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The episode kicked off with a Martin Luther King Jr. tribute since it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and it was a nice opening that was not just a tribute to King but to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The official open was a shadowy figure who when spoke it was clearly Randy Orton. Orton's face was then shown he was wearing a hood and had a generic white mask but there were still burn marks on his nose and near his eyes since those areas were exposed and not covered by the mask. This was of course because of the fireball he received from Alexa Bliss last week. Orton delivered yet another passionate and fantastic promo that even had an ominous musical score accompany it for dramatic effect. Orton blamed not Bliss but the Fiend saying he was responsible and that the Fiend wanted to prevent the inevitable and he was referring to him winning the Rumble. This promo was focused on the fireball and the Fiend but he also declared for the Rumble match. 

Charlotte Flair then took on Peyton Royce amidst her rivalry with Lacey Evans and Ric Flair. Ric Flair and Lacey Evans were interviewed shortly before the match about their actions of late and then Evans announced that they were  headed to the ring to support Evans tag team partner Royce. While Charlotte entered Royce came from behind and attacked her before the match began to get an edge. Evans and Ric did not enter until mid match though while Charlotte was dominating and their distracting entrance almost won Royce the match but Charlotte was able to barely kick out. Charlotte Flair won the match when she locked on with the Figure Eight and when she got Royce to tap out she did not let go immediately trying to truly punish Royce and send a message to her father and to Lacey who both did not stay for the whole match. 

Retribution's path of destruction continued next when their new target Xavier Woods once again faced a member of Retribution in singles action. Last time Woods battled and lost to T-Bar, this time he battled Mace. Mace pinned Woods and after the match Mustafa Ali the leader of Retribution called out Kofi Kingston who is injured but is the reason why Retribution is targeting Woods since Woods is Kofi's close friend and New Day cohort.

Alexa Bliss then had Asuka on Alexa's playground ahead of a match between them that happened later in the night. Bliss announced she would enter the match and both were respectful to each other and Bliss was her playful character but she did snap when Asuka mentioned The Fiend and it terrified Asuka who ran away.

Shayna Baszler then took on Mandy Rose who had Dana Brooke in her corner. Nia Jax the tag team partner of Baszler then joined the commentary team for this match. Baszler absolutely dominated Rose to get the win and I think the dialogue between Jax and Byron Saxton on commentary was more combative and competitive than the match. After the match Jax and Baszler then argued since Jax was still bitter about how Baszler said she was all alone in the Rumble match and she cared for no one else even Jax. During the argument Brooke kicked both then ran away exiting with Rose. 

Ricochet then battled AJ Styles to prove he belongs in the Royal Rumble match because I guess Ricochet is the only person ever that has to prove he belongs in it. These two have plenty of history since a year and half ago they feuded over the United States Title. Ricochet gave a great effort but Styles got the win when he hit the Styles Clash. Styles' manager Omos was also a factor in the match since at one point he caught Ricochet when Ricochet jumped out and then dropped him on the floor when the referee demanded he drop Ricochet. 

Miz and Morrison then entered the ring a special edition of The Dirt Sheet with Goldberg but instead Gillberg the Goldberg impersonator came out and Miz and Morrison treated him like he was Goldberg. During the interview McIntyre's music dropped and Miz and Morrison were in awe at the return of the WWE Champion. It was not really him though but comedian David Krumholtz. The segment of course ended with Miz saying he would cash in after the McIntyre/Goldberg match at Royal Rumble.

Riddle and Lucha House Party then took on Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin of The Hurt Business in a three vs three tag team match. There was some tension in the Hurt Business early on when Cedric Alexander went to tag out of the match and Benjamin and Lashley ignored him and refused to tag in. Benjamin eventually did tag in a bit later when Alexander was pushed to the corner by Lince Dorado. The match ended with a Hurt Business win but after the match the arguing of the Hurt Business continued leading to Riddle striking Lashley and escaping the ring.

Jaxson Ryker and Elias were then shown arguing backstage about how Ryker did not interfere in the Elias versus Jeff Hardy match from last week where Hardy won. The pair then went to the ring for Ryker to face Hardy. Ryker told Elias not to interfere just like Elias told him except Ryker meant it. Hardy won by disqualification when Elias pushed Hardy from the top ropes when he was about to perform a Swanton Bomb on Ryker. Ryker and Elias then argued and while distracted Hardy attacked but the pair still ended the segment on top after attacking him.

Alexa Bliss then took on the RAW Women's Champion as well as WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Asuka. In the middle of the match though the lights started to go out but the sounds were not the normal Fiend arrival sounds so something different was happening. A commercial break halted it and when we returned Bliss was in slightly different makeup and in the middle of the ring. Asuka then went in for the attack and was being easily repelled. This transformed Bliss was also the same Bliss we saw blast Orton with the fireball last week. The transformed Bliss unlike the normal new Bliss was stoic, quiet and deadly calm compared to the playful and goofy Bliss we have had. Bliss was stone-faced until she had the Sister Abigail prepared and she smirked and licked her lips, and then delivered the move and pinned the champion. She then stood and looked at the camera and transformed back into the normal, playful Alexa Bliss character. Bliss is not just a friend of The Fiend's now, now she is an actual threat and if this deadly calm Bliss is in the Rumble she could win it. 

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