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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap 08/17/20

On the go home show of Monday Night Raw before Summerslam and the last time they will be at the Performance Centre there was more bad than good segment so bare with me as I focus on the good and gloss over the bad.

Drew McIntyre opens the show addressing Randy Orton punt kicking Ric Flair from last week. First off why is McIntyre the one coming to his aid, he is not the logical person so right there I am disconnected with it. It appears that Retribution wasn’t a fan as well because they messed with the production truck to put up random graphics during his promo and forcing a commercial break in the middle of his promo. Jump to backstage and all the superstars are gathered again in one area to grumble about Retribution. They were honestly just at the production truck so head there and take them out would be what I would do but hey lets have a pep talk about how annoyed we are and rally to do nothing. McIntyre pulls out the locker room leader hook that is interrupted by a laughing and clapping Seth Rollins. Rollins is already the appointed leader of Monday Night Raw as the Monday Night Messiah so no one needs to worry. A seed is planted for a possible McIntyre and Rollins feud that could be great. In here as well it is mentioned that there is a rumour of Rey Mysterio showing up. As the last night at the Performance Centre I believe they dropped the ball on Retribution, why not have them completely destroy the whole building as a symbol of ending a chapter there and a message that they are against the whole establishment.

MVP and the Hurt Business head out to the ring next and inform us that they are open for business against Retribution. MVP belives that Apollo Crews and his buddy are behind Retribution and their antics. The highlight of this all segment for me was that the camera angles were still messed up since they were trying to get the production truck back in order. Crews doesn’t want to hear MVP’s theory and comes out to confront him. MVP drops a little nugget saying that Crews is scared to lose the title because he will be moved to the back of the line again like what has happened in the past. Crews throws out a stipulation to his match with Shelton Benjamin tonight, if Crews wins then the Hurt Business is banned at ringside for their match at Summerslam. The match is decent but interrupted by a 24/7 title chase where R-Truth, Akira Tozawa and the ninjas run through the ring. This distracts Benjamin enough for Crews to pull out the win. Quickly, it becomes a 3 on 1 situation and finally, let me repeat, finally have help from the back when Mustafa Ali, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander run in for the save. It takes 3 of them to take out Bobby Lashley but Crews and his buddies are the ones left standing. R-Truth runs back through the ring area and receives a giant boot from Benjamin who wins the 24/7 Championship again. MVP decides hes going to play general manager and create a 6 man tag elimination match for later in the evening. Since there are 4 in the Crews and buddies group Alexander is the odd man out for the 6-man elimination. This seems like the perfect opportunity for MVP to come back into the picture to sweet talk him into joining the Hurt Business. Near the end of the night is the 6-man elimination match. Ali and Ricochet are taken out within a couple minutes leaving a 3 on 1 scenario for Crews. Crews eliminates Benjamin and for good measure Alexander runs in to pin Benjamin to win the 24/7 Championship from him. The match is down to Crews against Lashley and Crews loses the match so Crews wins one match and losses another in the same night that’s not a way to build up your United States Champion before a big match at Summerslam. Intertwined in this story in another match between Alexander and Tozawa for the 24/7 Championship. MVP is watching in the back, honestly, he’s just waiting for the moment that Alexander hits rock bottom and I can’t wait for him to pounce. Alexnader beats Tozawa but in celebrating too much, Benjamin capitalizes and ends the night as the 24/7 Champion.

Once again for whatever reason we have the girl from the Bachelor backstage talking with Angel Garza who gives her a rose while talking sweet nothings to her. Ivar from the Viking Raiders who invites her to join him in the Underground and gives a turkey leg that he states isn’t poisoned interrupts him. Garza still pleads their innocence of not poisoning Montez Ford. This little spat will be solved in the ring between Ivar and Garza that leaves the Bachelor girl left deciding between a turkey leg and a rose. During the match, the Bachelor girl is watching backstage and then starts talking with Angelo Dawkins. Seriously, what is the purpose of her being there? Garza ends up with the win over Ivar then the fun begins! Dawkins shows up on the jumbotron to congratulate Garza on his win and then brings up a video that he saw that he would not want people to see. Garza takes off to the back leaving Zelina Vega and Andrade at ringside confused. Samoa Joe on commentary starts laughing and states that he has seen the video and it’s a doozy. Zelina walks over to Joe to get the scoop. Joe states that since Retribution came to town they are reviewing every and all security cameras and they picked up something good that Dawkins showed it to him. Zelina and Andrade take off to the back as well. In the back everyone starts fighting over Dawkins phone because that’s where the video is. Charlie Caruso just happens to be around the corner hearing the commotion, how convenient! Dawkins tells the production truck to run the tape. We see a person who looks like Zelina working aome magic around Ford’s cup. There it is in black and white I guess, how underwhelming. Zelina does try to flip the script and put the heat on Charlie but out of nowhere comes Ford who is ready for a match tonight. Later in the evening is the match between Ford and Andrade. Ford is all sorts of fired up. Zelina decides to try and interfere which at this point why would you bother because you know that Bianca Belair will storm out to drop you? Ford wins the match off the distraction. All I’m going to say on this is it better not lead to a mixed tag angle, Belair is way better and completely above that angle plus when Belair debuted after Wrestlemania it was already done.

Here is my biggest disappointment of the night, I would like to use more colourful words but I’m not sure the age of my audience so I will try and keep it PG. How can they decide that it was a great decision to ruin the return of Natalya and Mickie James to the ring. Neither ladies get their entrances played. The match starts and is comical playing off the Tic Toc/Social Media angle with Lana filming everything going on in the ring. Here is the cheese off that I have; Rollins and Murphy come out to discuss with Joe how he knows that Mysterio is showing up tonight. Now, the cameras are focused solely on Joe and Rollins and not on the match in the ring. Hello production you are a show about wrestling why are we even bothering with this nonsense on two veterans and pioneers of the women’s division no less. Also, why hype up that James is returning for the first time to the ring in a year and half after an ACL injury to do her dirty like that. This makes me all sorts of shades of red. James ends up losing on a count out as well so she gets double whammied in the screw job department. Lana ends up the victim of a Mick Kick so I guess there’s that. Rollins never gets an answer from Joe and storms out from ringside so it was pointless for him to be out there. It seems I was not the only one who was annoyed by this ridiculous play because Mickie James was trending on twitter after and literally every tweet on my timeline was in outrade. WWE please, if this is the only request I can get, do Mickie James and Natalya better! Give me an Iron Woman Match or Best 2 out of 3 Falls as redemption, thank you!

We have a champions versus challenger match tonight of Sasha Banks and Bayley, the Golden Role Models, against the team of Asuka and her partner Shayna Baszler. I guess Baszler and Asuka will put their differences aside to beat the champions. Heading out to the ring are Banks and Bayley, Banks is looking all sorts of confident while Bayley is looking like a scared puppy. They start banter about who will face Asuka first at Summerslam and they land on Bayley who will beat down Asuka to the point that she will be an easy picking for Banks. Baszler has heard enough (me too, me too) and comes out to the ring to say that she doesn’t care who goes first but whoever wins the Raw Women’s Championship will be facing her next. Asuka comes out and speaks in her mother tongue. I absolutely love when she trash talks in Japanese because the fire and passion come out. During the match, Nia Jax decides to show up and attack Baszler. Jax is on suspension still so how she got in with all that extra security around is mind-boggling. Also, where was the disqualification? Are we making up rules now as well? This distraction takes Baszler out of the ring area as she chases Jax out; this leaves Asuka all alone in the ring to face the Golden Role Models. Asuka is getting beat down and thankfully Baszler does show back up to help. The match ends with Asuka holding Banks in the Asuka Lock and Baszler tying up Bayley in the Kirifuda Clutch, where Bayley taps out. Backstage the IIconics talking with the Riott Squad look over and say who in the world is that, camera pans over and we see Baszler talking with Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. Holy goodness yes please all day! I have been waiting for this day that the former MMA ladies take out the WWE women’s locker room. We also see them peppered in a little more when the ladies are seen talking with Shane McMahon. Shane McMahon only means one thing, they want the Underground. These ladies will thrive down there and I can’t wait for it. You don’t have to wait too long though because Shafir has a match in the Underground where she dummies another wrestler. This is short lived but Jax again decides to join the party and attacks Shafir. Duke comes in for the save but is taken out as well. Baszler steps up to Jax, McMahon gets all excited that these ladies are going to square off but when the bell rings, Jax scurries away. Can we not have a Jax and Baszler feud at all in 2020 or every please?

The 2 hottest matches going into Summerslam were arguable Rollins against Dominik Mysterio in a Street Fight and McIntyre against Orton. Tonight they snuffed the flames a bit.

I’ll start with McIntyre; we see him talking in the back to Shawn Michaels saying it is his fault that he has let Orton run rogue against all the legends. As Champion he should have done better to prevent this. I guess this is how they are tying it together for why McIntyre is so concerned for Flair. They subtly drop that Flair will be okay and Michaels absolves him of all guilt. The main even of the evening is Michaels coming out to address Orton’s actions on Flair. This promo literally did nothing for me. I found it very underwhelming. To no ones surprise we see Orton come into the ring to RKO and then quickly punt kick Michaels. Somehow though Michaels has the magic powers to be impervious to both of these ‘career ending’ moves because he sits up right away in the corner when everyone else was laid out and needed medical attention. McIntyre comes out to yell for help, one referee comes out when all other times we see tons of medical staff and stretchers. Continuity is all I ask for please. Orton tries for an RKO on McIntyre but he blocks it and beats the tar of him outside of the ring and throws him over the announce table. McIntyre heads back in the ring to check on Michaels and finds himself victim finally to the RKO.

Lastly, Rey and Dominik Mysterio head to the ring. Why is Rey back? If his sight is still as off as they have told us why isn’t Dominik helping him walk to the ring and get in. Rey gives some promo about how he should have taken the beating instead of Dominik. I don’t know again this promo ruined this feud for me. Rey let’s us know that he is not cleared but he will be in his son’s corner. He didn’t need to announce this since it’s a street fight and there are no disqualifications so wouldn’t it have been better as a surprise save instead of an obvious assist? Rollins and Murphy show up on the jumbotron and are talked into heading out to the ring. The Mysterios end up giving Rollins and Murphy the upper hand but rolling out of the ring and trying to find ways in. Dominik pulls out 2 kendo sticks and they begin to hit Rollins like crazy. Murphy steps in for the save to get Rollins out. Less is more and I feel that this has been over done so my excitement has diminished a bit. For more wrestling takes please follow me @ms_wiper and check out wrestling show with great interviews and wrestling discussions @puttinguover.

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