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Moment of Bliss opened up the show with the new Alexa Bliss whose setup for her “show” was not just in the ring instead of ringside but there were kid chairs and she sat in them cross legged, all embracing her playful, kidlike but sinister character. She introduced her guest Randy Orton and even called him her favorite wrestler which is strange since the man who keeps tormenting Orton is her partner or master The Fiend. Orton did not sit on the chair and was cautious but if he really wanted to make sure there was no chance of an ambush then he should not have accepted the invite from Bliss. Orton talked about finding The Fiends weakness and proclaimed he did, implying Bliss was The Fiend’s weakness. Bliss then stood in front of Orton and threatened him right back. The lights were of course starting to turn off at the end of their exchange until they went out completely. We all know how The Fiend enters so I do not have to overexplain but Fiend entered and Bliss was in the arms of Orton then Fiend went up to him and reached out his arms and Orton placed her in them and left. For some reason he acted like he won the exchange, but he backed down instantly. Also, the commentators said The Fiend begged for Bliss to be returned and unharmed, but I personally did not get that feel from it.

A symphony of destruction match then occurred between Elias and Jeff Hardy where musical instruments surrounded the ring and were all allowed to be used in the battle. Elias entered the ring with his new theme song which is just his own song Amen (I’m Going In) from his recent album Universal Truth. Interesting that the word Truth was used because R-Truth was found hiding in the piano during the match and pursuers for the 24/7 Championship of Truth came out but they were dispatched by guitars wielded by Elias and Hardy who were not happy about the interruption of their rivalry clash. Elias creatively used guitar picks in between his knuckles like brass knuckles during the match which I do not know how much that would really hurt but an interesting use. Also, I was hoping from the drum set to be used and it was, and Elias even “played” it a little bit between beating Hardy up with it. Hope was not gong for Hardy when the use of the gong changed momentum back to his favor, sorry for the pun but I had to. Hardy won with a really daring move in Hardy-like fashion when he used the Swanton Bomb jumping from the top turnbuckle to the outside onto Elias who was on a table and Hardy even hit his neck a bit on the steel steps! Hardy secured the win with that move once again beating Elias.

Riddle then went up to Keith Lee and talked up a storm about their chances in their upcoming triple threat for a chance for the WWE Championship. Lee snuck away while Riddle was talking up a storm how rude! Ali and Slapjack then did a promo together ahead of a Slapjack versus Ricochet match. Their promo then was followed by a quick word from Ricochet who talked about how he no longer wanted to save Ali but be better than him.

Retribution of course did not leave things in the hands of Slapjack as T-Bar, Mace and Ali all constantly tried to help Slapjack win. During the match Dana Brooke came out and slapped Ali and told him to get Reckoning who attacked Brooke the RAW before Survivor Series. Slapjack won the match on a quick roll-up making it seem like the only way Ricochet is going to triumph against Retribution is with help.

A tag match between Miz and Morrison and Sheamus and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was then announced for later in the night right before Morrison and Miz hosted Miz TV where Sheamus was their guest, so it was pretty obvious that this segment would end with an impromptu between all of them and McIntyre. Miz and Morrison tried to start with small talk but Sheamus was not feeling it and asked for them to cut to the chase which was Miz and Morrison wanted information Sheamus’ friend McIntyre. They then tried to drive a wedge between the two of them. Sheamus of course attacked the pair but it seemed like he had things handled on his own until Miz used his MITB briefcase as a weapon. What was surprising though was McIntyre did not appear to help his friend so I along with most people probably had their feelings of a Sheamus turn on McIntyre intensified or cemented with this segment.

Asuka and Lana for the second week in a row battle the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Jax and Baszler controlled in the beginning and used their power each take one opponent and repeatedly swing them in the barricade outside the ring in perfect unison, so it seemed they were back in sync when it came to match chemistry. Baszler almost submitted Lana but Asuka came in for the save and Lana ended leaning on top of Baszler leading to a winning pin once again for team Asuka and Lana.

Sheamus was then shown resting backstage and McIntyre went up to him and actually joked about the beating Sheamus took and Sheamus instantly forgave McIntyre for not helping and they both agreed they are two men who prefer not to be saved by others. These two are a couple of the most macho men in the WWE currently, do not worry Macho Man Randy Savage I did not forget about you.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston then entered the ring and Kingston congratulated Woods on his recent G4 host job he got. Woods then talked about it a bit. Then The New Day pair of Woods and Kingston reminisced on their recent history with Alexander and Benjamin of the Hurt Business last two weeks on RAW for the RAW Tag Team Championships. The Hurt Business then entered the ring without Lashley and while they entered Woods yelled “where are the other tag teams” which made me chuckle. MVP then proclaimed the series is 2-2 so they deserve one last match. Woods and Alexander then had a singles match where before it began Alexander rushed Woods downing him before the bell rang. Alexander absolutely dominated Woods and got the win giving The Hurt Business the momentum once again. Alexander was hyped and exited screaming and celebrating on the ramp and this confused his tag partner Benjamin and his other faction co-member MVP who both looked confused in the ring.

Riddle then went up to Styles and Omos and talked more about Styles being skipper and once again Omos got a joke Riddle made because I guess he and Riddle are secret best friends. Styles and his bodyguard, Omos, then left. Also, shoutout to Riddle’s rabbit Skipper and his turtle Hoppy who both came up in this exchange because it was revealed Styles nickname was not skipper because it meant captain but because Styles reminds Riddle of his rabbit. Attention then returned to the ring when Keith Lee entered the ring ahead of the triple threat he was about to have with Riddle and Styles.

Keith Lee with his power controlled the beginning of the match but only a little bit against competitors as talented as Riddle and Styles. The match felt like a showcase for Lee and Riddle with Styles occasionally getting involved but that never made me think Styles was going lose. I honestly was not sure who was going to win. Things then got more even with all three men constantly taking the momentum for at least a little bit until Styles used the Phenomenal Forearm to takedown Riddle and pin him earning him a future WWE Championship match at TLC. It was a great match that should have went longer, hopefully we get another one between these three at some point.

Charly Caruso then interviewed Miz and Morrison about their attack of Sheamus earlier in the night. She then asked if they had a new strategy ahead of their tag team match since trying to drive a wedge between Sheamus and McIntyre did not work. They then did not present a real plan and Caruso called them out then the pair ran away.

Reckoning’s RAW debut match against Dana Brooke was next up. Reckoning who on NXT was Mia Yim came out of the gate dominating Brooke, but Brooke hung in there fired up to get payback. Payback she got when in this quick match Brooke got the win with a quick roll-up the deadliest move in all of wrestling. Ali then scolded Reckoning after she lost and Ali said there is no failure in Retribution, well I guess he forgot that they have lost more matches than they have won.

Miz and Morrison then brought a pie to Styles in exchange for help. Styles accepted then Miz wondered why and Styles said it was because Miz would be easier to beat than McIntyre. Morrison then agree while laughing then apologized to an offended Miz. Miz and Morrison then left without the pie and Omos said that is not a pie but a cupcake which confused Styles so much that he just did not respond.

MVP then confronted Riddle about Riddle’s loss and tried to rub it in, and Riddle then turned it around saying at least he was in the match unlike Bobby Lashley who did not even qualify for the match. Riddle then pitched some ideas to MVP like they agreed last week, and MVP did not like them then Riddle was about to attack MVP when Lashley came from behind and dispatched The Bro.

Lee then confronted Sheamus about if Sheamus is considering turning on McIntyre and Sheamus told him to stay out of his business. McIntyre then was shown entering the ring ahead of his tag team match that seemed like it was about to be quite hectic. Caruso interviewed the champion before the match thought. McIntyre talked about his defeat at Survivor Series and promised Reigns he would get his revenge. Then McIntyre talked about his TLC opponent Styles and talked about Miz. The interview then ended and Sheamus entered the ring to join his friend McIntyre in a tag match against Miz and Morrison.

Styles joined the commentary team ahead of the match and McIntyre took the opportunity while he waited for his opponents to enter to talk some smack to Styles. After Sheamus used a Celtic Cross on Miz onto Morrison he then talked smack to Styles, and he exited the ring to talk smack. Miz tried to attack from behind but Sheamus knew it was coming and repelled Miz. Omos then got in the face of Sheamus and as the count got higher Sheamus went to go back to the ring but got kicked in the face by Morrison and flew into the announce table before a commercial. Sheamus got back in time because after the break he was back in getting beaten down. McIntyre got his team back in it with his strength when he bullied both for a bit and even combined a belly to belly suplex with a huge throw on Morrison. He then beat down Miz. He was then about to tag in Sheamus when Morrison pulled Sheamus off the apron which led to Styles attacking McIntyre ending the match in disqualification. Miz then tried to cash-in with the help of Styles and Morrison but it did not get to that point because McIntyre would not stay down. Omos then rescued Styles and carried him away to safety as Styles just talked smack to McIntyre which was a funny sight. 

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