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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap 07/20/20

The Monday Night Raw after a PPV is always an exciting show and last night at the Performance Center it did not disappoint. The show opens with a recap of Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins ending with Rollins heinous actions at Extreme Rules: Horror Show. Mysterio had his eyeball popped out of his socket or as Rollins referred to it in his promo globe luxation. Both ways it was gross and my stomach felt quesy after the whole thing. Now, Mysterio is out of sight but will most likely make a full recovery. This promo by Rollins was probably one of the best he has delivered, he has fallen into the dastardly villain role headfirst and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Rollins states in every promo that Mysterio has sacrificed himself for the future of Monday Night Raw. This couldn’t be truer because his next opponent is Aleister Black who interrupts his promo and tries to get to Rollins. He first has to go through the disciple, Murphy. This interaction leads to Black versus Rollins, which is progress after the commercial. Side note can they stop starting matches during the commercial break its annoying to come back and the match has already started plus you might have missed a good lock up or show of disrespect which sets the tone for the rest of the match. The match itself was amazing. Blacks set up and delivery of Black Mass makes the finisher special. Rollins ends up with the win but the brutality didn’t end there, Rollins and Murphy were on a mission to maim Black’s injured right arm. They succeed in this act by pretty much breaking it off a curb stomp onto the announce table cover set up on the floor. One last thought on this segment, Rollins kept asking Black where are your friends and I couldn’t agree more. When Mysterio was being attacked he had Umberto Carillo, Black and Dominick to help him, where were these people for him. Wouldn’t Dominick want to avenge his father’s eye and help out someone who was helping his dad? Anyways, great segment and I’m interested to see who is next on Rollins’ list.

In a couple backstage segments we see Ron Simmons talking to MVP and Bobby Lashley and then later in the evening the Viking Raiders. From Simmons talk to MVP he tells him there is a better way. Don’t know what that is referencing but a nice little tidbit to carry forward.

MVP and Lashley, collectively called Hurt Business, backstage are still bragging about MVP’s US championship win last since Apollo Crews was still not cleared to wrestle. The announce team informs the audience right away that Crews is still the United States Champion. R Truth runs into Hurt Business and they jaw jack back and forth about the real US Champion is. MVP asks for Truth to join them again and Truth’s absolutely not was so powerful and perfectly stated. Lashley states he wants the 24/7 Title and steps aside to show a referee but Lashley isn’t the one for the belt. Truth receives a super kick from Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin becomes the new 24/7 champion and another member of Hurt Business. In the ring, MVP still declaring himself the US champion, this doesn’t sit will with Cedric Alexander and Ricochet and they come out to break up the celebration. MVP again tries to recruit Alexander which he has no interest. A tag match is being set up but Alexander and Ricochet are done a man, or are they, cue a returning Mustafa Ali. This sets up the six-man tag of speed versus power and on most nights power will win over speed. Tonight was different though and Ali wins the match off of a 450 splash.

Backstage we have Sarah talking to Bianca Belair about her being the EST of everything. Belair is a gem on the mic and I can’t wait for her to be featured more frequently. Peyton Royce sans Billie Kay interrupts Belair but this time Belair has the upper hand when Ruby Riott shows up. In the ring it is Riott versus Royce again. Good match but the best part was Riott got the win for the first time in months. She was genuinely shocked and relieved in the center of the ring after the count. Please sky rocket Riott to the top of the card, she’s been in oblivion for way too long.

Continuing with starting backstage before hitting the ring, Charly stops to talk to Angel Garza, Andrade and Zelina Vega. Her question is asked right to Garza but of course Vega answers. She calls out the Street Profits saying they have been avoiding them since they haven’t been at Raw in a month. Boom! Street Profits attack Garza and Andrade yelling we aren’t hiding now! This sets the tone for the match in the ring. High intensity match but in the end Street Profits pull out the win from a massively impressive frog splash where he changes position mid air. Vega is very upset with the loss. Where does this put Garza and Andrade in the tag picture, are they still going to be able to work together? Time will tell what happens here but I wouldn’t mind an Andrade/Garza feud moving forward.

One of the most controversial segments of Extreme Rules: Horror Show was Sasha Banks walking out as Raw Women’s Champion. Banks and Bayley are in the ring bragging about having all the gold, at this moment its hard to deny that because they literally have all the women’s gold in the ring. Asuka accompanied by Kairi Sane interrupts the party declaring she is still the Raw Women’s champion or is she? The authority, Stephanie McMahon, on screen steps in and states that neither lady is the champion at this time since Asuka used the mist and Bayley decided to play ref for 3 seconds declaring Banks the champion. We will see a rematch next week between Banks and Asuka and the title can only be won by pinfall or submission plus a disqualification on either women gives the belt to the other. Very interesting because now Bayley cannot help or else Banks loses the title. I’m very excited for this match next week and what way it will end! After this news, a match is scheduled for Bayley versus Sane. These women trade impressive Insane Elbows. In a shocking turn, Sane gets the win over Bayley by countering a Bayley to Belly. The champion was pinned and the first time it has happened in months. My goodness I hope Bayley’s ego doesn’t get deflated here. While this match was on going, we jump backstage to see Charly talking with Shayna Baszler. Baszler states she has already beat everyone in the back so is watching to see whom she goes after the Women’s title. Charly somewhat steps on her toes asking why she’s standing watching and not sitting with everyone else, Baszler responds that she isn’t a fangirl and won’t be cheering from catering. I fully expect for Baszler to attack whomever wins next and this will set up Summerslam, yes please, sign me up!

The WWE Champion who against all odds comes out victorious after Extreme Rules: Horror Show. McIntyre is in the ring and ready for a real opponent at Summerslam. Out comes Ziggler, he’s the cockroach you can’t kill. McIntyre states he is done, no more chances. Ziggler being the best talker on the mic manipulates McIntyre by saying they need to have another match but this time McIntyre picks the stipulation. McIntyre takes the bait and accepts the match next week but won’t divulge the stipulation until right before the match.

Last night’s Raw was very much centered on the main event of The Big Show versus Randy Orton in an unsanctioned match. The build up starts with Orton cutting an amazing promo rattling off all the reasons why he is the Legend Killer but taking out Edge really solidified that. This promo is helping to push the Edge and Orton feud further along. Then we see Christian via satellite from his home giving a status report on his health plus hoping The Big Show ends Orton tonight. Lastly, The Big Show delivers the promo of his career. When he spoke it was steady, calculated and with purpose. He gave some background on Orton and him from the road creating some history between the two. He also gave some doubt; will this be his last match? The match itself is hard hitting but Orton cannot take the giant out by himself. Andrade and Garza come out to help with Vega laughing from the ramp. The Big Show has some friends backstage since the Viking Raiders come out to distract Andrade and Garza. Big Show goes through a table he set up for Orton. The match ends with Orton using chairs and 2 RKO’s to put Show down but it doesn’t end there. Big show gets the punt kick from Orton that leaves him bloodied in the ring. Where does Orton go after this, are there more legends for him to take out, what does this partnership with Vega’s group mean for the future? The same can be said for The Big Show, was this his last match, does he show back up next week to go after Orton again? Please follow @ms_wiper on twitter for more wrestling tidbits!

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