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The show kicks off with the Cerebral Assassin Triple H an executive now entering the ThunderDome greeted by thunderous applause pumped in and some real. He addressed the fans for a bit before Randy Orton interrupted and the two had a heated exchange covering a lot of ground. It of course ended with Orton challenging Triple H in the main event since Orton's original opponent Drew McIntyre was unable to compete because of COVID protocols. At first the King of Games declined until Orton took one last shot at H which led to H hitting Orton but no verbal acceptance of the match.

Charlotte Flair then had her segment where she would face Lacey Evans and before the match she was interviewed. In this interview she acknowledged the Ric Flair drama from last week and even said Ric was at home watching this week. Evans was then interviewed and talked more about flirting Ric and even gave him a shoutout and blew him a kiss. So looks like Evans will soon be another Flair and Charlotte's new stepmom. I jest of course but I do hope it becomes a thing in the RAW fictional storyline because that would be hilarious.

From what I assume was his own home McIntyre addressed the fans an talked about always wearing a mask and being cautious to help end the pandemic that currently has him as a victim but he's in great shape and looks fine so hopefully he is back very soon. I wish him the best in his recovery. 

Looks like Charlotte had no actual idea of what her dad was doing because during the match with Evans Ric appeared mid way. He then did quite a few things to help Evans win. Ric then left with Evans to celebrate while throwing some words toward his daughter. 

Sheamus and Keith Lee were then shown and Lee assumed Sheamus was there to rub it in about Lee's title match loss against Drew McIntyre, the WWE Champion last week. Instead he commended Lee for his efforts and seemingly buried the hatchet. Miz and Morrison then approached and talked some smack which led to trash talk between each pair ahead of a tag match between them later in the night.

Jeff Hardy was then in the ring ahead of a match he was supposed to have with Elias but Elias came out saying he was hurt so Ryker his follower took his place. Elias then helped Ryker with but Hardy then spoke to Elias after the match provoking Elias. Elias fell for it and entered the ring to wrestle Hardy who was barely exhausted since his match with Ryker was so short. The real match then began and went the length of a normal match between these two recent rivals. Hardy won the match and exited before Ryker could attack and during the match Ryker did not help because Elias told him not to interfere. Well Elias that was a bad call buddy.

Could Keith Lee trust Sheamus? Did the Celtic Warrior Sheamus have something planned for Lee? Well those questions were answered next when their tag team match against Miz and Morrison occurred. Despite some butting of heads between Lee and Sheamus they were still able to get the win over Miz and Morrison, former tag team champions. Weird to see Miz and Morrison constantly lose but still be in a position of power with the MITB briefcase.

Triple H was then interviewed next and he accepted the challenge from earlier in order to defend the honor of the legends that Orton has disrespected. Attention then turned back to Lee and Sheamus when the pair faced off against each other in singles action right after they both competed as a team. It was impressive that they were able to have back to back matches and entertain in both. Sheamus has been on a run of great matches and Lee has also been great as well but it was the Limitless Lee who earned the win in another battle between these two frenemies. 

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre then appeared in a video package again to address the challenge of Goldberg from last week's Legends night. Ahead of a United States Title match against the United States Champion Bobby Lashley Riddle was then shown talking to Lucha House Party who wished him luck and gave him advice to watch his back out there since Lashley and the Hurt Business play dirty. Riddle took that literally saying it was impossible to watch your own back as he attempted to literally watch his own back. Riddle is a delight on screen in my opinion. Great in the ring and just hilarious in backstage segments. 

Retribution then took a break from their weekly domination of Ricochet in matches when Xavier Woods took on T-Bar from Retribution with all of the faction in his corner. Kofi Kingston was also not out there in support of his New Day brother because of injury according to the commentary team. I think it's a storyline injury but not positive on that. Despite Woods best effort T-Bar got the win keeping Retribution on an undefeated run.

Riddle then took on Lashley in a title fight. Riddle was attacked before the bell and after the bell Lashley continued punishing Riddle. Riddle lost the match rather easily but after the loss Riddle took the microphone and then challenged MVP who said he could be right there right then. 

Riddle and MVP then battled and Riddle was dominating but during the match he struck Lashley who tried to interfere. That strike by Riddle on Lashley then led to a Lashley spear that ended the match in disqualification and more physical torture on the Bro. I really hope this feud ends with Riddle as United States Champion but we will see. 

Adam Pearce was then shown backstage with AJ Styles and Styles talked about how he was going to win the Rumble later in the month and hopefully be lucky enough to face Pearce at WrestleMania for the Universal Title. Drew Gulak then entered and said he would win the Rumble and for some reason Pearce said one can not just declare... Pearce you might want to tell that to all the people who already did. Pearce then said if Gulak wins against Styles next in singles action he would be added. Gulak then faced Styles and was not able to get the win.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke then challenged the former WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax to continue their rivalry. Despite their best efforts Rose and Brooke lost yet again to Jax and Baszler giving the former champions more momentum.

The main event between Triple H and Orton then finally arrived. A brutal match between H and Orton then began and then suddenly the lights going out sound occurred. Both men were frightened and confused. The sledgehammer of H then was lit on fire and then the lights went out and when they returned he was gone. A weird version of the Firefly Funhouse theme then played and Alexa Bliss appeared in the ring. She stared down Orton put her hand to her chin and the writing on the bandage glove said pain. Bliss then launched a fireball into the eyes of the Viper causing him to writhe in pain to end the show.  

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