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The Hulkster kicked off RAW Legends knight talking about a Hulk phone cover because why not then we went to Miz TV where Miz and John Morrison talked about the legends that would appear and talked about how Miz was a legend. Miz then welcomed The New Day onto Miz TV, and Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods said Miz and Morrison were actually guests on their show New Day Talks! It's kind of messed up that they are starting their own "talk show" on someone else's show. 

The New Day then started asking questions to Miz and Morrison and while Miz was not answering and just getting angrier and angrier. Morrison played along. We learned quite a lot about Morrison from just two questions and one thing we learned is Morrison wants to graduate from Hibachi cooking school in 2021, so Morrison if you read this once you graduate cook me some hibachi bro. Miz then ended it and Teddy Long came out and announced Miz and Morrison would face the deadman, The Undertaker! Adam Pearce then came out and whispered to Long and Long then announced instead the two teams in the ring would face off in tag team action next instead so I guess Long just got too excited.

This was a decent opening match despite most of the match just being New Day beating up Miz and Morrison. It's weird that Miz and Morrison are so heavily featured on RAW and Miz is the MITB contract holder but they usually lose or just get beat up bad in most of their matches. The New Day came out in top in this match but at least Miz has the MITB contract so he has that going for him.

Orton was then interviewed about his actions against Alexa Bliss last week and he said there would be more to their story later in the night. Garza's win over R-Truth from a few days ago for the 24/7 Championship at a New Years' celebration was then shown then he was shown hitting on Alicia Fox. She at first was flirting back then dismissed him and left then he went to Mickie James, Sergeant Slaughter, and Tatanka and interrupted them. Slaughter was not happy with the interruption. Garza then calmed him down and gave the rose to James but Slaughter then took it and Garza left. 

Elias with Jaxson Ryker then had another match with AJ Styles with Omos yet again. Just to be clear it was a singles match between Elias and Styles with each men having their respective manager in their corners. Styles got the win against Elias again and after the win Ryker went to hit Styles with a guitar but Styles was saved when Omos kicked the guitar out of his hands. Ryker then retreated with Elias as Omos stared daggers into Ryker.

Big Show was then shown sitting down talking to Riddle and they were getting along pretty well. Riddle then left to prepare for a match against Bobby Lashley. As he left Big Show saw someone and was clearly alarmed. He got up and it was revealed it was Orton who he had issues with over the summer amidst Orton's run of brutalizing legends. Orton then tried to light a fire under Big Show to not just be a legend sitting back but to take action. I'm curious to see what game Orton is playing at.

Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans then took on the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Charlotte Flair and Asuka who had Ric Flair in their corner. Royce and Evans still seem to be at odds and I hope their partnership ends soon so Royce or Evans can feud with Asuka for the RAW Women's title which still exists everyone... or I think it does... Lacey Evans throughout the match kept flirting with Ric Flair which seemed to be a bad thing because it kept leading to Charlotte brutally assaulting Evans but it payed off when Ric tripped Charlotte leading to Royce getting the pin. It's not clear if he meant to trip Royce or what but Charlotte then threatened her own father to stay out of her business after the match.

Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart then went up to Sheamus and Drew McIntyre where Hogan kept complimenting McIntyre. The exchange also led to Sheamus getting compared to Jimmy and feeling insulted but still wishing his friend luck in his title match later in the night. Jimmy Hart also chased Sheamus away trying to befriend him. McIntyre and Hogan then said Hogan's famous catchphrase together which can be seen below. 

The Bro that runs the show then finally had his singles match with Bobby Lashley that has been hinted at for weeks and for some reason was not promoted before this week and was announced during this episode. Before the bell rang though Riddle rushed Lashley attacking him before being pulled back and the match officially starting. It was a bit out of character but Riddle can be quite aggressive especially in very personal feuds. Lashley dominated in the match though and at one point the referee missed Riddle tapping out to Lashley which led to Lashley and MVP arguing with the referee giving Riddle the chance to get a quick roll-up and win. 

Shayna Baszler then brutalized Mandy Rose leading to Dana Brooke standing up for her friend. Brooke then beat Baszler in a match since while Baszler was choking out Brooke, Brooke was on top and pinned Baszler. Rose and Brooke then beat down Baszler getting revenge on the havoc Baszler has been reaping on them.

Orton then confronted another legend when he confronted Ric Flair leading to a heated exchange. This was after the exchange with Big Show and one with Mark Henry who he also had an exchange with that left Henry angry at Orton but unable to do anything. Not sure where this is all going but I'm intrigued to see where it ends up.

Orton then faced off against an active legend, Jeff Hardy, in singles action. It was hard fought but The Viper Orton slithered his way to a win. After that match Lucha House Party then went to face Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin of The Hurt Business. On the way to the ring though LHP ran into women's legend Melina. I went into this match thinking the LHP had no chance of winning but I was wrong and they did get the win over the RAW Tag Champions. Alexander and Benjamin then bickered and MVP scolded the pair but once again it seemed that Alexander sees himself above the rest of The Hurt Business.

Garza then tried to give a rose to Torrie Wilson while she was in a discussion with Nikki Cross and she then directed him to go meet Cardi B and sent him to a room around the corner. Instead he ran into the Boogeyman who chased him right into R-Truth who pinned Garza and got his title back. Truth then retreated with Wilson, and Cross. Ron Simmons then was shown above Garza and of course gave his signature DAMN!

The main event WWE Championship Title match then began next between Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre with all the legends watching the match from seats at the entrance ramp. Keith Lee decked McIntyre over the barricade and it reminded me I can watch Lee deck people into the "crowd" all the time. Also Lee showed his athleticism later when he performed a spanish fly which is crazy that a move usually seen by cruiserweights was performed by these two. In this physical and entertaining match the WWE Champion retained but with still four minutes left in the show. The champ then offered his hand to Lee and then McIntyre took the microphone and was about to commend Lee but instead was interrupted by Goldberg who was not with the other legends and just arrived. Goldberg then took the microphone from McIntyre to speak. He then sang the champions praises before saying the one thing McIntyre did not have was respect. Goldberg then said McIntyre looked down at the legends and that McIntyre saw the legends as has beens and that Goldberg was out there to teach McIntyre respect. The show then cutoff suddenly when Goldberg shoved McIntyre down to the ground. Looks like we are getting Goldberg versus McIntyre at the Royal Rumble.

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