WWE Money In The Bank: Making A Case For Every Competitor (Women's Edition)

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The Money In The Bank PPV is this Sunday and for the first time ever both Men's and Women's Money In The Bank matches will happen at the same time. Not to mention they will also be going through Titan Towers, to the roof of the building, climbing a ladder to grab the briefcase. This is the first Women's Money In The Bank match to not feature any of the four horsewomen however three of the ladies have women the title on Raw or Smackdown, Shayna is a former NXT women's champion however Dana Brooke and Lacey Evans have yet to have championship success. In this article I'll be making a case for each competitor on why they should win the match.

Lacey Evans

Evans burst onto the scene last year after WrestleMania as the first feud for new champion Becky Lynch on Monday Night Raw. While she has been applauded for her look, character and increased in ring ability she has yet to obtain a championship. The biggest reason for Evans to win would be to continue the feud with Bayley and Sasha Banks. For almost all over 2020 Evans has been feuding with the champion and the Boss. Evans winning the briefcase, announcing a cashin for Summerslam and finally winning could be an interesting way to help build this baby-face character, while paying off a long term feud.


I'm not sure anyone else in this match has more history with the three current champions. She won the first ever Money In The Bank match, cheating Beck Lynch out of the victory with James Ellsworth then feuding with her for months after. After winning that match she would eventually cash in her briefcase on Charlotte. Finally her relationship with Bayley is noted and even have a name of BayMella. Carmella winning could help rejuvenate her once bright career and with three champions she has history with you could tell a story no matter what title she eyes.

Nia Jax

The names of ladies that have more of a blood feud (literally) with Becky Lynch are quite though that haven't been paid off. The names are Ronda Rousey (not with the company) and Nia Jax. As everyone remembers Jax would break Becky's nose just before Survivor Series years ago however would help create the legend of The Man. Nia ending the current reign of Lynch with a cash-in could help kickoff a long term story that is rooted with a solid story could make for great television. Also the dominate look and style Nia brings to a Becky feud could change up the dynamic and have us cheering for our baby-face in peril again.

Shayna Baszler

Shayna has had a dominant Royal Rumble performance that left her just short of  a victory. She dominated the Elimination Chamber in a way that we have never seen before only to fall short at WrestleMania. Shayna who had one of the most dominant title runs of all time in NXT has brought her dominance to Raw however has fallen short in her two biggest opportunities. The briefcase could finally be her way to short cut her way through her shortcomings and obtain a championship. Her cold, calculated and dominating demeanor could bring a different kind of dynamic to a briefcase holder.

Dana Brooke

The ultimate underdog in this match is the one that surprised us most when she qualified. Brooke whose biggest time on the roster up to this point was being the lackey of Charlotte Flair is finally getting a time to shine. A win for Dana is a win for the sixteen seed in March Madness or an unranked college football team taking down number one. As mentioned before she was once a lackey for Charlotte, a story is there for this underdog, to win Money In The Bank, then show up on NXT to cash-in on possibly the most successful champion of all time, someone she used to lookout for and also make for a memorable, potentially ratings increasing moment.


Asuka has done almost all there is to do in the WWE, she has the longest possible championship reign for the ladies of NXT, she has won the Smackdown women's title, Women's Tag Titles and is also the first ever Women's Royal Rumble. Much like Carmella she has a history with all three current champions, she ended Bayley's run as NXT champion, she has a great history with Becky and let's not forget Charlotte ending her undefeated streak and also taking her title just befor WrestleMania. She has also been a fantastic character on television as of late and while you can make a case for her taking the title off Becky completing the grand slam. The best story could be similar to Dana Brooke, with her showing up at NXT, her never losing that title and taking the title from Charlotte much like Charlotte has done from her in the past. 

Who would you like to see win this match? What is the best story possible of thos above? Let us know below in the comment section or you can tell me your thoughts on Twitter @view_raw. 

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