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BIG MATCH announcement kicked off this edition of Monday Night RAW! Shane McMahon came out to join Adam Pearce to help announce the main event of the Elimination Chamber ppv. The main event will be an Elimination Chamber Match of course and it will be for Drew McIntyre's WWE Championship! The competitors that will join McIntyre in the match and be his challengers are Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, The Miz, Sheamus, and Randy Orton. 

After the announcement during McMahon's exit Styles and his companion Omos entered the ring and said good job to Pearce for announcing Styles being in the match where the odds are against McIntyre retaining. He threw some backhanded compliments though towards Pearce. Styles then said he would give the fans a preview and then Hardy one of the other competitors in the upcoming match entered to face Styles.

Before the match between Hardy and Styles began McIntyre went to McMahon as the boss man was leaving and asked why the title match was not just McIntyre and Sheamus. McMahon said they will face at some point and that this match is the best chance for McIntyre to continue proving his mettle as champion.

RAW has not been the best of late but one thing I've noticed them doing well recently is giving a good opening match, of course Styles is usually in the opening match so that explains that. It was a solid opener but ended in predictable fashion with a Styles win by submission.

A match between Riddle and Keith Lee was then announced for later in the night. Riddle then went up to Lee with a black eye and went up to Lee talking about the Air Bud movies. A man of culture I see. Lee then asked if Riddle was sick of getting beat up by Bobby Lashley and The Hurt Business. Riddle said he is not done with Lashley and Lee then said maybe it is time for Lee to pursue the United State Title and Lashley instead. Riddle then wished his friend luck in their upcoming match and left.

Sheamus went to Pearce and asked why he was not getting McIntyre one on one for the title and asked if it was because he was not a big enough draw. Sheamus continued to go off on Pearce. 

Looks like Kofi Kingston is cleared for in ring action because he and Woods competed against T-Bar and Slapjack next on RAW. Mustafa Ali joined the commentary team and was pretty entertaining, I remember a time when I thought Ali was the worst on the microphone and he has really improved. Kingston got the win for his team after pinning Slapjack. After the match the two parties kept chirping at each other and Woods kept expressing how much he wanted to face Reckoning who has been missing in action recently.

Ric Flair and Lacey Evans then entered the ring and Ric hyped up the Sassy Southern Belle! Evans then took the microphone and complimented Ric and threw some shade at Charlotte Flair. Charlotte then came out with a mic in hand. Words were exchanged and it all led to a match between Evans and Charlotte that went on for a while but ended in disqualification when Charlotte had Evans on the ropes and kept hitting Evans ignoring the referees count.

Edge then came out to give an update on who he will challenge at WrestleMania. He talked a lot about Elimination Chamber and how he did not like McIntyre's chances then he was interrupted by Miz, Morrison and Angel Garza who was with them for the night maybe longer. Miz then declared whoever Edge faces at Mania that Miz will cash-in on Edge if Edge wins. Edge then insulted Miz about announcing his plans.... I've been waiting for someone to do this for months. Edge took some great vocal jabs at the MITB holder Miz and left untouched by the trio. Maybe Edge should face Carmella for the Untouchable nickname.

Damian Priest then defeated Angel Garza in singles action. Garza had Miz and Morrison in his corner while Priest had Bad Bunny. Miz and Morrison kept getting in the way of Priest's victory but all they did was prolong the outcome because eventually Bad Bunny tricked them and created a scenario where Morrison was in the ring and the referee saw and ejected Miz and Morrison. Bad Bunny keeps getting in the way of Miz and Morrison. They just wanted to make a song with you mister Bunny what's wrong with that?

Belair then was interviewed and did not make a Mania decision still but had a standoff with Asuka. Asuka said Belair was not ready and Belair said she was but that Evans was not ready for Asuka since right before the interview it was announced Evans would face Asuka for the RAW Women's Championship at Elimination Chamber.

Lee and Riddle had a great match where Riddle focused on striking and submissions while Lee stuck to power moves. MVP joined the commentary team for this match. Riddle gave a great effort but ultimately Lee won the match. The two were about to pay respect to each other after the match but then Lashley ambushed the pair of them. The United States Champion brutalized the young rising stars and ended the segment holding his title up high with his manager MVP right next to him.

In the fall leading up to Survivor Series there were nine episodes of RAW where Nia Jax put Lana through the announce table. On this RAW Lana got an opportunity for revenge when she faced one half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Jax in a tables match. Jax was accompanied by her tag team partner Shayna Baszler and Lana by her partner Naomi. Most of the match Jax dominated Lana but Lana got her revenge and won the match putting Jax through the table. Naomi and Lana then celebrated and Baszler attacked Lana but Naomi then took Baszler out of the ring. Last week Naomi and Lana earned a title match in the future against Jax and Baszler so will they win?

When RAW returned Naomi and Baszler faced in a normal pinfall win singles match. Jax was taken away for medical treatment but Lana stayed out to support her friend. They had a quick but solid match that ended with Naomi getting the win over Baszler who mid match attacked Lana which only enraged Naomi.

The main event between bitter rivals Randy Orton and McIntyre then happened next. Sheamus of course came out to get not to attack McIntyre right away at least but to get in the head of his former best friend. Surprisingly Bliss never got involved to attack or torment Orton. Sheamus did eventually get involved when he tried to Brogue Kick McIntyre but instead hit Orton when the champ dodged which caused a dq then the champ delivered a Claymore on Sheamus and stood tall to close the show.

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