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Before I start the recap of RAW I want to extend my condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Jon Huber. He was a great wrestler and seeing all the stories about him and all the nice things about him the past few days has really been touching. I've also been watching matches of his from the WWE days, Chikara Wrestling days, and AEW. Before the episode officially began a picture of Huber came up on the screen and it was stated that the episode was in memory of him.

It was announced in the beginning that Keith Lee would face Sheamus to decide who would face the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre for his title next week on the RAW Legends special episode. McInytre then went out and talked a bit and the first words out of his mouth were "It's Monday you know what that means," which for those who don't the the insert day and you know what that means was something Huber used to say on social media all the time so it was a nice little tribute to a great man. Lee and Sheamus also joined McIntyre at points and the segment lead to the Lee and Sheamus match. It was a brutal battle that had Lee come out on top over Sheamus and then he faced off against McIntyre and exchanged some words with the champ.

The Miz then faced Gran Metalik with each man having their tag team partner in their corners as managers and Metalik was able to get the win over The Miz continuing the run of bad luck for The Miz. In between this match were two segments where Elias was signing and playing guitar in a room backstage with Jaxson Ryker listening. The last of the two segments had AJ Styles and Omos barge in complaining about the music playing.

Next up was the first women's match of the night where Dana Brooke took on Shayna Baszler and Baszler got the win over Brooke with a submission. She then attacked and choked out Mandy Rose the partner of Brooke while Rose was checking on her partner.

Alexa's playground then returned and Randy Orton was supposed to join but when Bliss kept trying to call him out he did not join her. Then Firefly Funhouse started on the TitanTron and Orton entered the Funhouse and he started trashing it and all the Funhouse puppet characters while directing his words at Bliss. He also stated that he did not believe The Fiend would return but in case he did he would leave the Funhouse in ruins. Bliss then stopped him, clearly upset over what he was doing and then she challenged him to a match later in the night. Orton accepted the challenging knowing that Bliss expected The Fiend to return during the match and help her.

A match between Elias and Styles then occurred next so the two men could settle their dispute from earlier in the night. I was expecting Styles to squash Elias but that is not what happened. It was a back and forth that had both men's managers play a part and it seemed Ryker was scared of Omos like most other people on RAW are and Elias also feared the goliath. Styles eventually earned the win after rally at the end of the match.

Last week on RAW Talk Ricochet talked about how he does not want to be involved with Retribution in any way but he is sick of being a stepping stool for other's success and is willing to try something new. That segment was shown before a match between Ricochet and Ali began. These two might not be everyone's cup of tea but they are great athletes who both fight at a fast pace and already have had one solid match on RAW. Ricochet seemingly had the win but Mace pulled Ali out from the pin to the outside then Retribution all jumped on the apron and Ricochet was able to take them all out before returning his attention back to Ali. Ricochet has not been able to beat any member of Retribution in singles action yet and the streak continued as Ali got the win when he put up the knees to stop the Ricochet's finisher and then Ali got the tap out from a submission. Ali then grabbed the microphone once again trying to get Ricochet to join him. Ricochet then refused the request and countered an attack by Ali before exiting the ring before the rest of Retribution retaliated.

Before Nia Jax took on the Queen Charlotte Flair she talked to Charly Caruso and officially announced her entry into the Royal Rumble and so did her tag team partner Shayna Baszler. The match ended in a disqualification when while Flair was performing a Figure 4 submission Baszler entered the ring and attacked Flair. Baszler and Jax were repelled by the Tag Champs Flair and Asuka though and the champions stood tall.

The Hurt Business then harassed yet another employee backstage on the way to the ring and it's becoming as constant as Lana being put through the announce table was. Angel Garza then was interviewed by Caruso where he talked about hitting on some female legends next week and had a rose with him and was about to announce who it was for when R-Truth fleeing from 24/7 Title chasers crashed into him. Truth then continued running and he and all his pursuers stepped on the rose. Garza then gave it to Caruso. Then New Day and The Hardy Bros. were shown talking about Big E's title win and their upcoming match against The Hurt Business. The New Day then cut off Riddle who was brainstorming names for their tag team alliance and New Day entered the ring followed by Jeff Hardy then Riddle.

The Hurt Business then finally entered the ring they must have harassed more people on their walk to the ring. The eight man tag match then began but not before Bobby Lashley announced that he would be entering the Royal Rumble match and that he would win it and main event WrestleMania. The Hurt Business claimed victory in this match when Lashley once again executed the Hurt Lock on Hardy.

Miz and Morrison were then shown sulking on steps leading to the arena when Adam Pearce arrived and despite not wanting to he announced he had to return the MITB contract and case to Miz since only the holder can cash it in and Morrison was the one who cashed it in, pretty sure Heyman cashed in the case for Lesnar last year but whatever consistency is not something wrestling companies usually practice.

Bliss and Orton then had a face off and Bliss opened a present that had lighter fluid and matches in it. She then asked Orton to light her on fire just like he did to The Fiend. Orton refused to for quite a while but Bliss kept pouring gas on herself and all around her and kept trying to provoke the Viper. Orton then finally replied by saying she thinks he won't do it then he grabbed the matches. The lights then went out like The Fiend was about to enter but he did not and the last image we got was of Orton lighting a match and moving it closer to the direction of the camera which we knew was the position of Alexa Bliss, then the show ended with the question of did he light her on fire or not?

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