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Recaps reminding us of the events surrounding the WWE Championship from last week played then after Drew McIntyre entered the ThunderDome. He addressed how he would face Sheamus in a match next and how he would go on to recapture his title and go on to main event WrestleMania. Miz eventually came out with John Morrison and would not go in the ring and tried to offer a deal with McIntyre to take out Bobby Lashley. MVP then came out to address said proposition and he announced the title match between Lashley and Miz would begin at 9:00 p.m. Sheamus then came out with a microphone saying the pleas of Miz are falling on deaf ears and that McIntyre cares for no one. McInytre addressed him then said it was time to fight and ran out of the ring to meet Sheamus. The two then started brawling before the match officially began.

The battle between former best friends Sheamus and McIntyre then officially began. It was a physical match and a few minutes in McIntyre even took a move out of the Sheamus playbook using the Beats of the Bodhran, multiple strikes on the chest while the opponent is leaning against the ropes while standing on the outside apron. Lots of signatures were used in this match and it was a great match where both men showcased their physicality and strength. Sheamus gave a great effort but it was the former WWE Champion McIntyre who won the match. Both men then stood and stared at each other before the camera cut away. 

Naomi was then shown dancing in the halls when Nia Jax appeared and both got in each other's faces and had a stare down while the commentators announced the two would have a match next. Naomi has been on quite the roll since she has returned but Jax has also been on a run so it was anyone's match going in. It was a surprisingly quick match that ended with Jax getting the win. Lana went in the ring to check on her partner and surprisingly Jax and Baszler did not attack her they just left in cocky fashion.

Lashley and MVP then entered the ring to collect on the WWE Championship match against The Miz! The music of the Miz started delayed then when it finally started playing The Miz did not go out. Miz was then shown backstage and Morrison was tending to him because Miz was supposedly sick. Adam Pearce then checked in on what was happening. Lashley was not happy and was watching what was happening on the TitanTron and then went and attacked The Miz. Pearce then leaned down and said Miz had until 10:00p.m to get right out Pearce would carry him out himself. 

Braun Strowman then went to the ring to complain about how Shane McMahon and Adam Pearce keep screwing him over especially in putting him in a tag team match in this episode with a mystery opponent. McMahon and Pearce then went to the ring to clarify things and McMahon announced that Pearce would be Strowman's partner and that the match against Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander would be a title match for the RAW Tag Championships. Strowman then said if Pearce messed things up he would "GET THESE HANDS!" Strowman then grabbed Pearce by the neck and McMahon tried to calm him down before the commercial break.

The Tag Title match then began and Strowman was dominating both champions from the get go. Strowman delivered a Powerslam on Benjamin and had the match won but McMahon told him to tag in Pearce. Strowman reluctantly did and Pearce went for the pin then Benjamin turned it around an got the pin and the win! Strowman was not happy then argued with McMahon.

Elias and Jaxson Ryker the approached Bad Bunny and Damian Priest. Damian Priest would take on Elias next but before that Elias proposed a music collaboration between him and Bunny and Priest refused for Bunny and Bunny did not object in any way. 

Elias then was shown in the ring with Ryker and talked about how he was snubbed from the Grammy's and how he and Tom Brady were homies, you know usual Elias stuff. Priest and Bunny then entered and Priest versus Elias began. This match was closer than one would think Despite Ryker interfering a couple times it was Priest who came out with the win over Elias. 

Randy Orton was then interviewed by Braxton about the recent events with Bliss and how he thought it was Bliss that caused him to vomit blood last week. Bliss then appeared on a screen behind him and then introduced a hooded figure. The figure then revealed himself to be not The Fiend but Orton! Funhouse Orton then addressed normal Orton saying he will soon answer for all he's done then Orton had a coughing fit and collapsed to the floor as Funhouse Orton kept laughing. 

Miz then tried one last effort to get out of the match by saying Lashley should have his big moment on the grand stage at Mania. MVP then just told the referee to start the match and it began. Miz then ran out of the ring grabbed his title and fled. He was counted out and Lashley won but the title can not change by dq or count out unless noted beforehand so Miz retained. After commercial Lashley and MVP then were shown talking with Shane McMahon. McMahon then said there will be a championship match tonight. McMahon then considered stripping Miz of the title and giving it to Lashley but Lashley wanted to beat down Miz.

Charlotte Flair then entered the ring and talked about all that has been going on with her and how she did not want the RAW Women's Championship when she returned. She then said how WrestleMania was six weeks away and Asuka had no challenger for the RAW Women's Championship. Flair then said how she wanted to face Asuka but said how Asuka was home injured. She then showed Asuka getting kicked in the face by Baszler. She then was saying how when Asuka returns Flair would challenge her then Baszler her opponent of the night entered. Baszler and Jax then talked some smack and even said how one of them will face Asuka for the title when or if she returns. A brawl then ensued and Jax and Baszler beat Flair down before the commercial break.

Baszler and Flair then began their official match and Flair entered it banged up from the attack. Even injured though Flair beat Baszler and exited the ring before Jax did anything. McMahon then told Pearce to inform Lashley that if The Miz does not appear in the third attempt at the title match in the main event the title would be stripped from The Miz and given to Lashley.

 Riddle the United States Champion then entered the ring to compete in a six man tag team match where Riddle teamed with Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado to face Slapjack, T-Bar, and MACE of Retribution with Mustafa Ali and Reckoning in their corner. It was a quick match which ended with Lucha House Party and Riddle getting the win. Ali then ordered Riddle back so Ali could show Retribution how to win because he was not happy that his cronies lost. Ali then because of distractions by Retribution beat Riddle. 

Miz then showed up and complained and whined to McMahon who said he would decide the match stipulation soon. Miz went on and on about how RAW needs him to be champion and delivered a solid promo. 

The WWE Championship third attempt then began and we were all definitely intrigued on what was going to happen. Was Miz going to get the upset? Was Lashley going to walk out WWE Champion? Would Miz perform more shenanigans? Well read on a bit longer because I am going to tell you! Before the match officially began Shane McMahon entered and then brought in lumberjacks to keep the competitors in there! Also it is important to note at this point only five minutes remained on the show. Miz started off by trying to take a swing at Lashley with the title but Lashley evaded and gave it to the referee. Miz also left the ring and tried negotiating with the lumberjacks multiple times to let him leave but got no help. Lashley brutalized The Miz and got the tap out from The Miz with his Hurt Lock! We have a new WWE Champion! After the win he brutalized The Miz further and stood him Captain Morgan style with the title above his head! Congrats Lashley you deserve it!

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