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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap 09/07/20

Monday Night Raw from the Amway Center opens up with Randy Orton cutting a great promo saying that he has jumped through the hoops and now has his rematch against Drew McIntyre at Clash of Champions. Tonight, he has a match against Keith Lee that he’s not too concerned about. He switches gears to chirp McIntyre about his broken jaw and that he won’t show up at Clash so WWE might as well just put the belt on Orton. Sirens start blaring through the arena, has Right to Censor showed up for 1 night? No, it was an ambulance being driven by McInytre coming into the arena. McIntyre is there for a fight and beelines it right to the ring to deliver a Claymore square to Orton. Backstage Adam Pearce tells McIntyre that he isn’t cleared to be there and needs to leave the arena. McIntyre clearly answers him back even though he has fractured jaw. Later on in the evening was the Lee against McIntyre match; this match had some really good highlights with Lee creatively blocking the RKO twice. He wasn’t so lucky on the third attempt and fell victim to the RKO. When Orton went for the kick, BOOM, he gets Claymored for a second time in the night. Raw really needs to beef up their security if people can just run a muck everywhere. Orton is grabbing his jaw so I guess now they both have fractured jaws. Near the end of the night, Orton is leaving the arena clutching his jaw when Charly Caruso comes up to him to ask a question. She doesn’t even get her question out when McIntyre attacks and delivers the third Claymore of the night.

Next up we have the Hurt Business walking backstage telling ‘man’ stories when they decide an innocent custodian minding his own business. I guess they are tough when they aren’t competing inside a ring because that little segment did nothing for me. In the ring is Ricochet and Apollo Crews, next out is Cedric Alexander who gets attacked from behind by Hurt Business. Crews and Ricochet come out to help. For the last 4 months we have seen the Hurt Business take on Crews, Ricochet and Alexander so whatever here is another match. The only difference this week is that Alexander finally turns and joins the Hurt Business. He is done with sacrificing weekly for nothing and wants to start making some money. I didn’t know you made a lot of money losing like the Hurt Business does but hey let’s see what happens.

The VIP Lounge later in the night has the Hurt Business with new member Alexander but the Viking Raiders and Ricochet and Crews spoil their party. This turns into an 8-man tag match.

Here is another match we have seen a bunch of times, Street Profits against Angel Garza and Andrade. Garza comes out to the ring first followed by Andrade and Zelina who just blow past Garza. They don’t even acknowledge him, great more discourse amongst the group going into a tag match that Zelina has to wrangle in. Garza decides he’s not going to accept the tag from Andrade and leaves him in the ring. Andrade gets pinned off of a frog splash from Montez Ford for the win. Why don’t tag teams have signature finishes anymore that end the match? Individual moves should not be ending a tag team match. After the bell, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura come out from Smackdown in the quarterly invitational. They challenge the Street Profits in champions versus champions match next week on Raw.

I honestly hope this leads to the Tag Team titles being merged together at Clash of Champions and they can work in between all brands like the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

The Mysterio family is at Monday Night Raw again and they are heading out to the ring to address the WWE Universe. Rey has a torn tricep, which I guess isn’t that bad since he’s still there but Edge is going to be out for 9 months but I’m no doctor so let’s see how this goes. In the ring, Rey gives the update on his arm that he is hurt and cannot wrestle. Dominik tries to speak but is interrupted on the jumbotron by Murphy. Murphy is upset with Dominik because he is the reason that Seth Rollins will not speak to or acknowledge him anymore so to prove himself to the Monday Night Messiah he ups the ante for their match tonight to a street fight. Wait, where have I seen this before, oh that’s right the last couple PPV’s. Dominik accepts the match and says that his family will be ringside. In the main event, the highlight I guess was the entire Mysterio family hanging up Murphy in the ropes and all beating him with kendo sticks. Murphy says that he quits and that ends the match. After the match, the Mysterio’s continue to beat on him. Isn’t this a heel move? It is 4 on 1 in this case and the man cannot defend himself. I don’t see what is left for the Monday Night Messiah, his disciple and the Mysterio’s everything is exhausted at this point. There is no meat or marrow left on the bone, let’s move on.

The Raw Women’s Champion sees herself in a tag match with Mickie James as her partner and Natalya and Lana as her opponent. Asuka and James were butting heads the whole time but end up getting the win. James and Asuka will face off against each other next week for the Raw Women’s Championship, why isn’t this at Clash of Champions though?

Raw Underground this week was interesting because it was announced as Aleister Black against Kevin Owens. When we first get there Black is taking out a random person waiting for Owens. Honestly, I was hoping that Owens wouldn’t show up because that would fit well into character but he does show up. The match was hard hitting and it looked like Owens had him. This segment was actually phenomenal until Daba Kato steps in and takes out all of them. Why ruin the only original segment of the night? I hope we see Owens and Black again in the ring and people let the match finish.

Other highlights from the night are Peyton Royce defeats Billie Kay. R Truth keeps his 24/7 Championship after Akira Tozawa tries to interrupt dessert for him. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler still do not get along and Baszler loses a handicap match to the Riot Squad. Also, Retribution finally speaks and announces themselves as a group. For more wrestling takes please follow @ms_wiper.

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