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A Monday Night RAW that followed a Hell in a Cell pay-per-view began with a recap of Sunday night’s Hell in a Cell main event where Randy Orton defeated Drew McIntyre taking the WWE Championship getting his World Championship number to 14! McIntyre then addressed the fans and promised he would rise from his defeat and begin his path to recapturing his title. Eventually the new Money in the Bank contract holder the Miz and his partner John Morrison came out and interrupted McIntyre. Miz talked about how he would repeat history and cash in his contract on Orton like he did the last time he held the briefcase. Miz and Morrison then kept slandering McIntyre until the former champion got physical and started beating both men until they were able to slow him down briefly to escape. McIntyre then said he had an idea to run by WWE management so probably a match between Miz or Morrison or even both.

The commentary team then announced qualifying matches to determine the team members of team RAW for the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view Survivor Series team elimination match. The qualifying matches then started immediately with AJ Styles taking on Jeff Hardy. Styles was once again accompanied by the gigantic Jordan Omogbehin. Styles won when he delivered a phenomenal forearm that helped him secure the pin. With this win he was the first person to secure a spot-on team Raw. After the match Elias came into the ring and hit Hardy while he was down with a chair shot. A song from the new Elias Universal Truth album played and the song was Amen (I’m going In) so that is most likely the new theme song of Elias or it played to just promote the release of Elias’ new album earlier in the day.

Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa then battled Lucha House Party in tag team action. These four men have been chasing Truth for weeks now and in Tozawa’s case longer than that. During the match R-Truth of course came out to observe for some reason and he was then attacked by all four men and a second referee came in to count for the 24/7 title but at the same time the tag team match was still happening. Amid this chaos Lucha House Party got the win by Lince Dorado pinning Gulak while Gulak was distracted by R-Truth. R-Truth escaped still champion despite many pin attempts on him.

Firefly Funhouse with the Funhouse puppets, Alexa Bliss, Bray Wyatt then began, and Bray Wyatt was dressed up as the Mad Hatter. It was then explained why he was dressed like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland when they had a tea party in which Alexa Bliss made tea for Ramblin’ Rabbit and poisoned him. You must feel bad for that Rabbit who always dies every Firefly Funhouse, for those familiar with the show South Park he is the Kenny of Firefly Funhouse! Bliss then talked about how later in the night she would interview Orton on Moment of Bliss and this angered Wyatt. Ramblin’ Rabbit was then revealed as still alive until an angry Wyatt took out his handy hammer and killed him as Bliss just laughed. A Fiend vs Orton feud seems to be on tap for the WWE Championship story next.

Keith Lee then in an interview with Caruso said he was not done with Strowman and would deal with him soon but not on this RAW as he had a match with Elias to decide another member of the Survivor Series team. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions then went up to Adam Pearce each giving them lists of who they each individually think should be on the Women’s RAW Survivor Series team. Jax and Baszler each thought they should captain the team. Elias then was in the middle of the ring on a stool with a guitar and started playing a little song before his match with Keith Lee. I say started because seconds in Lee entered and the second qualifying match of the night began. Lee dominated early but Elias was able to turn the momentum and it seemed like the match was his until Hardy’s music played distracting him allowing Lee to take advantage and win the match becoming member two of team RAW. Hardy then got payback for earlier in the night and hit the back of Elias with Elias’ own guitar! How much money do you think Elias spends on acoustic guitars? Probably not that much but WWE probably spends quite a lot for the guitars they use for Elias segments.

Some backstage worker or random guy then had the nerve to use the bathroom of the Hurt Business! They saw and did not take it lightly as they chased and attacked the man before a commercial break. Retribution then battled the Hurt Business in an elimination tag team match to resume the program. During the match Reckoning had some type of spasm and this led to MVP being distracted and pinned by Slapjack, but she did not stop so something must have been happening to her. When the commercial ended it was revealed she actually was faking it and got up and left for some reason. Lashley then speared Slapjack leading to a pin to eliminate him. T-Bar then entered the match and quickly struggled against Lashley but Lashley took the onslaught to outside the ring and the referee counted them both out leading to both being eliminated as they continued to fight out back. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin then were the last men standing for the Hurt Business while Mace and Ali remained for Retribution. Mace was then eliminated as Ali stood alone and outnumbered. Ali then was only able to stop a beating from Alexander by using a chair disqualifying himself. The rest of the Hurt Business then came out to protect Alexander and Ali ran away in defeat.

 Angel Garza then tried to court Mandy Rose then she turned him down saying she is still close with Otis despite his rough 24 hours and then he tried to court Dana Brooke until he was interrupted by Jax and Baszler. Garza then gave his rose to Jax and left. The two teams then argued about who was better fit to lead the women team RAW. Jax then seemed to be very into Garza as Baszler questioned it and Jax said “yea why not” while sniffing the rose.

McIntyre and the Miz then started their match with Morrison ring side to help out Miz in any way he could. McIntyre dominated most of the match and was not slowed down much by any of Morrison’s distraction techniques. McIntyre ended the match with his Claymore kick to the face of Miz. McIntyre then pointed a screen in the Thunderdome where Matthew McConaughey was shown watching RAW with his children. 

The New Day, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, were then shown dressed as the Street Profits and kept poking fun out them. They then announced their match with the Street Profits at Survivor Series. Then were joined by Asuka who helped then announce two other champion versus champion matches at Survivor Series. The Hurt Business then interrupted and MVP announced Lashley facing Zayn in a champions match and how the Hurt Business plans on taking the tag titles away from the New Day before Survivor Series getting two more Hurt Business members in Survivor Series. Tension then arose between the two parties.

Charly Caruso then interview McIntyre where McIntyre then said he would take how many ever steps it took to reclaim his title and promised Orton he would have many moments just none of Bliss since Orton was slated to appear on Moment of Bliss the “talk show” of Alexa Bliss. Pat Buck and Adam Pearce then announced the women members of team raw. They announced that the WWE Women’s champions would be on the team along with the team of Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose. Before the final member was announced Jax then said the final member should be announced by the team captain saying it was her. Then Jax and Baszler argued over who between them should be the captain. To decide the final member of team RAW Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce, Lana, and Nikki Cross then fought in a fatal four-way match. As usual Lana spent most of the match being dominated but still won taking advantage of all three of her opponents being downed. The four members of team RAW were all surprised and Jax then asked Lana for a hug and she just did not let go and Baszler cleared the commentary desk for Jax to slam her yet again through the desk. 

Orton then was asked what he thought of the threats Fiend and Bliss made and if he was fearful of going on Moment of Bliss and he said no and he would love to introduce the Fiend to the three deadliest letters in sports entertainment, R…..K……O…

Retribution then came on and Ali said they are not a family or a team but a mission. Ali said their victory was dependent on suffering, so it looks like despite constantly being humiliated and defeating is not enough to get rid of them. The next qualifying match then happened between Matt Riddle and Sheamus. These two technical fighters had a grueling battle with a lot of knee strikes and kicks on both sides. Sheamus tried to end it by going on the top rope but Riddle then went up to get him down. Sheamus then cast Riddle down and then stood up on the top turnbuckle until Riddle came back and delivered an exploder from the top. Riddle then went for the pin but surprisingly Sheamus kicked out! Riddle then tried to win with a Floating Bro but Sheamus got out of the way. Sheamus then went in for the kill but Riddle then got in a submission but Sheamus escaped. The hectic and exciting war then continued for a few more counters until Sheamus delivered a Brogue Kick to get him the win! It was sad seeing a personal favorite of mine lose but wow was it an amazing match! That concluded this episode’s qualifier matches leaving the last two spots to be decided on a later date. 

Moment of Bliss then started with Bliss in the ring sitting in her chair with another chair next to her for her guest Randy Orton the WWE Champion. Orton then took a microphone and stood refusing to sit even though Bliss said it was fine for him to sit. The interview then began with the weirdly cheery but dark at the same time Bliss. Orton then asked a question to Bliss asking if she had a surprise for him and she responded saying he and McIntyre burned the house down at Hell in a Cell referring to how Orton burned down the house of Wyatt during a previous feud. Orton then asked where the Fiend was hiding but then McIntyre came out and interrupted and attacked Orton as Bliss just sat on the top rope laughing. The lights then went out as McIntyre was about to land the Claymore and when they turned back on McIntyre was alone in the ring Orton was outside on the ramp facing the ring. McIntyre then seemed to look behind Orton and it was revealed the Fiend was there and Orton had no where to run. He had to choose to go fight the Fiend or McIntyre. He chose McIntyre and it was a brutal clash that ended with Orton punching McIntyre in the face while both atop the commentary desk. It was quite a finish that made me not sure what direction this was heading towards. 

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