Sunday night at Survivor Series the RAW men’s team in the elimination match swept team SmackDown and all five men along with AJ Styles’ bodyguard and Adam Pearce stood in the ring to open Monday Night RAW. Pearce then announced that for their dominant performance they would be rewarded, and he asked each of them to state their case for why they should be the number one contender for the WWE Championship. Sheamus then started, followed by Styles, then Keith Lee, then Riddle. Pearce then said finally Strowman and for some reason being called last angered Strowman and he threw Pearce down hurting the authority figure. So, we the segment did not end with Pearce announcing who would challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

The Hurt Business then challenged The New Day yet again for the titles and in my eyes, it seemed obvious Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin would end the night the RAW Tag Team Champions. MVP then accompanied Benjamin and Alexander to the ring ahead of the just made match. MVP made contact on Kofi which led to Kofi Kingston being hurt outside and eventually leading to a count out win for The Hurt Business. But championships can only be changed by pinfall or submission victories unless stated beforehand and MVP convinced The New Day to return and restart the match. Once again, the New Day defeated The Hurt Business, and my prediction of The Hurt Business winning was very wrong.

Pearce then walked out of the doctor/trainer room and said if it were up to him, he would fire Strowman. He was then about to make the announcement of who the next challenger for McIntyre who he accidently called McInfart at first would be when Lashley interrupted the Pearce and Charly Caruso interview. Lashley hen said he was the only RAW Title holder to win at Survivor Series and that he needed to talk to Pearce before Pearce made any decisions and Pearce then asked Caruso to leave so he could talk business with the CEO of The Hurt Business. Randy Orton then talked to Pearce next and the commentary talked about that and what happened to Pearce and that updates on the status of the future of Strowman after his actions against Pearce would be given.

Lana the Sole Survivor of the Women’s Survivor Series match was then interviewed and asked if she was next in line for a RAW women’s title match and Lana replied that she was just celebrating her win. Pearce then announced there would be three singles matches on this RAW and the winners would face off next week in a triple threat to decide McIntyre’s next challenger for the WWE Championship. He then announced the first match would be Riddle versus Sheamus and it would be next!

A couple weeks ago Sheamus and Riddle had an incredible match on RAW and they had another great match with more than just a Survivor Series Spot at stake. Sheamus controlled most of the match but no matter what he did he could not keep Riddle down. Riddle eventually won with a quick rollup becoming the first person to secure a spot in the number one contender triple threat next week.

Lana then was shown walking backstage and Asuka went up to her. Asuka congratulated Lana on her Survivor Series win and asked if she was going to challenge her, Lana then said she said in an interview that she was not thinking of challenging Asuka and even called Asuka the best in the world. Asuka instead challenged Lana saying Lana earned and they would have a title match but not in as many words as I used.

Another edition of Firefly Funhouse then began, and the topic was what Bliss and Wyatt called a very revolting thing, and it was friendship. A new puppet also debuted named the friendship frog. Wyatt then told Bliss to show friendship frog what she would to do Nikki Cross later in the night and he then helped Bliss get The Fiend eyes again and she used a weapon to bash the frog to death. They then held a brief memorial for friendship frog then made jokes at his expense and they both closed the segment by saying they would see Nikki later. Kind of messed up the frog got a memorial on his first appearance, but Ramblin’ Rabbit never got one for any of the hundreds of times he died. Unless I forgot a time and if I did remind me!

The RAW Women’s Title match then began but not before the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler entered and joined the commentary team. Asuka then ended up out of the match and Jax and Baszler started taunting her leading to her pouring some white powder substance on them. Asuka’s actions led to her being hit and the match ending in disqualification. Asuka was then about to be put through a table until Lana saved Asuka and the pair were about to leave until Jax, and Baszler challenged them to a tag match.

R-Truth then had a holiday merchandise spot that got interrupted by a referee and Gulak who tried to win the 24/7 Championship, but the lights went out. Truth got up and said he is here and ran. A hooded figure with a Fiend mask then appeared and scared Gulak off but it was of course not The Fiend but Akira Tozawa adding his presence in the merchandise push segment.

The Women’s tag team match then began with Lana and Baszler in the ring but it did not take long for the enraged Jax to tag herself in so she could unleash her anger on Lana yet again. Lana and Asuka won and what led to it was when Jax flew over the table after Lana avoided her. Lana was then being choked by Baszler by the ropes that led to Asuka rolling up Baszler for the win.

Riddle then went up to MVP asking where Lashley was because he wanted to talk. MVP told him he was preparing for his match against Keith Lee and Riddle then just pitched his business ideas to MVP since The Hurt Business is an actual company. He had brilliant ideas like Brogurt and pizza flavored yogurt. He was cut off though and MVP offered him a chance in the coming weeks to pitch his best ideas and if they were good he’d do business with Riddle and if bad Riddle would get “the business” from the Hurt Business.

Qualifying match number two for the number one contender triple threat between Keith Lee and Bobby Lashley then happened next between of RAW’s finest athletes. Lee always adds his freaky agility in matches, but it was weird to see him be the guy outpowered and be the quicker underdog in the match up but that’s how the match flow worked in this match for the most part. Also, early on Lashley got an actual gash in the head but the underappreciated worker powered through to deliver a great match. The match ended in disappointing fashion though when MVP barged in the ring and started punching Lee, costing Lashley the match and giving Lee the win and the next spot in the triple threat match.

Nikki Cross before heading out to the ring for her match against her former best friend and tag team partner Alexa Bliss was then interviewed. She was asked about how last week she said she would not give up on saving Bliss, but she is fighting her then she said she did not give up, but that Bliss did. She went on and ended with saying she would beat The Fiend out of Bliss then she entered the ring. Bliss was incredible in this match in terms of her character work. She was in character the entire time, constantly being her new sinister playful schoolgirl character and won the match when she broke that character and started crying forcing Cross to drop her guard. Bliss then took advantage and even pinned Cross while doing so in a matter in which only her character or The Fiend would pin someone. She should get an Emmy; I do not think it is possible for wrestlers to get Emmys despite being television show characters but with what she has been doing lately she deserves one.

An Undertaker tribute video package then happened before the main event of the evening. The main event was the final qualifying match for next weeks triple threat, and it was between The Legend Killer Randy Orton and The Phenomenal One AJ Styles. The lights went red and it seemed like The Fiend would interfere but then it faded and Orton continued for a bit and it appeared like he would win until The Fiend actually came out and even though he did not touch Orton he did cost Orton the match by getting in his head allowing Styles to get the win. The show then ended with Orton in the ring and the sound of Wyatt’s laughter playing us out…

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