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Many fans might have been scared that last night at the Royal Rumble Goldberg was going to defeat Drew McIntyre and win the WWE Championship. Luckily that did not happen and McIntyre retained and on this edition of RAW McIntyre opened up the show to address his victory. McIntyre then talked about his victory and praised the other winners of each match then he got to the main event the men's rumble. He was about to talk about it then Edge's music played and the legend and men's Royal Rumble match entered the ring. McIntyre before Edge spoke did not slander Edge but instead complimented him. Edge thanked him then asked what was wrong with the champ. Edge then said he could challenge the champion and McIntyre should have attacked him but instead praised him. 

Sheamus then entered the ring and directed his attention Edge. Sheamus focused on defending his friend. Edge did not make a decision on who he would challenge so my prediction of Edge choosing Reigns remained intact. Edge also warned McIntyre Edge whoever he faces he will beat but he also hinted that McIntyre should watch his back for other reasons. We did not have to wait long to find out what Edge thought was going to happen because then Sheamus delivered the Brogue Kick on his best friend, Drew McIntyre! Finally we are going to get Sheamus versus Drew McIntyre and I for one am excited for it, Sheamus has been on quite the run of great matches for the past year.

Charly Caruso then asked Sheamus about his actions and Sheamus replied by saying Drew McIntyre was no longer his friend and that he wants the title. The United States Championship match started next which was surprising that it was so early, at least to me. Riddle versus Bobby Lashley. Who will win the CEO of the Hurt Business or the CEO of Bro-enterprises? The match started good then Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock on the ropes leading to a disqualification. Lashley then kept attacking Riddle and threw him over the barricade. When Riddle finally woke up he was confused and did not even know what happened. Come on WWE just give us a decent sized good match between these two with a clean finish and finish the feud. 

Bad Bunny also arrived and it was announced Flair and Asuka, Naomi and Lana, and Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose would all compete in a triple threat tag team match to decide the number one contender of for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. Randy Orton then spoke and threatened Edge and said Edge would not be in the main event of WrestleMania and that Edge should not look past Orton. Leave Edge alone Orton he has bigger fish to fry. On the other side Edge vs Orton three on this RAW sounded good.

Xavier Woods and Mustafa Ali was next and Kofi Kingston of course joined Woods and Ali was joined by Retribution. Kingston took out Slapjack on the outside and distracted T-Bar and Mace allowing Woods to beat Ali clean in a shocking outcome but one that logically keeps the feud going. Backstage Bad Bunny was then shown talking to Damian Priest.

Miz TV then began with Bad Bunny as a guest. They apologized to him and tried to push a partnership with him again. They also wanted an apology from him and he did not give one. Bunny also stated he was still not interested and we found out it is a dream of his to become a WWE Superstar. Miz and Morrison then started to get mad and Bunny announced he was only there because a friend of his wanted to be on Miz TV. Priest then appeared and attacked Miz. A match between Priest and Miz then began. Priest won the match after Miz was distracted by Bunny hitting Morrison leading to Priest delivering the Reckoning.

A decent RAW Tag Team Championship match between Lucha House Party and the RAW Tag Team Champions Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. The Hurt Business retained but tension between Alexander and Benjamin still exists especially after Alexander was going to finish off Gran Metalik but Benjamin tagged himself in.

The Women's tag team contender match then happened next. It was another decent match. Charlotte was dominating at one point then Ric and Lacey Evans came out. Charlotte then tagged herself out and apparently went to deal with them and while she was leaving Asuka was pinned by Naomi. We are definitely getting Asuka versus Charlotte soon also I believe Naomi and Lana will defeat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the tag titles but we will see.

 McIntyre was then interviewed by Caruso about the actions of Sheamus. McIntyre was very emotional and gave a very convincing promo expressing his sadness at the betrayal of his best friend. The champion is just so good.

Elias and Jaxson Ryker then faced Jeff Hardy and the returning Carlito next. If you do not like Carlito you are not cool and I might have to spit on your face as his famous line goes. I kid of course everyone can think what they want but I personally hope Carlito is back full time just like MVP came back last year. Carlito and Hardy won in a very fast and convincing fashion and Carlito looks the best he's ever looked in the ring I think.

A recap of Edge's journey to winning the Rumble last night then happened. Then Edge gave a promo about his match with Orton. We got an intense yelling promo from Edge hyping up his match and it really got me jacked and excited for the match. 

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss former best friends yet again faced in the ring. I don't really get why Cross is being put back in this story again but let us see how it goes. Bliss focused on just screwing with Cross and constantly changing characters. It was all just a game to Bliss and she even modified the Sister Abigail slightly and that new adaptation got her the win, that and her mind games. 

It was then time for a huge match and long awaited rubber match between Orton and Edge! The two legends showed out once again but it was not a clean finish. Orton looked like he was about to set up the RKO and win when the playful Bliss music played and he turned around and she was sitting on the top turnbuckle then started laughing a blood was streaming out of her mouth. This distracted Orton and it led to Edge delivering his Spear and then pinning Orton getting the win.

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