The last episode of Monday Night RAW was kicked off by Drew McIntyre talking about Thanksgiving, what he is thankful for and he talked smack about the SmackDown Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Later in the night he would battle Randy Orton for the WWE Championship and the winner would not just be champion but face Reigns at Survivor Series. Orton then showed up on the TitanTron responded to McIntyre in great fashion then when he finished Miz and Morrison came out and Miz talked about how he would cash in after the title match later in the night and become the WWE Champion. The Miz even talked smack about The Fiend which is always a terrible idea. Interesting strategy to announce a cash-in…

Lana then talked with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and Lana said how she asked to be put on a team with them ahead of a six-woman tag team match so she could finally bond with them and even said she would tag in with them unlike Orton in his six-man tag team match last week. The Champions though did not want her help, so they told her not to tag in and just stay out of their way.

Lana and the tag champions opponents were of course the RAW Women’s Champion Asuka, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. Baszler seemingly had the match won but Lana tagged herself in costing her team the match when Asuka won and after the match Jax seemingly accepted her on the team but it was just a trick then she once again put Lana through a table.

Sheamus, Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, Riddle were then shown arguing backstage and then AJ Styles the self-proclaimed team captain of Team RAW tried to unify them and gave them team RAW shirts ahead of their eight man tag match against Retribution. Riddle then tried to give a nickname to Jordan Omogbehin leading to Styles shooing him but also learning Omogbehin speaks English because I guess before Styles assumed, he did not.

Brooke was then interviewed about Mandy Rose’s condition after Baszler brutalized her and then Reckoning from Retribution attacker Brooke hurting her so there might be two open spots on Team RAW. Firefly Funhouse then began, and Bray Wyatt challenged The Miz to a match because of the shots The Miz threw at him or The Fiend earlier. Of course, Alexa Bliss also was at the Funhouse and then a cute little segment of him training karate moves with his puppets happened and a few other funny training montage segments in the Funhouse happened to. Ramblin’ Rabbit also died again, and Wyatt and Bliss also found that hilarious, that poor rabbit he and Trix the Rabbit should start a rabbit support group.

Ahead of the RAW Tag Team Championship match The New Day and The Hurt Business like two weeks ago once again traded words before the match that would decide not just the Champions but who would face The Street Profits at Survivor Series on Sunday. At several points in the match it seemed like Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander would win but in the end the Champions, The New Day prevailed securing their spot at Survivor Series.

Sheamus then called over McIntyre to show him something in yet another Sheamus, McIntyre segment. McIntyre reminisced over the stuff in the chest and when McIntyre turned around Sheamus handed him a Claymore sword. Sheamus then left to go to his eight-man tag match. AJ Styles joined the commentary team while he let his four Survivor Series teammates battle Retribution. Team RAW had the better team but they could not stop arguing with each other and getting in each other’s way and it led to Riddle get rolled up by Ali giving Retribution the win.

Nikki Cross was then shown looking for Alexa Bliss because even though Bliss chose The Fiend Cross said she would not give up on her friend. Sarah then ran over for another interview asking Jeff Hardy what he was doing and he was taking down flyers asking to call if the person who hit Elias with a car was found and Hardy knew Elias put them up and wanted to find him and shut him up. Hardy then found and confronted Elias slamming him into a wall.

The Miz went to the ring but not to fight Wyatt but to try to avoid a match and get Wyatt to help him later during the Orton, McIntyre match in his cash-in attempt. Bliss then entered and answered the request which was a no. Cross then came to help Bliss and get her away. Bliss then brutally attacked Cross until they were split up by Adam Pearce, Pat Buck and an official. Wyatt then entered and stared down Cross then smiled and laughed at Bliss who joined him arm in arm to the ring ahead of his match with The Miz. Morrison kept trying to help Miz but kept being deterred by the stares of Wyatt. The finish happened when Wyatt stared down Morrison and as Morrison backed away Bliss tackled him and they both went over the barricade and Wyatt showed genuine concern for Bliss so it seems she is not just a pawn to him. Miz tried to take advantage but took a Sister Abigail and lost. Bliss then revealed she was fine and her and Wyatt left together.

It was then announced Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce would replace Rose and Brooke at Survivor Series which in my opinion are huge upgrades. . Then Angel Garza had another vignette of him comparing women of the world to Roses. Jax and Baszler then talked about how Baszler injured Rose and Baszler then said only the two of them mattered on the team until Royce and Evans went over to try to strategize with them but were turned away and Jax seemed to see the pair as a downgrade from Rose and Brooke.

The WWE Championship then happened between the champion Randy Orton and his challenger Drew McIntyre. McIntyre came out in the kilt Sheamus brought him and with the sword in true badass fashion, ready to take back what was his. Orton after barely avoiding a Claymore Kick exited the ring and grabbed his title and it seemed like he was about to just leave since a count out would lose him the match but not the title but Adam Pearce came out and said there would be no disqualifications and the match would only end by pinfall or submission. This rule change was meant to help McIntyre have a chance but for a while it benefitted Orton allowing him to get back in the match. McIntyre had a lot of issues landing his finisher the Claymore kick but he finally did in the end and it led to a winning pin! Drew McIntyre won the WWE Championship ending Orton's short reign and starting McIntyre's second reign but also leading to a McIntyre versus Reigns match at Survivor Series in a rematch of a Wrestlemania 35 match between the two! 

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