The champion is back everyone! Drew McIntyre the WWE Champion is back on RAW in person and he started things of with a great entrance in ring gear with his kilt on and his sword in tow. He then went on to rip a solid promo until Miz and Morrison go out and interrupt. Miz and Morrison then talked about how on Sunday that they will attack whoever wins and cash in on them.... Miz just does not understand how surprise cash-ins work. Then Goldberg himself went out there and focused on McIntyre and it kept it short and simple. The two then had a staring contest as Miz and Morrison antagonized them then McIntyre and Goldberg took the pair out with little effort. 

One half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Charlotte Flair was then interviewed about her fathers recent actions and all of that drama. She then entered the ring to face Shayna Baszler in singles action. Match did not long because then Jax, Baszlers' partner attacked Flair, then Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke came to help out Flair, and then Lacey Evans went out to help Jax and Baszler. The chaos when settled then led to a three versus three match where Flair, Brooke, and Rose faced Baszler, Evans, and Jax. Flair's team won when Baszler did not beat the 10 count when she just had Flair outside the ring too long and was able to throw Flair in but she was not able to beat the count. It was a weird finish and an overall bland segment but then the match restarted when Adam Pearce went out and asked team Flair if they were ok with a restart. Jax then won the match for her team shortly after. 

We then found out because of his injury Kofi Kingston would not be able to compete in the Royal Rumble match. Mustafa Ali also had a video promo where he responded to things Kingston said about him. Xavier Woods then took on Slapjack of Retribution and won. Woods tried to escape immediately so Retribution would not attack but T-Bar caught him with a big boot to the face and threw him back in the ring. Retribution held Woods down and Ali ripped a promo talking trash about Kingston and announcing that he would be in the Royal Rumble match.

Later in the show Riddle would face MVP, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin in a gauntlet match to earn a chance to face Bobby Lashley at the Royal Rumble for the United States Championship. Backstage R-Truth and Riddle talked and Truth told Riddle he overheard that the Hurt Business had a surprise of golden carrots for him during the V.I.P Lounge. Riddle who is also goofy did not correct him and when Truth the 24/7 Champion left Riddle said he had a plan. The V.I.P Lounge then began with all four members of the Hurt Business in the ring. There was still some tension in the ring but mainly between the RAW Tag Team Champions Alexander and Benjamin. Lashley, and the tag champions then gave a gold chain to MVP as a thank you for bringing them together. R-Truth then came out and still thought the celebration was to celebrate his birthday. Hurt Business tried to argue and talk sense to him until Lashley stopped them and played along to get Truth in the ring. When he went to go into the ring 24/7 Title pursuers went out and Tucker almost got the 3 count until Benjamin kicked him off and the Hurt Business tried to attack the interrupters. In the midst of the confusion Riddle attacked MVP then left quickly. 

In ring wrestling continued with a match between Sheamus and John Morrison which had potential to be a great match if given time. Miz of course was ringside to support and help out his friend and partner Morrison. It was a great match and at the end Sheamus won but after it Miz then challenged Sheamus to a handicap match against him and Morrison and the proud Irishman accepted and we were treated to another great match. A tired Sheamus fought well bought after he used the Brogue Kick on Morrison Miz took advantage and used Skull Crushing Finale to finish Sheamus and get the pin to get the win. Sheamus continued his streak of great matches and Miz came out of it with some momentum going into Sunday.

Lacey Evans was then shown with Ric Flair rather close and Flair was showing her some wrestling holds. Charlotte then interrupted and asked for Evans to leave so she could talk to her father. She then said he was going from legend to old man and that she was not the bad guy. While Charlotte was leaving Evans attacked from behind and Ric went to check on his daughter but Evans grabbed him and left with him while they started WOOOing together. Where is this going? Seriously someone please tell me.

The Phenomenal AJ Styles then took on R-Truth for a chance for Truth to prove he is worthy of being in the Rumble match. Truth fought hard and even tried to channel his inner John Cena by using his moves but in the end Styles got the win.

After the Randy Orton promo from last week was shown Alexa Bliss was shown in Alexa's playground and again she was talking to some imaginary person on the other swing. Bliss talked about Orton then she talked about what went down between her and Asuka last week. She talked about her transformation and about how she wanted to see "him" again referring to The Fiend. She then talked about how later in the night she was looking forward to getting a new toy, referring to the RAW Women's Championship since she was facing Asuka for it.

The King of Bros then entered the ring to face the Hurt Business in order to get another shot at Lashley and his title. He made quick work of Benjamin and MVP who were both distracted by Alexander accidently. Then Alexander face Riddle and these two showed out and had quite the back and forth despite MVP and Benjamin trying to coach Alexander and Alexander constantly talking back to his Hurt Business partners. In the end though Riddle got the win and earned a US Title rematch against Lashley at the Royal Rumble. Lashley then came out an attacked the Bro to teach him a lesson and give him the HURT, get it?

Edge then finally returned in the form of a promo video and announced his entry into the Royal Rumble match. Bliss versus Asuka for the Women's Title then began. Mid match a rocking horse appeared in the ring and Bliss then was shown riding it because sure why not. We got an appearance by the normal Goddess Alexa Bliss who was scared and confused then the sinister calm won who beat Asuka last week. Just as Bliss was about to win with the mandible claw Orton appeared! He had no mask on and face still burned and he came for one thing vengeance! RKO to Bliss and that ended the show! Asuka is still a double champion thanks to Orton!

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