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Miz TV began the show and the Miz hosted his show without John Morrison because he said he was meeting with a producer to make a Bad Bunny diss track, you can not make this up. Miz had the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre as his guest and he would not let the champ talk. McIntyre finally exploded and attacked the big mouth Miz. The champ then left and Miz ripped off a great promo and finally said just because he says he will cash-in on any given night does not mean he will. He then said McIntyre is not the only champion that should watch out and that everyone is a target, the A-Lister then announced he was pulling himself out of the Elimination Chamber match. Now that is smart and how you set up successful cash-ins.

Riddle joined by Lucha House Party then face MVP, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin of the Hurt Business. Riddle got the win for his team after a ripcord knee and Floating Bro on MVP. As they were leaving the winning team had their backs to the entrance which was a mistake because then Bobby Lashley the United States Champion attacked Riddle and LHP. 

Adam Pearce then had a little meeting with Miz. Miz thanked Pearce for the opportunity in the Elimination Chamber match then recommended Morrison as his replacement. Pearce said he would consider it an Miz said ok and shook his hand. He was quite professional, I'm liking this smarter Miz looks like that attack by McIntyre after Miz TV actually helped the Miz.

 Bad Bunny was then shown talking to Mandy Rose who was wearing a Bad Bunny shirt and promised Rose he would get a Bad Bunny shirt for Dana Brooke. Damian Priest and Bunny were then being interviewed when Akira Tozawa rolled up R-Truth and captured the 24/7 Championship next to the interview. After Tozawa stumbled upon them and Priest attacked Tozawa but did not go for the pin, instead he told his friend Mr. Bunny to and Bunny then became 24/7 Champion!

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of The New Day then approached Pearce and asked for a fifth match against Retribution, specifically the female Reckoning to face Woods as well as the chance for Kingston to be added to the Elimination Chamber Match as Miz's replacement. The Miz then interrupted and argued about if Kingston or Morrison should be in the match. Pearce then stopped them and declare Miz would face Kingston later in the night and if Miz won Morrison would be added to Sunday's Elimination Chamber Match and if Kingston won he would be added instead. 

The Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair feud then continued next. Peyton Royce, Evans and Ric Flair walked to the ring with Asuka and Charlotte already waiting for them ahead of a tag match. Evans did a promo while Royce just stood there and acted as a prop. The match then began and Evans would not tag in when she finally was tagged in by Royce she ran from Charlotte and started to exit and the referee stopped Charlotte from pursuing for some reason. Evans then grabbed a microphone and said that Charlotte could not touch her because she was pregnant and Ric then said Woooo call me daddy, so he's the father.... 

 Next up we found out who would earn the final spot in the Elimination Chamber WWE Championship match, John Morrison or Kofi Kingston. Miz of course represented his friend since Morrison was not on RAW this week. Kingston came out on top and won the spot in the Elimination Chamber with his Trouble in Paradise finisher.

Orton then had a promo hyping up himself up ahead of the gauntlet match to decide who would enter the RAW Elimination Chamber Match sixth. Then Alexa Bliss returned after not being on RAW last week in a video package where she sat on the floor of the Firefly Funhouse in a pentagram written in red. She then said it was time for "him" to return and that she would bring him back to life. Looking like the return of the Fiend is drawing closer.

Lana last week defeated her rival Nia Jax and this week she faced the other half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Shayna Baszler. During the match Jax attacked Naomi since both were out supporting their tag team partners but Naomi turned the attack around and ended up on top. Sadly for Lana she did not have the same luck and she lost her match against Baszler who submitted her. 

Braun Strowman then approached Pearce and asked him why he was not in the Elimination Chamber Match. He was not happy about being slighted and did not accept the only former WWE Championship holders were in the match as an acceptable reason for him not being in it. He then threatened Pearce and told him to tell Shane McMahon to watch out as well. 

The gauntlet match then began with AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston being the first two competitors. Styles had Omos with him and Kingston Woods. During the match Woods starting playing his trumpet while Kingston was controlling the match then Omos grabbed him by the neck and threw poor Woods over the barricade. Omos and Kingston then argued and the exchange resulted in Omos getting banned from ringside. Styles tried to protest then stopped and resumed attacking Kingston while the referee escorted Omos away. The match lasted a little longer and even without Omos Styles won. 

The next person in the gauntlet match was the champion Drew McIntyre and Styles face showed how unhappy he was about that. McIntyre is always fierce in the ring but he looked even more so in this one. From the beginning of RAW to this match he was all business on RAW. McIntyre and Styles dueled for quite a while but eventually the champion won and moved on in the match next up was Jeff Hardy.

Hardy came in at the halfway point and being the fresher man controlled the beginning of the match. McIntyre got back in the match though but almost lost in the end when Hardy delivered the Twist of Fate but when he went for the Swanton Bomb the champ put the knees up. That then led to a Claymore and McIntyre moved on.

McIntyre's bitter rival Orton then came out but he was not out there for long. During the match all the ThunderDome screens started showing the face of Alexa Bliss. The lights also went out and all we could hear was her laughter. Orton who was outside the ring was distracted by this and was counted out. He then tried to go back in the ring anyways but received a Claymore from the champ! 

Sheamus then entered the gauntlet match and had quite the advantage over the champ who was in the gauntlet match for over 40 minutes! They were not in the ring together for long but it made me hope we get a championship singles match between the two soon that goes for at least 20 minutes. McIntyre was unable to overcome his exhaustion and succumbed to Sheamus who won by pinfall after delivering his Brogue Kick. Sheamus then grabbed the mic bragged about earning the sixth entry in the Elimination Chamber Match and said he would win the title Sunday. 

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