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Drew McIntyre opened up the show with some words toward King Corbin and the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley as well himself. He talked a lot about sacrifice and how much he has sacrificed to get to where he is. Lashley and MVP then came out and Lashley did most of the talking for a change. Corbin then came out and said how he is going to beat McIntyre later in the night.

Before Xavier Woods of the New Day went out to the ring with his partner Kofi Kingston the two talked it up with the United States Champion Matt Riddle. They clowned around for a bit and made some stoner jokes. Woods then face Styles and mid match Kingston threw a microphone at Omos and talked smack. Kingston rang into the ring then exited and this distracted Styles long enough for Woods to roll him up and get the surprise pin and win.

Braun Strowman then entered the ring and talked about all that Shane McMahon has done to him. Shane McMahon then came out with Elias and Jaxson Ryker and talked some smack back. Strowman then faced Elias and Ryker in a handicap match and squashed them.

Earlier Bad Bunny and  Damian Priest arrived in Bunny's 3.6 million dollar Bugatti. Miz and Morrison then with buckets of paint, painted Hey Hey HO Ho and their names on the car among other things. Bunny saw damage and was obviously not happy then was attacked by the pair. They run off and Bunny is hurt but helped up by Adam Pearce, Priest, and Pat Buck. The match between Miz and Morrison might not be good but I think it will be entertaining.

The RAW Women's Champion Asuka then teamed with Rhea Ripley her WrestleMania opponent and they faced the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. It was a battle but Jax and Baszler won when Ripley attacked her partner Asuka then let Baszler pin her. Ripley simply wanted to wear Asuka down and sneak attack her. Also the commentary team told us that on night one a tag team turmoil match would occur between Riott Squad, Naomi and Lana, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke,  and Natalya and Tamina and the winning team would face the champions Jax and Baszler night two. It was also told that Rhea Ripley's entrance song would get a live performance at WrestleMania so her odds of winning skyrocketed.

Cedric Alexander pinned MVP against a crate backstage with Shelton Benjamin with him. Alexander then insulted MVP and said even if Alexander lost to Lashley later in the night that he would leave a scar and would watch McIntyre whoop Lashley at WrestleMania. MVP was then interviewed and asked if he was worried about Lashley and MVP said no then said it was because of him that Alexander and Benjamin did so well. Lashley then came and asked MVP what happened then headed to the ring to face Alexander. Alexander gave a great effort but he succumbed to Lashley and his feared Hurt Lock. 

Bad Bunny entered the ring with his enforcer Damian Priest to address the actions of The Miz and John Morrison earlier in the night. Priest then requested the match be changed from one on one to a tag team match which many including myself thought was going to be a match. Bad Bunny then had a promo and it was all over the place and too long but I've heard worse from actual wrestlers so for a celebrity promo it could have been worse and had it's moments. Morrison and The Miz then interrupted on the TitanTron and accepted the challenge for the tag team match at WrestleMania then drove off in a limo.

Mustafa Ali then headed to the ring and was approached by Sheamus and Sheamus tried to give him advice and Ali just got hostile and said all the things Riddle has done to him. Sheamus then said he was going out to the ring on commentary to cheer on Ali ahead of the Riddle versus Ali match. Then at the end of the sentence Riddle drove his scooter between them while making engine sounds because he is amazing.

The match then began and it was a good match yet again from Ali and Riddle. It ended when Riddle caught Ali, pointed at Sheamus then delivered the Bro Derrick to win. Sheamus and Riddle have delivered in all their meetings so I do not see why they would deliver again.

Corbin and McIntyre then had their main event match and Corbin no matter what he did could not beat McIntyre. Throughout the match MVP kept taunting McIntyre and asking Corbin if he really wanted a title shot. At the end of the match MVP then said it was not about beating McIntyre but taking him out then he gave Corbin his cane. McIntyre evaded the cane shot and then delivered the Claymore and won. Lashley then came out and the two had a stare down. Who will come out on top in the WrestleMania night one main event?

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