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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap 07/13/20

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The go home show of Monday Night Raw from the Performance Center in Florida is all about grudges. The show kicks off with MVP’s VIP Lounge and his special guest was Dolph Ziggler. I honestly thought with how MVP was describing who his guest was that Slater was going to show up to discuss the amazing promo he cut last Monday but Ziggler works too. Ziggler and MVP are magicians on the mic and spend the first couple minutes complimenting each other and patting their own backs. We still hear the narrative that if it weren’t for Ziggler McIntyre wouldn’t be who he is today and all he asks is that he get thank you. MVP steps up to thank Ziggler when McIntyre’s music hits. McIntyre forces himself through the VIP Lounge to cut a great promo in the ring stating that Ziggler awoke the Scottish Psychopath in him and he should be scared. This segment ends with Ziggler laying on the mat after McIntyre decks him. Later in the night, McIntyre talks with Mackenzie about the stipulation of the match, which is still unknown. He says that is him being to Ziggler giving him the advantage in the match. McIntyre is quickly jumped by Ziggler.

We start backstage with Charlie speaking with Zelina, Andrade and Angel Garza. Charlie has eyes for Garza but Zelina is not having it and verbally attacks Charlie. Andrade and Garza stop this before it gets out of control. Zelina lets Charlie know that Garza and Andrade are always on the same page and there is nothing to worry about. Garza mends the bridge a little bit by sweet-talking to Charlie but is interrupted by the Viking Raiders. Erik states that the Viking Raiders are the top tag team and can’t wait for their elimination match coming up. Continuing on the story that Ivar is the cute one, he steps up and grabs the rose that Garza was holding and hands it to Charlie. Charlie is smitten and Garza is annoyed. During the elimination tag match between the Viking Raiders and Andrade/Garza there is still some distension within Andrade and Garza but they work together to eliminate Erik first. Ivar puts up a great fight and eliminates Andrade. Andrade though doesn’t head to the back like he is suppose to and helps Garza by placing his boot on the ropes to stop the 3 count. This helps Garza pull out the win on Ivar, which means that Andrade and Garza come out victorious.

Mackenzie sets up to start an interview with Ruby Riott but The Iiconics show up to continue reminding Riott that she isn’t on a winning streak right now and she has no friends for the tag team match coming up. Riott has a trick up her sleeve and pulls out a returning Bianca Belair as her partner. This match was a great return for Belair and shows how dominant she truly is. Belair gets the win by pinning Billie Kay. Belair will be a force to be reckoned with in the Women’s Division on Raw.

R Truth runs into Ricochet and Cedric Alexander backstage and explains to them that he is fighting Ric Flair tonight. Alexander corrects a confused Truth and says that his match is actually against Randy Orton. Truth realizing the match is bigger than what he thoughts walks off to prepare. He runs into Akira Tozawa who attempts the roll up on Truth for the 24/7. Truth kicks out. Tozawa calls for his ninja back up; Truth has Alexander and Ricochet show up as back up. Truth done with this backstage state he wants Tozawa in the ring right now. In the ring, Truth and Tozawa get ready for their match. A returning Shayna Baszler comes out to the ring. She is there for business and clears out all the ninjas easily. Tozawa wisely rolls out of the ring. Shayna eyes up Truth, looking like she might take the 24/7 but Truth throws the microphone to Baszler and gets out of dodge. The ruthless, no nonsense Baszler is back and she is going to take out every lady in the women’s division. Thank goodness they repackaged Baszler because this is the Baszler we need and deserve! The women’s division better be ready because I see her in a title picture sooner than later and she won’t be asking for a shot she’ll be ripping off limbs!

Murphy is bothered by the stipulation of the Eye for an Eye match between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules: Horror Show. Rollins will help shed light on why this needs to be done with a promo in the ring. He is remorseful saying that this didn’t need to get to this point if Rey just followed the prophecy. He never asked to be the Monday Night Messiah, the WWE Universe bestowed that title on him and he needs to finish the job. Kevin Owens comes out to spoil the party and inform Rollins that he should be worried at Extreme Rules: Horror Show because Mysterio is always the good guy but he is in a different place right now. Owens also has a gift for Rollins, an eye patch to wear after Mysterio beats him on Sunday. Rollins has had enough and calls out his disciple Murphy to attack Owens. Aleister Black quickly attacks Murphy. This leads to a match between Murphy and Black. These two gentlemen always tear it down every time they are in the ring. The match ends with a phenomenal black mass off the second rope that lays out Murphy. Rollins jumps in to stop the pin, which causes the disqualification. Rollins is now alone in the ring with Black and Owens around him plus Mysterio and Dominick come out. This leads into another match between Owens and Rollins, a Wrestlemania rematch. A neat sequence ensues when Owens was outside the ring; Rollins tries to meet him out there but is blocked by both Black and Dominick. This little distraction allows Owens to hit Rollins without him seeing it coming. Rollins tries to escape the area but he is out numbered. He ends up stooping down to attack Owens’ eye but Owens pulls out the win over Rollins.

Big Show and Flair are talking backstage about retirement matches. Flair explains his match and that Show should consider his is coming up soon since being a Hollywood actor and a wrestler don’t mix.

Orton also cuts a great promo backstage stating that the voices in his head for the first time are all singing the same tune. Flair comes in at the end to grab Orton to get ready for his match. Orton gives a sly smile and hesitates before he follows. Is this the subtle set up that Orton is going to go after Flair once he’s done with the Big Show? Oh man, I hope he does turn on Flair because he is the legend killer after all. Truth is already in the ring waiting for his match against Orton. Flair comes out first and talks up how great Truth is. He calls him a legend and what does Orton do legends, well Flair reassures Truth that he won’t get punt kicked but he will meet the RKO. Orton makes quick work of the match and does hit Truth with the RKO. Orton also decides that that maybe wasn’t enough and he starts sizing Truth up for the punt kick. Flair tries to talk him out of it but it isn’t working, Flair stands in the path of Truth to block Orton. Big Show’s music hits and he comes out ready for a fight. Orton throws out a challenge for next Monday against the Big Show. Show quickly accepts. Why this match isn’t on the PPV is beyond me but I’ll take a high caliber match between Show and Orton the night after any day.

MVP and Bobby Lashley run into Ricochet and Alexander backstage. MVP quickly tries to smooth talk Alexander again into joining up with him. We also get introduced to the name of MVP’s faction, The Hurt Business! My goodness how great is that. Ricochet and Lashley have a match in the ring. These two gentlemen compliment each other very well in the ring. Ricochets speed and Lashleys power are two styles that work well together and it shows by their performance in the ring. Lashley is just too powerful for Ricochet in the end and gives him the Full Nelson for the win.

Main event of the evening is the Women’s Tag Title Championship between Bayley and Sasha Banks and the Kabuki Warriors. In a backstage segment before the match, Kairi Sane tells Asuka that she will be ready and waiting after Asuka beats Sasha at Extreme Rules. On Bayley and Sasha’s entrance we are still introduced to the monikers of the ladies, please I’m over them. They are corny and cheesy and not things you want to hear on your champions to take them seriously. Also cue the same video package of Bayley and Sasha we have seen before. The match itself between the Kabuki Warriors and the champions is phenomenal. They deliver every time. Bayley and Sasha still continue to cheat to help their cause. The match does end with an amazing sequence between Kairi Sane and Sasha. Kairi goes for the elbow off the top rope, Sasha quickly counters into the Bank Statement for the win. Not going to lie, these ladies in the main event are getting a little stale. I hope some of the other ladies start getting some more time to challenge. Follow me @ms_wiper for more wrestling insight!

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