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Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre were set to kick off the show as tag team partners in a match against T-Bar and Mace. The problem was they kept arguing in the back and Strowman ended up taking them both on solo first just like McIntyre did last week. Just like he McIntyre last week, Strowman was not able to beat them alone and McIntyre came to rescue the monster among men. A tag team match then began. T-Bar and Mace won by count-out when McIntyre accidently took out Strowman and was unable to get back in the ring in time. Strowman then attacked McIntyre after the match. This led to a series of events that created a main event between the two where if Strowman won he would be added to the WrestleMania Backlash Main Event title match.

Miz TV then began before a six-man tag match between Miz, Elias, and Jaxson Ryker and the team of The New Day and Damian Priest. John Morrison also was on Miz TV and the men announced that Elias, Johnny Drip Drip and MC Miz would perform a little concert right there. Ryker also chimed in. Lights then cut out mid performance and Priest entered talked some smack then introduced Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston of The New Day. Woods carried a heavy guitar case but it did not contain and instrument but a bunch of rotten tomatoes. The three then pelted Miz and company with the tomatoes. Whoever had to clean that up was probably very against the segment.

The match then began between these groups of men with Morrison in the corner of team Miz. Miz throughout the match tried to avoid being in the ring against Priest. It was a surprisingly good match but The New Day and Priest team won the match. 

Sonya Deville was then shown and she opened a door to the outside welcoming in Charlotte Flair who was supposed to be suspended for attacking a referee last week. Deville then had Flair and the referee she attacked meet in the ring. She apologized to him then he admitted he missed Rhea Ripley's interference. She then asked him to apologize to her. A little later Deville then created a match between Flair and Mandy Rose. Adam Pearce was not happy Deville went behind his back and she tried to apologize saying it was last minute and he did not believe her.

The United States Champion Sheamus then entered the ring to talk about his attack on Humberto Carrillo last week. He then invited a challenger to come out again but that the title would not be on the line. Carrillo then came out again to get revenge. He then attacked Carrillo before the bell again and this time Carrillo was able to turn things around and sent Sheamus into the announce desk and then roared in the middle of the ring after. This time Carrillo got the last laugh.

The All Mighty Bobby Lashley the WWE Champion then entered the ring alongside his manager MVP. He talked about how happy he was to beat McIntyre at WrestleMania then he and MVP let everyone know how unhappy they were about the possibility of the Backlash title match being a triple threat with Strowman added. 

Riddle was then interviewed backstage about his win over Randy Orton last week and Orton then interrupted. Things did not go as expected though. I personally expected Orton to demand a rematch but instead he said Riddle earned his respect and he wanted to give Riddle's idea of them being the team of RKBro a chance. They then battled Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander in tag team action. Surprisingly Orton never turned on Riddle and the two actually won the tag match after Orton reluctantly tagged in Riddle who then delivered the Floating Bro and got the pin and the win. 

Asuka, Naomi, and Lana then battled the WWE Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler as well as the RAW Women's Champion Rhea Ripley in a six woman tag match. Mid match Rose and Dana Brooke came out and poured a bucket of water on Baszler who went to get rid of them then Jax went to get involved and slipped on the water and had to have Reginald get her up. Brooke and Rose then left and the match continued and even with that distraction the team of Ripley, Jax, and Baszler still won.

Alexa Bliss then was on her playground yet again with her demonic doll Lilly. She talked more about Lilly and the two played a little prank on the audience. Then she yet again said the two would soon pray on the WWE roster because Lilly was bored of the playground. 

A match between Rose and Flair then began and it was not as quick as I expected. Rose looked pretty good but the end result was as expected. Flair won the match and Brooke tended to her tag partner's wounds.

A brutal main event then occurred between McIntyre and Strowman. Lashley and MVP of course joined commentary to watch. It was a back and forth match and Lashley and MVP were obviously rooting for McIntyre and MVP even interfered at one point saving McIntyre from a slam from the top rope while Lashley distracted the referee. T-Bar and Mace also attacked McIntyre at the end of the match that you could argue balanced out the MVP and Lashley interference. Despite MVP and Lashley's interference Strowman got the hard earned win and earned his place into the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania Backlash. 

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