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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap 07/27/20

Monday Night Raw from the Performance Center opens with Randy Orton, who has been delivering the best promos of his career lately. He wants the WWE Championship for the sole reason that Drew McIntyre has it. I applaud Orton for doing a very good job of putting over McIntyre. The challenge is set for Summer Slam, have to wait and see if McIntyre accepts.

A triple threat tag match is on deck setting up for the winner to face Street Profits at Summer Slam. Street Profits are in the ring and decide to become ring announcers for this match they announce all the teams. The teams are Viking Raiders, Fly Boys (Cedric Alexander and Ricochet) and Andrade and Angel Garza. Great match with some chaos thrown in. Garza stares down the Street Profits, sitting on commentary, the whole time while delivering the Wing Clipper to Alexander and getting the win. Garza and Andrade made a statement to the Street Profits by attacking them at ring side after the match, Tag match at Summer Slam is set with Street Profits defending against Garza and Andrade.

Nia Jax storms to the ring to state that she needs to be in the Raw Women’s title picture but is quickly interrupted by Shayna Baszler. These two explosive ladies needed to be separated by every referee in the building. This sets up a match for later in the night. Backstage you see Jax chewing John Combs ear off since she blames him for all her match losses. For their match Jax was waiting in the ring, Baszler was not going to take her time she quickly goes after Jax. This match ends up on the outside of the ring and ends in a count out. These ladies were out to beat the tar out of each other. They also take out security and an official in the process. I’m on the fence for this feud. I’m happy to see Baszler on the screen but she should be in the title picture not feuding with Jax.

Raw would not be complete without an appearance from the Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins and his disciple Murphy. Can I just add that Rollins rocking a suit is adding to this role over that fur jacket! He looks professional and regal. Rollins is out to confront Dominick Mysterio and guarantees his safety. I wouldn’t exactly trust Rollins word but for some reason Mysterio does and joins him in the ring. Mysterio does the only thing he can do in this situation, this man did pop his Dad’s eye out, and he spears him. Murphy and then Rollins quickly attack him where a 2 on 1 situation ensues. Again, I ask where are Mysterio’s friends because he is getting beat down pretty bad. Finally, a wounded Aleister Black comes out. He gets beat down as well. Combs comes down the ramp to gain some order but doesn’t really get involved, maybe send in more than 1 guy. This segment takes a quick right turn, Rollins yells to Murphy ‘you know what you have to do’ Murphy looks confused and not too sure he wants to do what Rollins ask. As the loyal disciple though, he picks up Black and pushes his eye into the steel steps. Next on the eye hurting list was Mysterio but as they were on the hunt for him, the hunted became the hunter to even the score with a kendo stick. He cleans house with the kendo stick and implodes the kendo stick in the process.

Backstage R Truth runs into Mustafa Ali that will be the special guest in the VIP Lounge. Truth is concerned that Ali will try to take the 24/7 Championship and sets the record straight on whose baby it is. In the VIP lounge, MVP works his magic on recruiting Ali. Ali is a freethinking man and is not interested in MVP’s cause. In flys R Truth to try and win the title back but Shelton Benjamin kicks out. The lounge segues into a match between Ali and Bobby Lashley. Ali tries to use his speed but Lashley’s power ends up being too much. Ali taps out to the Full Nelson. During the match we have another attempt at the 24/7 title when Akira Tozawa tries to roll up Benjamin. Then the ninjas show up but they are no match for Benjamin and Lashley.

Here is the match to determine who is the real Raw Women’s Champion, Asuka versus Sasha Banks. Both ladies walk out with their friends Bayley and Kairi Sane. Sane has a plan and runs Bayley out of ringside so she cannot interfere with the match. These 2 ladies can put on a clinic in the ring. Banks decides at some point that she is getting no respect and is going to take her belts and go. A count out would put the title on Asuka and Banks knows that so she tosses the Women’s Tag Title into the ring to distract the referee. Banks quickly runs into the ring with the Raw Women’s Championship to hit Asuka with it, the referee turns around right away so Banks tries a bait and switch a la Eddie Guerrero. The referee isn’t buying and takes the belt from Asuka. Then for whatever reason the big screen shows backstage footage of Bayley beating up Sane. Asuka instead of staying focused on the match leaves the ring to help Sane. Banks wins by count out. I’m sure there is a bigger picture story here but this ending was not pleasing on the palette and the story better unfold quickly.

Now here comes a random match between Murphy and Umberto Carillo. Can I just add that if Carillo was in the back the whole time why did he not come out to help Mysterio and Black earlier? Missed opportunity. This match itself was really good, definitely could watch them have a little series against each other. Murphy ends up pulling out the win.

Now its time for the main event, a rematch from Extreme Rules: Horror Show. McIntyre now holds the cards and gets to decide the stipulation of the match. McIntyre is the first one to the ring. He addresses Orton first and accepts his challenge for Summer Slam. Next up is to announce the stipulation for the match tonight, Ziggler quickly flies out to the ring and wants to know. I had high hopes for an interesting stipulation but they dropped the ball and announced another Extreme Rules match except both are under the same stipulations. McIntyre pulls out the win by giving the Claymore to Ziggler through a table. McIntyre’s celebration is quickly spoiled by an RKO out of nowhere.

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