain the title but then has the full nelson placed on him by Lashley.

The last segment of the night sees Mysterio and Dominick in the ring. Rey lays down the law to Dominick . Dominick wants to fight. Out comes Rollins to inform them that he has no choice. Austin Theory and Murphy come out to assist Rollins but Humbeto Carillo and Alesiter Black thwart that plan Rollins appears to be getting beat but gains the upper hand. Theory and Murphy hold back Mysterio while Rollins attempts to sacrifice Dominicks eye on the steel steps. Mysterio is being forced to watch this heinous act on his son until Carillo comes at Rollins, Theory and Murphy with a chair. They run to the back.

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