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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap 08/10/20

Two weeks away from Summerslam and Monday Night Raw opens with a Summerslam contract signing between Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio. Rollins is at a whole new level with his character. He is so dialed in with the Monday Night Messiah promos that I actually believe that he fully believes what he is saying. Mysterio did a great job countering Rollins and what a confidence the WWE has in Mysterio having him feud against on of the top heels in the company. Rollins gives Mysterio a leg up at Summerslam by allowing him to use ‘all the tools in the toolbox’ so I assume this means that Mysterio is operating under street rules but Rollins is not, it was not made to clear there. Once the contract was signed, Rollins kicks Mysteiro out of the ring so he can have his match against Umberto Carillo. Mysterio stays ringside holding a kendo stick. Carillo is so good in the ring but I find it very hard to get behind him, I have no story to invest in and he’s flaky when it comes to helping out the Mysterios. The disciple, Murphy, decides he is going to try and step in to help our Rollins but Dominik is there to even the score, he uses that kendo stick to take him off the apron. The distraction did its job though and Rollins pulls out the win on Carillo. Rollins is not going to let that interference by Mysterio go unnoticed though; with the help of Murphy they attack him 2 on 1. By attack, I mean brutal almost unwatchable beat down. At one point, Rollins and Murphy tag team beating Mysterio’s, tied up in the ropes, front and back with the kendo sticks ( This kid took the worse beating I have seen in a long time. Rollins adds the icing on the cake to your hatred towards him by speaking into the camera to Mysterio’s father, Rey. Holy goodness to I loathe Rollins at this time and can’t wait for Mysterio to put him in his place at Summerslam. Can I just add where in the world were the officials or any friends of Rey Mysterio to come out and help Dominik, he takes this heinous beating and nobody cares? I care on my couch why doesn’t someone in the back? That’s my only real critique out of this whole segment because the pictures of Dominik’s back are painful to look at.

Moving along with the night and matches for Summerslam, next up on the card we have Zelina, Andrade and Angel Garza heading to the ring. Zelina still preaches that she has nothing to do with the supposed poisoning of Montez Ford. Why would she ruin an opportunity for her team at Summerslam? That is a very good point! Zelina is so great on the mic, shes a presence that you need to watch intently because she demands that from you. Angelo Dawkins against Andrade is the first match that we see out of this feud. Zelina decides that she needs to interfere to help Andrade but that doesn’t go over too well with Bianca Belair who runs out from the back to beat down on Zelina. Dawkins ends up the winning the match against Andrade with a Cash Out. The next match is between Zelina and Belair. The whole time Zelina is yelling that she had nothing to do with Ford being out. Belair is so talented in the ring, her power is amazing and she can sell like no other! Great showing by both of them but Belair wins with the KOD. In the ring after the match, Charlie Caruso asks if Ford will be ready for Summerslam, we are assured that he will be good to go by then. I’m on the fence with this feud because I honestly believe that Zelina, Andrade and Garza have nothing to do with the poisoning but then the question remains, who in the heck does?

MVP is still very upset about the unfair advantage that Crews had last week when the lights flickered to win the US Championship. He heads out to the VIP Lounge with the other members of Hurt Business to plead his case. Apparently, it was a conspiracy to why the lights were flickering; Retribution was working with Crews I guess is what he is saying very confusing. Crews has heard enough and comes out to show up his new US Championship belt that MVP bought. Crews is getting way better on the mic but that smile that he throws out here and there is annoying. I believe it is a nervous tick because when he called himself a ‘bad man’ he smiled from ear to ear like he didn’t believe and then got all serious to finish the promo off that part was amazing. He then attacks MVP and throws a couch at him? Honestly, who throws a couch? Was that supposed to show how strong he is? That part of the segment lost me as well. After this altercation, we move into a match between Crews and Shelton Benjamin. This match does not end well for Crews and he ends up losing. This continues the feud with the Hurt Business for after Summerslam since Crews lost to Benjamin. I’m not crazy into this feud because I believe that it is too repetitive at this point but I am enjoying that Crews is getting more time on the TV and that belt looks pretty good on him.

My favourite women’s wrestler is back to grace us with her presence, Mickie James! She is here to shake up the division and be a locker room leader. This is interrupted by Lana and Natalya, might I add looked tremendous in their matching outfits, where Lana states that Natalya is the best of all time (B.O.A.T) and made reference to Tic Toc. Tic Toc will not be a thing for too much longer so don’t get to excited about all the ‘followers’ and ‘influence’ you have on that site ok, moving on from that nonsense. James is never one to be outdone by anyone and throws shade back at them. This sets up a match next week!

I don’t really understand why the lady from The Bachelor is still showing up on Raw and she just seems to be interacting with different wrestlers back stage. This time she is talking with Ivar from the Viking Raiders when Erik, Cedric Alexander and Ricochet show up saying that Ivar needs to hurry because they haven’t been taped up yet for their match that is next. That is poor planning on their part not on Ivar’s part. He was ready to go so leave the man be to talk to the lady but the Bachelor lady gets the last word with the Ivar is cute and Erik is not line that leaves Alexander and Ricochet laughing uncontrollably. The match is an 8-man tag match between Viking Raiders with Fly Boys and Akira Tozawa with the ninjas. Two of the ninjas get laid out quickly to the point the 3 ninja is not interested in getting in the ring. He gets dragged in and receives the Viking Experience to end the match. Tozawa never stepped inside the ring to wrestle but he does get rolled up on the ramp by one of his ninja friends. He loses the 24/7 Championship and the ninja turns out to be R-Truth who is now the champion for the 38 time.

Another story that I don’t understand at this time is what is going on with Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott. They are back together as the Riott Squad last week but this week feels that they are at odds. This happens during the match between Morgan and Peyton Royce of the Iiconics; Riott jumps up on the apron to get Billy Kay to stop with her interference. The referee and Morgan believe that Riott is interfereing to help Morgan this little distraction leads to Royce getting the win. Why put the Riott Squad back together just to break them up again right away? The women’s division needs more tag teams and these ladies are a natural tag team so I’m a little confused at the quick burn here.

The Raw Women’s Championship match at Summerslam is going to be set tonight between Bayley and Asuka, if Asuka wins shes gets to face Sasha Banks. Banks and Bayley try to use distraction to get the advantage but Asuka is just too good and wins with the Asuka Lock.

Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton is shaping up to be a great match. Backstage McIntyre speaks with Charlie about why Orton won’t help the younger talent, its so he can stay at the top. Also feels as if the fire might be ignited for McIntyre and Kevin Owens after Summerslam.

The best segments of the night are still to come and I don’t know which one to write about first. I guess I will start with Raw Underground that is showing off some great up and coming talent with Riddick Moss, Arturo and Babatunde. Babatundes’ win is short lived when Shayna Baszler shows up and faces off with him! Baszler was made for the Underground and man did she deliver. No other women wanted to step into the ring with her so she went out and picked one. This poor girl was beat down to the point 2 other ladies stepped in to try and take her out to no avail. Baszler is a beast and needs to be unleashed on everyone man or woman (! The only issue I had with Underground was last week we saw the Hurt Business take over and this week they weren’t there or even mentioned, way to drop the ball on that one. Complete disconnect on the story.

The main event of the night was Orton against Owens and I feel bad for glossing over the match itself but the aftermath from this match is more compelling to talk about. Orton came out with the legend, Ric Flair. We all know that Orton is the ‘Legend Killer’ but I never thought that Flair was in his cross hairs until tonight. Orton delivered a powerful and moving speech about looking up to Flair, working with Flair and being bailed out a couple times by Flair when no one else would help. It starts out heart felt and moving but quickly turns into despair when he called Flair washed up, a has been, not the same as he once was, an emotional wreck and someone who rides coat tails now to chase the spotlight. Wow, if you didn’t despise Orton before you most definitely do now. Flair counters with a very heartfelt promo saying that the man that Orton knew 20 years ago is gone. He’s an old man now; he’s just Charlotte’s father and loves being around Orton because he really is the greatest wrestler at this time. Flair also wants Orton to beat his record for most championships. Never trust a Viper though; Orton goes in for the hug which Flair returns after he gives Flair a low blow. Flair is laid out in the ring but Orton is not done there, he sets up for the punt kick, the lights are flickering to the point of blacking out, Orton is talking to himself as if he doesn’t want to do this. I’m screaming from my couch at home looking between my fingers saying please Orton don’t do this. Orton runs in for the kick, the lights go out and Flair is lying there dazed ( You piece of work Orton, how could you do that? Finally, finally officials and McIntyre come out to get Orton out of the ring. McIntyre and Orton stare daggers at each other. Orton better be ready for what is coming for him at Summerslam because Flair is a treasure to every wrestler in the ring and he just Punt Kicked him!

The dud of the night here was Retribution. After their showing on Friday night I was expecting a complete takeover on Raw but all I got was a flipped over car, some lights flickering and cinder blocks through a glass door (which they couldn’t throw very well). They had amazing momentum and were the talk of the town now I’m like meh you did nothing tonight that was spectacular. Maybe they were too tired and proud of themselves from Friday night that they felt they didn’t need to do too much on Monday. Let’s hope for some more steam on Friday. For more wrestling takes please follow me @ms_wiper also can be found interviewing some great wrestling talent on @puttinguover.

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