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The Legend Killer Randy Orton kicked off Monday Night RAW and he assured everyone that he would still challenge the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre for his title, regardless of which brand he ends up on since this was night two of the draft. Orton stopped addressing the audience and started addressing McIntyre with a closeup shot but towards the end of his promo where he was going through his deadly letters spiel he was interrupted by McIntyre. McIntyre talked a bit then rushed Orton attacking him ending the struggle by putting him through the announce desk and throwing him back in the ring probably for a Claymore kick but Orton rolled out and fled before the champ got the chance.

Stephanie McMahon then came out to and started announcing the draft picks for the night. With the first pick RAW selected the Fiend, SmackDown then selected their brand’s women’s champion Bayley. The third pick was RAW selecting Randy Orton keeping him on RAW which makes a lot of sense since he is still feuding with McIntyre. SmackDown then selected the RAW Tag Team Champions the Street Profits solidifying that each brand has a set of tag champions since last Friday on SmackDown RAW drafted the SmackDown tag champions the New Day. Weird for the flip but most likely the names of the titles will change to reflect their current brands. RAW then selected the injured Charlotte Flair to conclude the first round of night two of the 2020 WWE Draft.

A no disqualification match then happened between the rivals Kevin Owens and Aleister Black. The first major spot of the match was when Kevin Owens set up four chairs together two of them together facing the other two in the same way. He the then went to the turnbuckle dragged Black up and tried to go for the superplex but Black countered and delivered double knees onto Owens into the chairs. The match would end not much longer when Owens yet again regained momentum and delivered a pop-up powerbomb on Black through a table, following that move up with a pin for the win.

McMahon then continued with the draft beginning the second round where RAW led off by selecting Braun Stowman. SmackDown then selected Daniel Bryan who has been gone quite awhile so hopefully this means he will return soon. RAW then drafted Matt Riddle making him switch brands. SmackDown then drafted Kevin Owens and RAW concluded the round with Jeff Hardy so maybe we have not seen the last of Hardy and Riddle as a tag team. 

Miz and Morrison then entered the ring for their “talk show” the Dirt Sheet where they threw a jab at Seth Rollins before introducing their guests Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose which ended up being a hostile interview considering Miz split up Rose from her storyline boyfriend Otis and Rose and Brooke are faces while Miz and Morrison are heels. Rose was talking about her opportunity in the RAW Women’s title number one contender battle royal later in the night, when she was interrupted by Natalya and Lana. The altercation between the two feuding women teams quickly changed from harsh words to trading fists ending with Rose and Brooke ejecting Natalya and Lana from the ring. The Dirt Sheet then continued with just Miz and Morrison but it didn’t last long because then the silent minster Lars Sullivan arrived and massacred poor John Morrison while Miz escaped and tried to help Morrison at one point but didn’t try too hard.

The Street Profits and the New Day then traded their tag team championships in front of Adam Pierce but Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler were not happy that they didn’t get a shot at the Street Profits for the titles before the Profits were drafted to SmackDown so they issued a challenge to either on of the tag champions and the new RAW Tag Team Champions the New Day accepted.

Retribution was the first pick of the third round by RAW followed by SmackDown selecting Lars Sullivan, so he ended up on a different brand than the four people he attacked ensuring a mystery storyline for him. RAW then selected Keith Lee, SmackDown picked King Corbin and the final pick of the round was Alexa Bliss to RAW keeping her together with the Fiend. 

Seth Rollins then entered the ring to deliver is RAW farewell address since he was drafted to Friday Night SmackDown last Friday. Rollins delivered a promo trying to find a superstar to replace him as the “leader” of Monday Night RAW and was interrupted by Jeff Hardy and it did not get physical, but it did cause Rollins to leave. AJ Styles then entered delivering a promo towards Hardy but not before saying RAW was never Monday Night RAWlins and Rollins then chased Styles down but was interrupted Hardy kicking both. Hardy then challenged both men to a match next setting up an amazing triple threat on paper. Luckily for wrestling fans, sorry sports entertainment fans this match did not disappoint. The biggest shocker in this match was when Elias made his return, after a long absence, by smashing his guitar over the back of Jeff Hardy allowing Styles to pin Hardy picking up the win. This pretty much ensured that Elias would end up on RAW and feud with Jeff Hardy.

With the first pick of the fourth round of the WWE Draft Monday Night RAW selected Elias. I hope American Football fans read that in a Roger Goodell voice. The Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn was drafted next by SmackDown and him sliding so far is ridiculous he should have been a first or second round pick. RAW then selected the sassy southern belle Lacey Evans. SmackDown then ended their fourth round by drafting the former SmackDown Tag Team Champions Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. The fourth rounded then concluded with Sheamus being selected by RAW.

Brooke and Rose then once again faced Lana and Natalya in tag team action. Rose and Brooke yet again beat Natalya and Lana by pinning who else but Lana and after the match Natalya told Lana how stupid she was and said she was done ending their alliance.

The Hurt Business was then shown and for the first time in weeks Cedric Alexander was shown with the Hurt Business. Ricochet then went up to them challenging Hurt Business to one final match in which if Ricochet lost, he would join the Hurt Business but if he won the Hurt Business would have to leave him alone. Ricochet’s former tag partner Alexander then stepped up to Ricochet accepting the challenge on behalf of the Hurt Business.

Angel Garza back from a scary injury a lot sooner than expected then entered the ring to face his former tag partner Andrade who denounced both Garza and their former manager Zelina Vega. Vega was a guest commentator in this match. Garza won the match by delivering a Wing Clipper on Andrade and right before even said “this is for you Zelina.” Despite constantly saying she was done with both Vega checked on Andrade after the match. The lights then went off Alexa Bliss was shown hanging upside down from a turnbuckle but she was not alone because arrived The Fiend was with her and grabbed Andrade prepping a Sister Abigail on him and Bliss then grabbed Vega prepping a Sister Abigail as well and they then performed the moves in unison. 

Nikki Cross headed off the fifth round of the draft when she was drafted to RAW. Ziggler and Roode were then drafted to SmackDown. R-Truth was then selected by RAW keeping the 24/7 title on RAW. Apollo Crews was then selected by SmackDown and I think Crews will be the next person to challenge Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship. The last pick of the round was Dabba-Kato the RAW underground standout being selected by RAW.

The RAW Tag Team Championship was the next match of the night and Roode and Ziggler being selected by SmackDown right before this match I personally thought spoiled the outcome for not just me but for most fans. Xavier Woods in this second match back continued to look great and at one point took on Ziggler and Roode easily on his own. Ziggler was able to escape a pin and quickly take the momentum and was able to tag Roode back in who kept the momentum in his team’s favor for a bit. Kofi Kingston ended the match jumping onto the neck of Roode was held by Woods and then got the winning pin. 

Backstage interviewer Charly Caruso then interviewed Elias and Elias then blamed Hardy for his absence since the last time we saw Elias was in the segment where he apparently was hit by a car and Hardy was found covered in alcohol in a bush nearby. Ahead of Ricochets match with Cedric Alexander a recap of the Ali as the leader of Retribution reveal was shown foreshadowing their involvement in the match. This was a fast-paced battle between two skilled highflyers, and it was a solid but quick match. Alexander hit the referee accidently when Ricochet kicked out of a pin causing MVP to throw in a chair for Alexander to use. Ricochet got the chair instead hit the mat with the chair then tossed the chair to Alexander and flopped pretending he was hit the ref saw and disqualified Alexander giving Ricochet the win. It was cool to see this Eddie Guerrero tribute to end a match especially considering last Friday was his birthday, rest in peace Eddie. We will see if the Hurt Business will honor their arrangement and really leave Ricochet alone after that controversial end of the match.Titus O’Neil kicked off the sixth round going to RAW followed by SmackDown selecting Carmella. The next three picks were Peyton Royce by RAW Aleister Black to SmackDown keeping him with his current rival Owens, Akira Tozawa to RAW. 

Our long-awaited main event began with a inter brand women battle royal to decide the number one contender to the RAW Women’s Champion Asuka who wanted Rose to win but she was eliminated early in the match. Things started with the one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Nia Jax with the mic in hand telling she or her partner Shayna Baszler would win the match so everyone might well just eliminate themselves. Jax was eliminated when she was lifted by a group of women and Baszler then was the last person to push the pile to finish Jax off. Jax noticed this and the two traded looks as Baszler apologized. An enraged Jax then saw her favorite person to smash through the commentary table Lana and once again put her through the table piling onto Lana’s bad night. Then the match was interrupted by footage of Orton and McIntyre fighting backstage. Ruby Riott, her tag team partner Liv Morgan, Lacey Evans, and Natalya then all faced off in the ring after Belair was eliminated by Natalya. The Riott squad members were then simultaneously eliminated by Evans and Natalya. Evans and Natalya battled on the apron and both had many close calls in losing until Natalya finally eliminated Evans but the bell didn’t ring and Lana then attacked Natalya winning the match because it was revealed she was never actually eliminated. Lana’s terrible night quickly turned into one of the greatest nights of her career earning a title match against Asuka next week! The show ended not with Lana celebrating but McIntyre and Orton having their backstage fight leak into the ringside area until they were broken up by many officials and referees.

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