Quick Match Results for Those in a Hurry;

  • Riddle beats Elias and Jeff Hardy to become member five of team RAW
  • Shayna Baszler beat Lana
  • Keith Lee and Riddle beat Sheamus and Braun Strowman
  • Bobby Lashley beat Titus O'Neil successfully defending the United States Title
  • Nia Jax and Asuka match ends in disqualification
  • Akira Tozawa wins 7-way match for 24/7 Title but after match rules for title continued and several title changes occurred
  • Ali beats Ricochet
  • Drew McIntyre and The New Day beat Randy Orton, Miz and Morrison

Miz TV kicked off Monday Night RAW and there can be no Miz TV without the Miz and John Morrison. As Miz tried to reveal his guests for Miz TV, Randy Orton’s music started playing and the Viper came out. Orton confronted Miz about how the Miz said his reality show was bigger than any match including the match where Miz, Orton and Morrison would face The New Day and Drew McIntyre. Orton saw the match as a trap for Miz to cash-in on Orton. Miz then revealed his guests were meant to be the New Day. The New Day came out not too long after they were mentioned and Miz and Morrison stated that they wanted the RAW Tag Team Titles of The New Day. The New Day did not get to talk long when Orton attacked and brawling started and then McIntyre tried to come to the aid of The New Day but he did not do much before he was dispatched. Orton, Miz and Morrison stood tall at the end of the exchange, but Orton still showed his disdain and mistrust towards the pair.

Elias on a stool with an electric guitar tells the fans that maybe the guitar will not actually break. Elias then said he would sing a song but kept pausing, expecting an interruption. When he finally thought maybe he would not be interrupted his arch enemy Jeff Hardy came out ahead of the triple threat that would include Hardy, Elias, and Riddle where the winner would take the final spot on the team RAW men’s Survivor Series team. All three men already lost a qualifier match so this triple threat was a second chance triple threat match where each man would give their all to get on the Survivor Series team. A fast and furious match ensued with momentum constantly changing and the man who won was Riddle who pinned Elias securing his spot on the RAW Survivor Series team.

Adam Pearce and AJ Styles were then shown talking and shaking hands, Charly Caruso then asked what it was about, and he changed the subject to Riddle and surprisingly said he was happy Riddle was on the team. Sheamus then interrupted saying he was unhappy with Riddle being Styles choice even though Riddle won a match and was not chosen but whatever. Sheamus also said Styles was not his captain when Caruso asked how Sheamus thought Styles was doing as the team RAW captain. Strowman also came up and said Styles was not the captain. All is not simpatico with team RAW but good for them neither are things with team SmackDown right now.

Retribution then talked about their grievances and Ali called out Ricochet and Reckoning, formerly Mia Yim called out Asuka. It was more of the same from Retribution and it seemed to just achieve call outs and the announcement of Ali versus Ricochet later in the night. Drew Gulak the 24/7 Champion then dressed up tried to join The Hurt Business but was refused and then was caught wearing a clip-on tie by Lashley. MVP was offended that he tried to do business with them the most stylish men in WWE with such a fashion no no and was then attacked. The Hurt Business then left, and R-Truth came in and called an official over so he could pin Gulak and recapture the 24/7 Championship.

Lana then took on Shayna Baszler in singles action and was easily dispatched. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooker were on commentary on this match and talked about their concern over the lack of unity of the Women’s team RAW that included the pair of them Shayna Baszler, Lana, and Nia Jax. After the match Jax cleared the announce table in preparation of another slam of Lana into the table but just as she was about to put Lana through the table Brook and Rose kicked Jax causing her to release Lana. The two teams then stood toe to toe arguing but it did not lead to a physical confrontation. After Lana went up to Rose and Brooke to say thank you and Rose then asked her to stay out of their way since Lana accidently cost them the Women’s Tag Titles last week.

The “team captain” of RAW then came out ahead of a team meeting he called, and of course he came out with his bodyguard Jordan Omogbehin who is always with him and was with him earlier during the interview as well. Styles tried to keep the peace, but everyone continued to argue and insult each other until Riddle disarmed the situation with making up code names for everyone. Sheamus did not like his nickname fire face and tried to insult Riddle by calling him dopey but Riddle accepted the name and laughed it off. Styles almost was able to bring them together until he called himself the captain and the arguing started again. Styles then proposed a match that would help them gain respect for each other where Keith Lee and Riddle would face Sheamus and Strowman in a tag team match where Styles would guest referee.

A high-profile tag match then begun to try to have team RAW settle their issues. It was a fun little battle with a great spot where Lee tossed Strowman and Sheamus to the ground then used a Spirit Bomb on his own teammate Riddle onto the downed opponents. Lee almost got the win after that but Strowman kicked out. Lee and Riddle still won the match though when Riddle pinned Sheamus. The team issues were still not revolved though.

Nikki Cross then confronted Alexa Bliss who did not even remember their encounter last week and while Cross tried to take things seriously Bliss kept making jokes and smiling things off. It was a funny role reversal of their partnership. Cross then asked Bliss to choose her or The Fiend and Bliss then chose The Fiend and left.

Lashley and MVP then started addressing the WWE Universe and then Titus O’Neil came out to address how he was attacked by them a few weeks ago after he tried to do business with them and join them. MVP offered O’Neil a chance to walk away out of respect, but he did not take it and instead challenged Lashley for the United States Title. Lashley accepted wanting to punish O’Neil and even said he did not respect O’Neil. Right before the bell rang MVP said the match would happen above the ring not underneath obviously referencing when O’Neil slid underneath the ring during the Greatest Royal Rumble. O’Neil landed a few strikes, but the match barely lasted a minute and Lashley won.

McIntyre and Sheamus then were shown talking and Sheamus talked about his frustrations over his team and insulted McIntyre’s tag team partners later in the night The New Day. There was slight hostility but again it was mainly a friendly encounter between the two. I think once Survivor Series is done and McIntyre’s hunt to recapture the WWE Championship these two will either partner and win Tag gold or they will feud, I hope it is the ladder. Also, it is important to note that in the background of this backstage encounter Bray Wyatt’s puppet Mercy the Buzzard was shown looking around and eavesdropping.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler then before they went out to the ring before Jax’s match with Asuka Jax was interviewed by Schreiber and was asked why she requested to face Asuka. She replied with saying to make clear who runs things in the women’s locker room and Baszler even interrupted saying she did but Jax then said “see even my own partner does not understand that I am in charge.” The always confident Jax then threw shots at team SmackDown saying she would eliminate them all singlehandedly. Nia Jax dominated most of the match but throughout it Rose, Brooke and Lana watched and at one point got involved and even caused the match to end in disqualification. The five members continued to brawl until the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Baszler and Jax, took control and once again Jax put Lana through a table.

Angel Garza was again had a video package where he just hit on all the ladies of the world offering all of them a rose. R-Truth then thought he was going to the ring for a phot shoot but instead found out it was a 7-way match for the 24/7 Title. All 6 challengers went after Truth and shortly after Akira Tozawa pinned Truth and became champion until Erik pinned him and became champion shortly until Gulak pinned him and became champion. Tucker then pinned him and became champ, then Gulak recaptured it and became champ until Tucker got it again. Kalisto and Lince Dorado also became champions but the person who ended the segment champion and escaped the ring was R-Truth.

Retribution then went to the ring so their leader Ali could face Ricochet. Before the bell rang Ali asked Ricochet to join him but Ricochet just went right after him and the battle between these two highflyers began. Ricochet was the underdog in this match since he was all alone, and Ali had his faction members with him. Ricochet almost got the win but when he jumped off the top turnbuckle to take out Retribution on the outside so they would not interfere anymore it bought time for Ali who was able to evade Ricochets 630 and submit Ricochet and get the win.

Pearce then told Orton next week would face McIntyre to defend his WWE Championship and this angered Orton who then pinned Pearce against a wall, but he did nothing more and just went out ahead of his tag match. The team of McIntyre and The New Day dominated in the beginning and Orton for the most part stayed out and even jumped down off the apron. Orton was more concerned about not taking damage ahead of his title match next week and not getting worn out in this match in case his teammate Miz decided to cash-in the Money in the Bank contract. Miz and Morrison were able to take control for a bit but with Orton not helping it was tough for them to maintain control. McIntyre tried to provoke Orton into entering and it almost worked but instead Orton just left and Orton leaving distracted McIntyre almost resulting in Morrison getting the pin, but Woods of The New Day stopped it. McIntyre shortly after started the Claymore countdown landed it on Morrison and got the pin and the win and while pinning and afterwards stared at Orton who was at the top of the ramp since he did not completely leave. Next Week Orton and McIntyre yet again face-off in a title feud.

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