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Last Friday on SmackDown the show started off with a moment of silence and a 10-bell salute to Pat Patterson, this week Monday Night RAW did the same the only difference being there were no legends joining the active RAW roster in the moment of silent by ringside.

The commentary team started off the official part of the show by announcing a handicap match where Sheamus and Drew McIntyre would face AJ Styles, John Morrison and The Miz. A recap of the events between Alexa Bliss, The Fiend, and Randy Orton from last week were then recapped and it makes me think that when Bliss said who is manipulating who she was not referring to Orton playing into the hands of The Fiend but maybe it is not The Fiend calling the shots but Bliss. I will be interested to see how it pans out, but I think Bliss might be the new ruler of The Firefly Funhouse.

Orton then did a promo before he was interested by Bray Wyatt on the Titantron in another edition of The Firefly Funhouse. Orton said he did not want to play games which caused Wyatt to start playing a game show in the Firefly Funhouse with Wyatt as a host and Mercy the Buzzard, Huskus the Pig Boy, and Ramblin’ Rabbitt. There was only one question and it was about the TLC match between The Fiend and Orton. All the puppets got it wrong then Wyatt revealed the answer. Orton then challenged not The Fiend but Wyatt to a match later in the night.

At TLC, the WWE Women’s Championships will be on the line when the champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler take on Lana and the RAW Women’s Champion Asuka but before that Baszler and Asuka faced off in singles action. Baszler has been pinned in the last two tag team matches between these teams, so she entered the match motivated. Before the match Jax hyped up Baszler and the pair talked about what they will do to Lana in their tag match in two weeks.

Both these technical warriors mainly stuck down to the mat in this affair and it ended in the same way the tag matches from the last couple weeks ended, with Baszler being pinned. Poor Baszler going from the longest reigning NXT Women’s champion to a tag team wrestler who was just pinned 3 weeks in a row.

Dana Brooke and Ricochet were then interviewed about their beef with Retribution and Brooke took control showed off her black eye and promised to repay the favor to Reckoning in the upcoming mixed tag team match. She then left and Ricochet had nothing to add. The match then began between Slapjack and Reckoning versing Ricochet and Brooke. Mustafa Ali the leader of Retribution stood ringside watching. As soon as the women got in the match Brooke did not take long to pin Reckoning. The winners then left boasting and watching Ali scold his underlings. Reckoning is not off to a good start.

Keith Lee then approached Sheamus like last week and said he knew Sheamus is no good guy and was just waiting for Sheamus to stab McIntyre in the back. Sheamus said extraordinarily little and left. Both men have history with McIntyre and are booked as his friends and friendly rivals but that will probably change very soon because it is obvious that Sheamus will betray McIntyre unless WWE surprises us and makes Lee turn instead.

Styles was then on Miz TV and Styles hyped up his match against McIntyre and Miz and Morrison talked about how their team would beat Sheamus and McIntyre later in the night and Miz and Morrison then started impersonating McIntyre and Sheamus. Sheamus then interrupted saying the pair nailed the accents before he stated how he is sick of people saying he will betray McIntyre. The trio then said Sheamus should not be talking tough because he is all alone then the champion came out to backup his friend. McIntyre then dished out some trash talk and Styles who was outside the ring said it was 4 on 2 since he counted Omos and Miz agreed but it was 2 on 2 in the ring and Styles and Omos did not help when the four men brawled and Miz and Morrison got their butts whooped.

Continuing with the New Day and Hurt Business rivalry Shelton Benjamin and Kofi Kingston faced off in singles action with MVP and Cedric Alexander ringside in support of Benjamin and Xavier Woods ringside in support of his co-tag team champion Kingston. The two veterans had a solid match. Kingston won though with a Trouble in Paradise. The New Day then started to leave, and Alexander grabbed the microphone and demanded Kingston to return and face him in a match. Woods tried to stop Kingston, but the former WWE Champion and current RAW Tag Team champion would not refuse a challenge because of his pride.

Alexander controlled the beginning of the match taking advantage of an already tired Kingston. Kingston was then lifted back to his feet and put back in the fight by the piped in fan chants of New Day Rocks! I guess it does not matter if the support of the fans is by real or fake fans. Alexander had a great spinning brain buster which I thought was the end, but Kingston kicked out. Alexander did eventually get the win though and yet again celebrated in over-the-top fashion.

The Champion McIntyre then entered the ring with sword in tow and after he entered the rest of the competitors of the handicap match entered. Styles refrained from tagging into the match for a while and it really hurt his team as Sheamus and McIntyre just bullied Miz and Morrison for the most part. Styles eventually tagged in when Sheamus was tired and quickly started beating him down. Sheamus almost repelled him to get the tag but Styles reversed and used the Calf Crusher which was broken up by McIntyre. McIntyre eventually got in the ring and used his power to bully all three, he even suplexed both Miz and Morrison at the same time! Sheamus then got back in the match and decided it was his turn to dominate and he ran the table until he accidently used the Brogue Kick on McIntyre when Morrison evaded it. Styles then took advantage used his Phenomenal Forearm and pinned Sheamus getting the win. Styles then celebrated and McIntyre damaged outside the ring just stared at Sheamus with a look of pure betrayal despite it not being a deliberate attack from Sheamus.

It was then announced Lana and Jax would face off next week. Lana was then shown talking to Asuka and being fearful of her match saying she has no chance against Jax then Asuka persuaded her to believe in herself. As Lana continued saying she could beat Jax Jax then stood behind her and the two stared at each other in silence.

Braxton then tried to interview Sheamus and he was just waiting for McIntyre to attack him and while waiting he said the kick was not intentional. McIntyre understood but still said he had to retaliate. When we returned from commercial the two were brawling by catering until Pat Buck broke them up. They then attacked him together and slammed him through a table. They then smiled at each other and walked off. I guess whenever “best friends” in RAW fight they just need to find an official and beat them up together.

Before a Jeff Hardy and Lashley match Riddle went up to Hardy and tried talking to him while also holding his bronuts and he brought up the two forming a tag team Hardy seemed to be down to pair with Riddle but was in a rush and left to go face Lashley. Not sure where they are going with this to be honest. Lashley and Hardy ensued and both men showed off their athleticism in the beginning by Lashley leap frogging Hardy and Hardy reversing a gut wrench suplex by landing on his feet. Riddle eventually went out by ringside and kept taunting Lashley. Lashley using the sleeper hold on Hardy was about to get the win but the former high school wrestling champion and UFC fighter, Riddle coached Hardy and Hardy escaped. A devastating Spear by Lashley though let to him using the Hurt Lock again and finally getting the tap out. He did not let go though and Riddle went to aid Hardy, but MVP then grabbed his leg. Riddle got loose though and Lashley then threw Hardy into Riddle.

Orton then was shown in his locker room and he heard a knock at the door and opened it and no one was there then the door opened and it was Ramblin’ Rabbit who said Wyatt could not wait for their match. That then led to another commercial break before the main event between Wyatt and Orton would begin.

Wyatt while being beaten by Orton kept laughing and laughing relishing in his own pain. Orton was confused by this showing such emotions on his face but kept grinding away at Wyatt. While Orton was banging on the mats gearing up for a RKO the lights starting to turn off meaning The Fiend would appear which is strange since Wyatt was already in the ring. The RKO was delivered, and Orton went for the pin but when the count was about to start the lights went completely out. When they returned Orton looked down at Wyatt while he was still pinning him and saw it was now The Fiend. The Fiend then got up and delivered the Mandible Claw incapacitating Orton on the cold ring mat. 

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