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The show opened with a huge announcement that Drew McIntyre versus Bobby Lashley would be the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania 37! The champion Lashley along with MVP entered the ring to address the WWE Universe. MVP did just that when he hyped up the Almighty and then The Miz and John Morrison entered the ring. Miz then spoke about how he and Lashley's rivalry was not over. Ok bud you got your bud kicked time twice time to go away. 

Miz kept trying to make his case for another shot at Lashley until McIntyre came out with his mighty sword and he just walked by the pair of Miz and Morrison and just glared at the WWE Champion he then entered the ring to address the champion and MVP. He compared his journey to Lashley's before finally insulting how Lashley won the title. As they were talking Lashley said don't worry about MVP worry about him then The Miz in the background said "and me." McIntyre then said what we were all thinking and it was that he forgot Miz was still there. He directed his attention to Miz briefly. Things eventually broke down and Lashley attacked McIntyre then Miz attacked a already downed McIntyre then at the entrance ramp Sheamus attacked a leaving Lashley. In this segment we also learned McIntyre would face Sheamus at Fastlane to finish or add another saga in their feud.

Miz versus McIntyre then began right after Sheamus in a interview explained he attacked Lashley because he wants McIntyre at 100 percent on Sunday and that Lashley ruined that. Morrison got thrown out by the referee during this match which only guaranteed the butt kicking Miz received. McIntyre delivered a Claymore and then did not go for the pin and instead pointed to the camera then to the WrestleMania sign and then executed The Hurt Lock on Miz and got the tap. Yea he used Lashley's own move to send a clear message to the champion.

Braun Strowman and Shane McMahon had another confrontation and Shane yet again stayed outside the ring far from Strowman as he talked smack. Again the two focused on the s-word, stupid. Strowman challenged Shane to a match later in the night and Shane accepted. 

Naomi and Lana were talking to Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke in the halls when suddenly R-Truth appeared yelling "Hell Yeah!" He was wearing a Stone Cold shirt and vest and carrying Stone Cold's beer brand. He kept referencing Stone Cold and asked if the girls were going to celebrate 3/16 day with him... this episode happened on 3/15. He offered them beer but they said no because they had a match and none of them could hold back their laughter very well and who can blame them Truth is comedy gold.

The women's tag team match then began with WWE Women's tag team champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax watching and commentating with the RAW commentary team. During the match Asuka came out and Baszler then left the announce table to deal with her and instead Asuka kicked her butt. In the tag match Rose and Brooke got the surprise win over Naomi and Lana and Brooke then pointed at Jax calling the champion out.

Riddle and The New Day then had another friendly chat backstage at the entrance to the ramp before New Day headed to the ring to face Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin of The Hurt Business for the RAW Tag Team Championships. 

It was a fun title clash with plenty of back and forth and a great finish. The New Day showed how to win a tag team match with quick tags and collaborative finishers along with the illegal man keeping the other teams illegal man from saving the finish. Woods got the pin on Benjamin for his team! New Day became 11 time champions then AJ Styles and Omos entered the ring to crash the celebration. They challenged the new champions at a match at WrestleMania and The New Day accepted.

Before Damian Priest and Bad Bunny went out to the ring for a Priest versus Elias match Priest and Bad Bunny ran into Miz and Morrison. They talked some smack then the heels left. R-Truth tried to take advantage and roll-up Bad Bunny the 24/7 Champion for the title but Priest called him out before he did. Truth then said he was there to give gifts to Bunny. He then gave him a bunch of Stone Cold 3:16 swag and then asked for the 24/7 Championship in return and Bunny actually accepted the offer saying Truth deserved it more. 

Priest and Elias then had a match Priest won but there were some post match shenanigans. Morrison then entered and started trash talking the pair and then Miz came from behind and attacked Bad Bunny. Miz was fended off by Priest and left and then Priest tended to his friend.

Braun Strowman and Shane McMahon then were set to have a match but the actual match did not end up happening. Instead Shane McMahon provoked Strowman by playing Hopscotch and calling Strowman stupid more. This led to Strowman leaving the ring to attack which just led to Shane countering and brutalizing the monster with a camera and even pouring a bucket of slime on Strowman.

Asuka and Baszler then faced off but before the bell rang Asuka attacked Baszler and even Jax who joined Baszler ringside. Asuka won the match but after Baszler almost kicked the jaw of Asuka again but this time Asuka countered and battered Baszler. 

Riddle and Mustafa Ali then had their United States Championship match and it was a fun but quick match. Ali was ruthless and did some great moves. T-Bar tried to interfere at one point by distracting the referee but it did nothing. Riddle landed the Bro Derek got the 1-2-3 and won the title defense.

McIntyre then went out to the ring ahead of the Sheamus and Bobby Lashley main event clash. He talked and was in ring gear and he stayed to watch the main event clash since he would face Sheamus at Fastlane and Lashley at Mania.

It was a great television match and it was hard hitting and captivating. Sheamus once again delivered and proved how good he is. Lashley also showed that he is worthy of being a world champion. The finish was Lashley countering a Brogue Kick and turning it into a Spear. After the match Lashley attacked Sheamus some more by putting him in The Hurt Lock. McIntyre stood on the apron and watched then as Lashley looked at him he glared then as Lashley started to leave McIntyre charged and delivered a Claymore!  

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