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Did Sheamus kick Drew McIntyre accidently? It is clear it was, but a recap video of the incident is what started off Monday Night RAW. I am sure Sheamus will turn on the WWE Champion but that was not the turn. Instead of Miz TV we got The Dirt Sheet and The Miz was shown alone in the ring next to a ladder and his Money in the Bank contract briefcase. There was also a Christmas tree in the ring. The Miz then read a Christmas story that he had in hand about the upcoming TLC WWE Championship match between AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre. Styles and Morrison helped with visual aid in the story that ended with Miz making a change that ended with him cashing in and becoming champion. Miz, Morrison and Styles then started to argue.

Sheamus then entered to interrupt. Sheamus directed his attention to Styles who he announced he had a match with later in the night. Sheamus wanted to fight right away and Styles was not feeling it, so he threw a Christmas tree at Sheamus to distract him and got out of the ring celebrating. While celebrating Sheamus threw a present at him and just waited in the ring because the Irishman was ready to fight! I always forget how tall Sheamus is until he stands next to some people, like when he was just towering above Styles who is 5’11’’ it reminded me. Sheamus went for a powerbomb on Styles outside but Omos grabbed Styles and placed him down then stood toe to toe with Sheamus. It was a brutal back and forth match, but Styles escaped with the win over the Celtic Warrior. Afterwards Styles boasted got close Sheamus attacked which just led to Sheamus upside with his legs caught in the ropes and Styles just going to town on the torso with a steel chair.

The Hurt Business were then shown harassing an employee eating Bro-nuts before they were interviewed about their matches that night and the Tag Title match at TLC between The New Day and Benjamin and Alexander. Jeff Hardy and The New Day were then shown talking and Riddle chimed in and asked to be their manager for their match against Lashley, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, and they all accepted happily. Lashley won the match for the Hurt Business by executing The Hurt Lock and once again Alexander celebrated loudly and alone at first and there were multiple times where there was tension between Alexander and the rest of his faction.

Next up Lana entered an uphill battle against her rival, one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax. She received some encouraging words from her tag partner Asuka before the match that she was so worried about. Lana won a very quick match in a shocker win. Asuka who watched backstage was then attacked by Shayna Baszler and Jax attacked Lana. Baszler and Jax then continued torturing Lana until Asuka came to the rescue, just running through the Women’s Tag Team Champions. Asuka then comforted her friend who just sat crying in pain in the ring.

RAW’s resident Rockstar Elias then entered the ring but he was not alone, he was accompanied by Jaxson Ryker who proclaimed he was a fan and follower of Elias and whose purpose was to stop interruptions. R-Truth then interrupted by apologizing for interrupting on Main Event. He then stopped talking so Elias could play his song about Lana but then a parade of 24/7 challengers came to pin Truth! The poor souls who got in the ring were then attacked by Ryker.

Miz and Morrison then were shown talking about the TLC title match and who it would be easier to cash-in on. Keith Lee then interrupted and flipped a coin for no reason. He then left implying he would defeat them in their upcoming handicap match. Lee dominated most of the match but Miz and Morrison found a way when both jumped on top of Lee to secure the pin and the win. This match seemed out of nowhere and I do not get what the point of it was, but I’ll have to wait because who knows.

Wyatt then entered the ring along with his puppets and started telling Viper jokes until Orton came up on the TitanTron in a bit of a role reversal. Orton then admitted that The Fiend outmaneuvered Orton last week, but Orton would have the upper hand tonight and at TLC. Orton then asked Wyatt to play hide and seek with him. Wyatt then accepted and Orton left saying come and fine me. The game then began when Wyatt left the ring serenaded by the laughter of his Funhouse puppets.

Retribution then entered the ring ahead of a match between their Mace and their current rival Ricochet who they keep trying to force to join them. First the Hurt Business now Retribution, I guess factions love Ricochet. I blinked and it was over. Not really but Mace squashed Ricochet and that continues the Ricochet not being able to beat Retribution by himself. Ali then said it would only end with Ricochet joining Retribution.

Wyatt then asked Riddle if he saw Riddle and Riddle then tried to pitch Bro-Nouns to Wyatt who then left to continue his search and after Wyatt left Ramblin’ Rabbit appeared to greet Riddle who called him him baby Broda because he is cute like baby yoda. Riddle then asked for his autograph since Riddle’s rabbit Skipper is a big fan. Riddle content is amazing.

In a random match that seemed out of nowhere at first Baszler took on Dana Brooke and at the beginning it was announced Lana could not compete in the women’s tag match anymore and that Asuka would need to find a new partner. So, what I took from that was that Brooke would win and be the partner of Asuka. I was not wrong about Brooke winning since she won but it was by disqualification when Jax interfered. The champions were then about to attack until Mandy Rose, Brooke’s partner came to the rescue with a kendo stick. Rose was downed quickly though and then Asuka saved the day and the faces came out on top, but the question remained who would be Asuka’s partner at TLC on Sunday?

R-Truth was then shown talking to someone and asking for advice and then it was revealed that it was another Firefly Funhouse puppet, Huskus the pig boy. Wyatt then came and told Huskus not to talk to strangers and Truth agreed and even asked if Huskus was Wyatt’s son. Wyatt then left to continue his search for Orton.

Wyatt then found a dark room and sat in a rocking chair that looked like it was from his old house that Orton burned down. Orton then sneaked up on Wyatt and attacked him. He then threw Wyatt in a crate and locked it. He then went to grab the lighter fluid and started to pour it on the crate that contained Wyatt. Orton continued his long tradition of being a homicidal pyromaniac when he lit the crate on fire. His attempted murder failed though when the Fiend erupted from the crate and attacked Orton once again incapacitating him with the Mandible Claw.

Riddle then entered the ring with bronuts in hand and it he was not in there long. He squashed MVP quickly and Lashley then entered to attack the victor, but Riddle escaped, grabbed his bronuts and took a nice victory chomp and taunted the two Hurt Business members. Give me Lashley versus Riddle I neeeeed it.

TLC will mark the first time Drew McIntyre will face AJ Styles and it is a highly anticipated match and the show closed with a promo battle between the two that was truly great. Styles started off and the champ stood by and listened quietly and patiently. McIntyre then spoke but Styles then continued talking as the tile raised and as he spoke, he said it would be not just him he would have to face and Miz and Morrison were shown sneaking into the ring. All three took it to McIntyre but it did not take long for the monstrous champ to turn the tables on them. He was then about to Claymore kick Styles when Omos threw the ring steps into the ring to distract McIntyre. McIntyre turned his attention to the monstrous manager which led to Styles taking control and brutalizing the champion to send a message and make sure the champion would enter Sunday not at full strength. 

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