What awards have the WWE Thunderdome received? Who knows but the show opened with a recap of the Drew McIntyre, Fiend, and Randy Orton clash at the end of last weeks RAW then with the new theme song for the show and then by the commentator Tom Phillips saying how the Thunderdome was award winning and critically acclaimed. Orton then came out giving a promo about how he is the best ever even better than Edge, Undertaker, and many others. A chorus of boos accompanied the heel champions promo. Orton then said he is no longer just The Legend Killer but The Legend! Orton then challenged anyone to step up and challenge him and named people like The Miz, McIntyre, The Fiend, and even SmackDown’s Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Then surprisingly Alexa Bliss came out to answer the call and said he could be here referring of course to The Fiend. The red lights and Fiend music played, and she disappeared and when the lights turned on it was McIntyre who attacked Orton and as he left Miz and Morrison entered to cash in on a downed Orton. Just as it the cash in was about to happen McIntyre interrupted again and beat both men and proclaimed, he will be the one to beat Orton and take the title. The WWE Championship picture is quite full right now and makes the future someone hard to predict.

Charly Caruso then interviewed Miz and Morrison and Miz then proclaimed he never cashed in the case because the bell never rang, and he continued to rant in anger about McIntyre getting in the way. Morrison who kept echoing the Miz then challenged McIntyre to a handicap match later in the night where he and Miz would face the Scottish Psychopath. It is important to note the case was not with the Miz, but the commentary team did acknowledge that it was never cashed in officially.

Elias then was shown and talked about his albums success and how he was going to win the guitar on a pole match versus Jeff Hardy. He then started to play an acoustic version of Amen (I’m Going In) until Hardy’s’ music started playing and Hardy came out to battle Elias in a guitar on a pole match. The match quickly went to the outside of the ring and Hardy dominated and then went back in the ring to climb the turnbuckle and grab the guitar but was stopped when Elias threw a stool at Hardy preventing the guitars retrieval. A Twist of Fate allowed Hardy to climb and grab the guitar and then he was able to smash the guitar on Elias, get the pin, and win the match. I think this would have been a great opportunity to start an Elias push especially since he just went toe to toe with Keith Lee last week and did very well.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were then shown doing light exercise backstage and the commentators announced they would face Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the WWE Women’s Tag Titles next. Lana also came out and stood ringside for this match since all four are her teammates for the upcoming Women’s Survivor Series Elimination Match. Lana tried to help Rose and Brooke win but one of her distractions backfired leading to Brooke’s pin on Baszler being ignored and Baszler escaping to get a submission. If the RAW Women’s Survivor Series team wins with the lack of chemistry between them because of the storyline and the fact that it is a very weak team I will be shocked.

The 24/7 Champion R-Truth then came out singing his theme song and dancing as he does and came out with a water bottle. He was then interviewed and asked why he accepted a challenge to fight Bobby Lashley. Truth was confused saying he thought he was out there to meet Bobby Boucher the fictional character Adam Sandler played in the movie Waterboy! You got to love the antics of Truth. The United States Champion Lashley made quick work of R-Truth using his Hurt Lock. Lashley then used it again after the match. Drew Gulak then came out to in Truth and win the 24/7 Title but was intercepted by Lashley who put Gulak in the Hurt Lock. Lashley then put Gulak on Truth and the referee counted giving Gulak the win and the 24/7 Title. Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik were then shown talking and said they were going to go get Gulak and get the title but were stopped by the bodyguard of Styles Jordan Omogbehin. Styles then asked if they had a problem and the pair then turned around.

Jax then was approached in the halls and asked by an interviewer about Lana. Jax then promised at the end of the night Lana would not be on team RAW anymore or even have a career. To me this just assured the streak of Jax putting Lana through the commentary desk would continue.

Styles then entered with Omogbehin and asked his confirmed teammates for Survivor Series to come out. Sheamus and Keith Lee then entered. Styles kept saying he was the captain and the other two just were not feeling it. The monster among men Braun Strowman then came out and proclaimed that team RAW needs him. His rival Lee then said Strowman should have to qualify. Strowman then argued otherwise. Adam Pearce then came out saying he wants Strowman on the team but has been having issues finding an opponent for Strowman. Lee then was trying to challenge Strowman and then Sheamus said he wanted to face Strowman. Styles then offered a solution and said if Strowman could win a triple threat against Lee and Sheamus then he would be on the team. The men agreed and Pearce made it official.

Strowman’s triple threat Survivor Series qualifying match then began. It was a brutal match and Lee got to remind people of his athleticism when the 345-pounder flipped over the ropes to the outside of the ring onto Strowman and Sheamus. Not too long after Lee and Sheamus had to unify briefly to take out Strowman ramming one of the steel steps into Strowman. This match was a great showcase for all three of these men with all of them flaunting their tremendous strength. The finish was just as wild as the match with Lee going for a Spirit Bomb on Strowman until Sheamus delivered a Brogue Kick mid move and then Strowman recovered to use his Power Bomb on Sheamus to get the win. Styles then tried to get his three teammates to shake hands and Strowman eventually did shake the hand of Lee. Styles then asked Sheamus to shake Strowman’s hand and Sheamus was very resilient which was fair. He then hugged Strowman instead then when they separated, he delivered the Brogue Kick on Strowman causing the giant to flounder outside. Then a sequence of attacks led to the other two suffering similar fates with Styles alone in the ring saying, “why we had such a great team!”

Angel Garza then had a vignette which ended with him offering a rose to someone or everyone? It honestly was not clear. Then Firefly Funhouse was teased to happen later. Caruso then interviewed McIntyre who said he would protect Orton from others until he got his title back. The Firefly Funhouse then began with Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss along with the puppets. They then talked about Orton and their past. This segment seemed to focus on the burning of Wyatts home and it seems like this is deeply personal for The Fiend. Bliss then asked for help and had Wyatt put the heal glove on her. Her eyes were then revealed to change to the sinister ones The Fiend had and some red ooze that I don’t think was blood came out of her mouth, which caused Wyatt to say Oh Shit with the PG bleep sound covering up the shit.

Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce then were shown while the Jax entrance happened and talked about how Lana and the announce table were not going to make it out of the Jax vs Lana match in one piece. Jax just toyed with Lana in this match even stopping pins to prolong the torture of Lana. Jax eventually did pin her and seemingly left without putting her through the table but then turned around and had Baszler throw Lana outside the ring where Jax grabbed her to put her through the table. Lana fought a bit, but she still ended up through the table making it seven straight weeks.

Truth then with a neck brace was shown walking down the hallway and ran into the Hurt Business and Truth then turned around with MVP yelling “We signed your water bottle for you” at the hurt and defeated Truth. The Hurt Business then were shown in the ring and Lashley addressed Sami Zayn his Survivor Series opponent and MVP asked for their reward for dealing with Retribution with the reward being the RAW Tag Team Titles. The RAW Tag Team Champions the New Day then came out spoke some trash talk mainly calling MVP, Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin old and Alexander young and irrelevant. Kofi Kingston then even mentioned how he had more titles than all four members of The Hurt Business members combined and even talked about how he won the WWE Championship a title Lashley could not win. MVP then brought up how Kingston lost the WWE title in 8 seconds and Kingston eventually used the 8 seconds to take a shot at Lashley saying Lana said Lashley could only last 8 seconds in the bedroom, boom roasted! MVP then issued an official challenge for Alexander and Benjamin to face The New Day for the Tag Titles. Great trash talk then kept going with The New Day getting the last word before the announcers confirmed a tag match happening next!

A solid match then happened between The New Day and Alexander and Benjamin of the Hurt Business. The match felt like a showcase for Alexander for the most part and it ended with The Hurt Business getting the win so it seems like a Tag Championship match will be what happens next between these two teams before Survivor Series. Nikki Cross then went up to Bliss who had her back turned and tried to talk to Bliss and talk her out of her trance of The Fiend and then demanded Bliss look at her and when she turned Bliss around, Bliss still had the eyes of The Fiend and said nothing.

Tucker and Ricochet then had a match that was teased earlier in the day with a WWE exclusive video and right before the match began Ali went to watch the match. Ricochet squashed Tucker easily which was a dumb choice considering Tucker just being separated and deserving to at least have a good 10-minute match. Retribution then joined their leader attacked Ricochet then Tucker then brought Ricochet back in the ring and circled him and attacked.

McIntyre and Sheamus were then shown being very buddy in the halls and Sheamus even asked McIntyre to join the Survivor Series team and stabilize the team. McIntyre politely declined saying his focus was on getting his WWE Championship back. McIntyre then left to go battle Miz and Morrison. McIntyre from the get-go controlled the match absolutely destroying his opponents until fighting two men finally caught up to him and some tag teamwork allowed Miz and Morrison to finally get momentum. It was a back and forth entertaining match but it ended with a Claymore Kick from McIntyre on The Miz to win the match but McIntyre did not get a chance to celebrate because he then took a RKO from Orton. As Orton held his title above his head and then The Fiend laughter played Orton looked startled from it and an image of The Fiend flashed across our screens to close the show. 

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