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A three-on-three Street Fight kicking off the show, having The Miz, AJ Styles, and John Morrison facing off against Keith Lee, Sheamus, and Drew McInture? Did not expect that and I am excited for it among other things on this addition of Monday Night RAW that follows a fantastic TLC ppv event. Charlotte Flair returned last night to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champ Championships with Asuka and to get revenge on Jax who storyline wise injured her leading to her long absence. Flair opened the show, and the queen had a lot to say about herself as usual.

Asuka joined her not long after and Flair was about to inquire about a RAW Women’s Championship opportunity when Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, or as Flair called her Shayna Blazer, interrupted and not long after they interrupted Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke did as well. Flair then suggested Rose and Brooke face the former champions Jax and Baszler in a match right away and that match started right after a commercial break.

Flair and Asuka joined the commentary team during this match to look at the competition. It was also announced during the match Flair and Asuka would face Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans later in the night. It was a competitive match, but it ended with Baszler submitting Brooke ending her streak of being pinned. Jax and Baszler then tried to provoke the Tag Champions, but Rose and Brooke came from behind and attacked the pair ending the segment standing tall.

The Hurt Business then continued their tradition of harassing backstage employees by stripping a man of a New Day t-shirt and forcefully putting a Hurt Business t-shirt on him. The Hurt Business seems like a hostile work environment remind me to never apply. R-Truth then crashed their V.I.P lounge championship celebration and photo op and that led to Truth being pursued by 24/7 title challengers. Then Riddle and Jeff Hardy, The Hardy Bros arrived to crash as well, and the Bros and the Hurt Business then exchanged some words focusing on the match later in the night between the Bros and MVP and Lashley.

It has been a few weeks since we have seen the lethal lothario Angel Garza and it has been even longer since we have seen him in the ring, but the inactive streak was broken when this underrated star in the making took on Drew Gulak. It could have been a solid match if given some time, but it was all about making Garza look good, so he squashed Gulak quite easily.

On an episode of Miz TV AJ Styles and Omos confronted Miz and Morrison about how Miz cashed in and cost both he and Styles the title. He apologized and even offered Styles a role in the next Marine movie alongside Miz. Which is weird considering what happened to Miz’s character in The Marine, sorry for the spoiler if you have not seen it. It did not take long for Keith Lee, Sheamus and the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to crash the party and attack and Lee and Sheamus accidently crashed into each other giving the heels time to escape.

Ricochet then faced another member of Retribution in the form of T-Bar the second in command and once again lost. T-Bar then spoke instead of Ali after the match and once again reinforced what Ali has been saying that Ricochet needs to join Retribution of perish.

The Hardy Bros then took on Bobby Lashley and MVP of the Hurt Business in tag team action and it started off fast and furious. Riddle even performed an assisted Floating Bro on MVP when Hardy put out his hands and catapulted Riddle up so he could do the flip and execute a variation of his Floating Bro! Despite a valiant effort the Hardy Bros lost when Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock on Hardy getting the win and keeping the momentum in favor of The Hurt Business.

Gran Metalik then faced Ryker and Elias sat on the turnbuckle signing and playing guitar until Metalik tried to take him down after he turned things in his favor quickly, but his momentum did not last long, and Ryker took advantage of the distraction, beat down Metalik a bit more and won the match.

After a brutal Firefly Funhouse Inferno match that resulted in Randy Orton lighting Bray Wyatt The Fiend on fire, he came out to address his actions. He boasted of his victory and how he evil he was and how he took out The Fiend and ended him for good. Then the lights gradually started to go out which could only mean one thing… Alexa Bliss was then shown on a swing set in the middle of the ring and she invited Orton to play with her. She then kept making jokes about how The Fiend was lit on fire. Bliss then said if he returns it will be like nothing Orton has ever seen then the lights started to go out and then they did, and it switched over to the commentary team.

The Women’s Tag Team Champions then took on Royce and Evans and right before the match Royce and Evans were interviewed and Royce and they did not seem to be on the same page and during the match it continued to look that way. The match also seemed like another chance for Flair to shake off any ring rust and showcase her skills. Royce almost submitted Flair and Evans tried to stand guard but Asuka fought through the guard and broke up the submission allowing Flair to take control again and submit Royce getting the win for her team.

Before the street fight main event The Miz was shown talking on the phone trying to get his MITB contract back since earlier in the night he came to the realization Morrison cashed in not The Miz so he trying to take advantage of that loophole to get his case back. Styles ended the call for him though since it was time for them to head to the ring for their match. I think it is weird for a no-dq street fight to have tags but this one did, and it did not really have any of the competitors really take advantage of the street fight rules that much. Keith Lee got the win for his team when he delivered the Spirit Bomb on The Miz and after Sheamus kicked Lee taking him down leading to a standoff between McIntyre and Sheamus as McInytre questioned the actions of his friend, then the show ended. 

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