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The show opens up with the match and segment marketed and that was the Bobby Lashley vs The Miz rematch WWE Championship match. The Miz dropped a promo before and talked about his stomach cramps and a bunch of other stuff and it was solid. Then Lashley entered the ring and the match began. The Miz was not squashed quickly but he was still squashed in how he had little offense and just took a beating. The almighty Lashley won and retained the WWE Championship.

Drew McIntyre then appeared backstage and was not happy. He beat a warrior in Brock Lesnar to become champion while Lashley beat a weak and cowardly Miz and this did not please McIntyre. McIntyre screamed at the camera and gave a quick and passionate promo before he was rushed by Sheamus. This developed quickly into McIntyre demanding a no disqualification match with Sheamus which happened next. Before that though Braun Strowman went to the ring to get an apology from Shane McMahon. He got a quick one then McMahon left and clearly wanted to say more but did not.

The two then engaged in a war. Weapon diversity was not huge, it was just steel steps, steel hairs, and kendo sticks but the two made it work. It was another brutal and hard hitting affair between the two. It was back and forth and McIntyre seemingly had the match won when he landed a Claymore Kick but the kick pushed Sheamus to the outside. McIntyre tried to bring Sheamus back to the ring got him there and Sheamus escaped again. This led to the two placing steel steps on their heads and clashing. Both men were downed and the referee stopped it causing a no contest result.

Xavier Woods then took on Shelton Benjamin one half of the RAW Tag Team Champions. Woods got the win giving him and Kofi Kingston momentum ahead of a clash between The New Day and the RAW tag team champions The Hurt Business next week.

Riddle then talked with The New Day and gave them his scooter to watch while he took on Slapjack. The two then battled in a match with Mustafa Ali in the corner of Slapjack. Riddle the United States Champion won and Ali was not happy with Slapjack. Ali will take on Riddle in a title match next Monday.

Shane McMahon and Braun Strowman then returned to the ring so Shane could actually say what he really wanted to. He then danced around the subject and Shane kept implying Strowman being stupid until finally saying it and running away. Strowman chased him and gave up when he saw a car drive away. Shane then revealed he was still there and called Strowman stupid again. A feud revolving around both men thinking the other is stupid how juvenile but it is probably a feud focused more towards the younger audience.

Naomi and Lana then battled Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. Baszler and Jax had Reginald at their side who they recruited from SmackDown when his obsession Sasha Banks denied him and Carmella fired him. Naomi and Lana fought well especially Naomi but Reginald distracted Naomi and took her rage which led to Jax dominating's and pinning Lana for the win. Baszler then took the two belts and Jax carried Reggie away on her shoulders.

Only other women's segment of the night was when Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke expressed their desire to both enter the RAW Women's title picture. Charlotte Flair then talked as if she not Asuka was the champion and accepted them as challengers for the title. 

The main event between AJ Styles and Randy Orton then began which came about earlier in the night when Styles mocked Orton and called him weak for letting magic and Alexa Bliss get to him. It was a solid match. Orton seemingly had it won when he was about to set up the RKO but Omos pulled Styles out of the ring. Then Alexa Bliss appeared on the TitanTron played with a Jack in the Box but said not yet and did not activate it. Fire then erupted from three of the turnbuckles in the ring! This led to Styles delivering the Phenomenal Forearm on Orton and getting the 1-2-3. Bliss then got back on the TitanTron and laughed at Orton and the sounds of her evil giggles ended the show. 

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