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The Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre kicked us off when he was interviewed real quick and asked about the "bounty" the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley put on him. Lashley offered a title match to anyone who took McIntyre out and McIntyre said he would take out anyone who came after him.

The Hurt Business then entered the ring and Lashley clarified his offer. He said that whoever took out McIntyre would get a title match at WrestleMania. He and MVP then addressed Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin and expressed their unhappiness at the pair losing in a handicap match to McIntyre last week and being barred from ringside at WrestleMania. Lashley then kicked them out of the Hurt Business and beat both of them down.

Riddle was then shown backstage riding his scooter around and talked about how Sheamus attacked him last week and talked about how he would face Sheamus later in the night. He then went up to Titus O'Neil one of the two hosts of WrestleMania and talked about the pig roast at Mania which is  not a thing. Riddle then was attacked by Sheamus again. Alexander then went up to Adam Pearce along with Benjamin and demanded a match with Lashley. 

The first match of the night then began between the United States Champion Riddle and Sheamus. This was the third time these two have met in singles competition I believe and yet again they delivered a fun match. It's impressive all singles meetings between these two have felt different. It was a hard hitting affair but Sheamus got the win from a simple knee to the face and the pin after. Sheamus while celebrating was then attacked by Riddle and threatened him. 

Shane McMahon, Elias, and Jaxson Ryker then headed into the ring to show an expose about Braun Strowman the man who will face Shane at WrestleMania. Shane then showed Strowman's report card from his childhood and all the grades were D's with negative comments. I really hate that this feud is centered around one man thinking the other one is stupid. Strowman of course eventually came out ahead of a match against Jaxson Ryker. Strowman defeating Ryker then chased Shane but was caught by Elias and the three men went to town for a bit until Strowman erupted sending them flying and Shane retreated. Strowman then took the microphone and announced the stipulation for their Mania match and he announced it would be a Steel Cage match.

Miz and Morrison then showed us al the music video of their new sing Hey Hey Hop Hop. This diss track was funny but not the best one the pair released. Damian Priest and Bad Bunny of course entered to respond and Bunny punched Miz in the face and destroyed the poster for the video that was in the ring. 

Lashley then faced Benjamin and won and during the match chased off Alexander who abandoned his partner Benjamin. The New Day then challenged Styles and Omos to game night before Styles and Xavier Woods had their match to prove that the new team did not have the chemistry required of Tag Team Champions. Styles and Omos accepted.

The games begun and it started with charades which The New Day won because Omos did not even try to guess at what Styles was trying to act out. Pictionary then occurred and New Day nailed theres and Styles had the sun and drew a fine one but Omos refused to guess. They lost then Omos yelled saying he was not there to play games and that all of this is not necessary to win the tag titles. Woods and Styles then began their match. I was very bummed they did not get to play jenga since it was one the game table that was out there. The match ended in dq when Omos got involved and then the pair destroyed Woods and Kingston and stood tall over the team they would face at WrestleMania.

Alexa Bliss then was at her playground an talked about her jack in the box and Randy Orton. It seems like the jack in the box is the key to summoning The Fiend because when she used it and it popped open the camera then expanded and The Fiend was shown on the wing next to hers. Bliss also said that Orton does not know what to expect for Mania and that he will die!

McIntyre then got sick of waiting for someone to target him and then approached the locker room. He asked why none of them were jumping at the opportunity and the lower card guys he attacked or they attacked him but in either case they were squashed. He approached Riddle and Strowman who both responded saying they were focused on their own feuds. McIntyre then stood to Ricochet and Ricochet said he did not respect the word of Lashley but was down for a fight and McIntyre then said he would meet him in the ring.

Naomi then took on Shayna Baszler in singles action with Lana in the corner of her partner Naomi and Nia Jax and Reginald in the corner of Baszler. Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose were on commentary for some reason. They keep losing but think they deserve a shot at the champions Jax and Baszler at Mania for some reason. Lana and Jax started brawling and it caused Jax to go into Rose then Brooke attacked Lana but Lana fended her off then Baszler who was near the ropes hit Lana but she should have focused on her opponent because it led to Naomi pinning Baszler.

Asuka the RAW Women's Champion then talked to Riddle and they seemed to hit it off but Riddle lost his train of thought mid conservation. Asuka then continued to the ring for her contract signing for her Mania title match against Rhea Ripley.

Ripley dropped Asuka during the signing then Jax, Baszler and Reginald came out. They showed disdain at Ripley getting a title match at Mania and showed how angry they were that they have yet to get a title match. Jax and Baszler then challenged Ripley and Asuka to a tag team match next week and Ripley said we accept then threw the mic at a downed Asuka... Asuka was clearly confused.

Ricochet and McIntyre battled and McIntyre won but after Mustafa Ali attacked McIntyre to try to get a shot at Lashley by taking the deal. McIntyre faced Ali immediately in a match and won then called out Lashley to take him out himself and Lashley came out much to MVP's dismay who was on commentary. 

Lashley and McIntyre then exchanged words and brawled a bit ending with Lashley being pushed outside the ring. Then King Corbin from Smackdown came and attacked McIntyre! The two fought in a brawl but Corbin ended up on top and then Lashley used two Hurt Locks on McIntyre. Is Corbin being friendly to Lashley or taking Lashley's offer? Safe bet to say it is the latter. Just as it seemed like the punishment was done McIntyre did one more Hurt Lock as Corbin yelled in the face of McIntyre. 

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