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WWE Money In The Bank Results (7/14/12) - Dolph Ziggler & John Cena Win MITB Contracts; Sheamus & CM Punk Retain Titles

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WWE Money in the Bank Results
Sunday, July 15, 2012
US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona
Report by Sean Hopkins of

We open the show with a video that hypes the Money in the Bank matches, and the fact that everyone who has cashed in their briefcase has gone on to win the title.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. There are ladders galore around the entrance ramp and ringside. Some of the ladders stand about 3/4 of the way up the Titan Tron. It's a pretty amazing sight. It looks like we're going to open with the Smackdown MITB match.

Money in the Bank ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship match contract
- Damien Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Christian vs. Santino Marella vs. Tensai vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sin Cara

The entrances:

Vickie Guerrero interrupts Lillian Garcia and introduces her charge, Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler makes his way down to the ring to a bit of a mixed reaction, but it looks like he might have at least a little bit of crowd support.

Santino Marella is out next, and he gets a nice pop from the crowd.

Cody Rhodes is out to the ring third, and he gets a decent amount of heat. There look to be at least a dozen ladders or so around the entrance way and the ring.

Damien Sandow is out next, and he doesn't really get much of a reaction at all.

Tyson Kidd is out fifth, and he gets a little bit of a pop, but he's definitely not the most popular man in the match.

Sin Cara is out next, and he gets a little pop before running down to the ring, weaving around ladders.

Tensai comes out next and he's got his corner man Sakamoto in tow.

Christian is the final entrant to come to the ring, and he gets a nice welcome from the fans.

The start:

Everyone looks at the briefcase, but chaos ensues when the bell rings. Almost everyone gets tossed from the ring early. Tensai head butts Tyson Kidd into oblivion before stopping Christian cold and tossing Santino over the top rope. Tensai heads to the outside and grabs a ladder, bringing in two before coming back into the ring.

Mid-match notes:

Tensai blasts Kidd with a huge kick before placing the ladder in the corner between the second and top rope. Tensai slingshots Kidd into the ladder and Kidd looks to be out. Tensai sets up a ladder, stopping to splash Christian in the corner. He sets a ladder on Christian, but he's hit with a ladder from behind by Kidd. Christian hits Tensai, and then the two team up hitting Tensai before slamming another ladder into his face. Christian slams Kidd's head into the ladder and tosses him from the ring. Christian begins climbing and so does Santino. Kidd gets up there too and everyone fights, until Sandow pushes the ladder over.

Sandow stomps on some of his opponents before climbing, but he's stopped by Ziggler and thrown out of the ring. Ziggler and Rhodes square off and Rhodes slams Ziggler's face into the ladder. Ziggler returns the favor, but Rhodes hangs Ziggler up on the ropes and kicks him hard before launching Cara up for a dropkick to Dolph. Cara takes Rhodes out of the ring before stopping Ziggler climbing the ropes. He goes up and botches a high risk move badly, falling to the mat. He kicks Ziggler from the ring.

Kidd comes in from behind and kicks at Cara before trying to powerbomb him on a ladder. Cara reverses it into a roll up before slamming Kidd on the ladder. Cara heads to the top, but he's pushed to the floor by Christian. Christian goes for a frog splash but Kidd moves and Christian crashes into the ladder. Rhodes tries for a disaster kick on Kidd, but Kidd ducks and Rhodes hits Sandow. Kidd hits Rhodes with a springboard dropkick that sends him from the ring.

Kidd sets up a ladder and starts climbing but Tensai stops him. Santino goes up, but Tensai pulls him off and kind of hits a powerbomb before throwing him from the ring on top of all of his opponents. Kidd begins climbing and he's pulled off the ladder by Tensai. Tensai goes for another powerbomb, but Kidd reverses into a hurricanrana and both tumble over the top rope. Sandow starts to climb but Cara stops him. Sandow stomps away at Cara before starting to climb again. Sandow has his fingers on the briefcase. Christian climbs over Sandow and almost has it, but both go down to the mat. Christian tries for the killswitch, but Sandow fights it off and slams Christian down to the mat. He blasts Christian with a couple of punches before grabbing the ladder and propping it in the corner.

Sandow tries for a running powerslam on the ladder, but Christian reverses into a DDT. Christian tries for a spear, but Sandow counters with a kick. Sandow tries for a clothesline, but Christian ducks and spears Sandow into the ladder in the corner. Christian grabs the ladder and begins setting it up. He starts the climb to the top. Ziggler and Rhodes stop him by pulling him back from, then slamming him into the ladder. Rhodes and Ziggler race to the top and fight with each other until Tensai pulls them Ziggler off and ties Cody's leg up in one of the rungs of the ladder before tossing him out of the ring. Tensai climbs the ladder, but Kidd is up on the other side. Tensai hits Kidd with a big right that sends him to the mat.

Santino grabs Tensai's foot, but he's kicked away. Tensai slams Cara's head into the ladder, but he's stopped by Christian slamming a ladder into his back. Christian and Santino team up with a ladder to take Tensai out. Santino tosses Christian out before fighting with Dolph, hitting a hip toss and a flying head butt. Santino pulls out the cobra and strikes Ziggler.

Santino starts to climb, but hesitates as he's apparently afraid of heights. Santino gets his fingers on the briefcase, but Sandow races up. Santino hits the cobra. Rhodes hits a dropkick out of nowhere to knock Santino off of the ladder. Rhodes hits Santino with a short arm clothesline before picking up a ladder and throwing it at Santino in the corner. Cody props up a ladder against the ropes before setting up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Rhodes climbs the ladder, but so does Vickie. Rhodes tells Vickie to get down, but the distraction allows Ziggler to pull Rhodes from the ladder.

Ziggler begins the climb up the ladder and the crowd is becoming unglues. Ziggler has his hands on it. Christian runs up the ladder and stops him with a series of rights. Kidd jumps on the ropes and uses the ladder to steady himself. He uses it to jump into the standing ladder and give Dolph a crazy flipping powerbomb. Sandow sets up another ladder and climbs. He and Christian fight with each other. Christian uses a ladder to smash into Sandow's face before clotheslining him over the top rope.

Tensai sets up a ladder between the announce table and ring apron. Tensai catches Cara mid dive and throws him into the ring post before power bombing him on the ladder. Tensai throws Dolph over the announce table before Rhodes hits the disaster kick to stop him. In the ring, Rhodes and Kidd climb up the ladder. They fights at the top of the ladder. Christian and Santino come in. Rhodes hits a front suplex to send Kidd to the mat. Christian somehow hits a spear to send Rhodes from the ladder to the mat.

The finish:

Ziggler is climbing toward the ring. Santino and Christian climb the ladder. Santino makes it first, but Christian slams his head into the ladder to send Santino down. Christian puts his hands on the briefcase, but Ziggler comes in and shoves Christian off and into another ladder. Ziggler climbs and puts his hands on the briefcase, pulling it down and winning the match.

Winner and Mr. Money in the Bank: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler sits on top of the ladder and holds his new trophy high while Vickie cheers on and laughs in the ring. What a great way to kick off the PPV. Dolph hugs Vickie while Cole calls a championship run a 'sure thing' for him.

Josh Mathews is backstage with Sheamus. He asks him about Dolph. Sheamus says he's not worried about the future, he's worried about tonight. He says Del Rio is a vicious competitor. He says he's a bit of a car enthusiast himself. He doesn't need a fancy car or hood ornament though, because the only ornament he needs is his title. He's fine driving a clunker that gets the job done. A car that'll end up in a scrap yard. He says that's funny because tonight next to the transmissions, you'll find Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez.

The Miz makes his return to the WWE after a two-month period of absence. He actually gets a little 'Miz is awesome' chant. He asks if the crowd missed him and he gets a little pop. He says he was off filming a movie and you're looking at a bona fide movie star. He says he was treated with the respect he earned and has been denied far too long. He says he has won the Money in the Bank ladder match and has successfully cashed in for the contract. Tonight, he's tired of being overlooked, and he wants to make a sudden impact, so tonight the Raw Money in the Bank match will have five competitors, and Miz will prevail over everyone else. He will eventually become the WWE Champion again. Why? Because he's the Miz, and he a movie star, and he's awesome.

We get a little Raw moment since the 1000th episode is coming up. It's a review of when Tony Shiavone made a comment about Mick Foley winning the WWE Championship, and over 600,000 people changed the channel. Cool little moment from the Monday night wars that's paired with some thoughts from Foley.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
- Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

We get a video package that recaps the recent history between Sheamus and Del Rio, Including Del Rio and Ricardo making fun of Sheamus with a bit of imitation.

The entrances:

Alberto Del Rio is the first man to make his way out to the ring. He drives out in a pretty nice Cobra. He revs the engine a couple of times before heading down to the ring.

Sheamus is out next, and the champ gets a pretty nice pop as he makes his way out.

After formal ring introductions from Ricardo and Lillian for Del Rio and Sheamus, respectively, we're ready for the match to begin.

The start:

The bell rings and we get a lock up right away. Sheamus punches Del Rio and sends him from the ring. Del Rio confers with Ricardo for a minute as Sheamus is held back by the ref. Del Rio slaps Sheamus and Sheamus attacks, pounding away on Del Rio in the corner. Sheamus is pulled off by the ref, but he goes right back to pounding Del Rio in the corner again. Del Rio takes Sheamus down with an arm bar, but Sheamus fights up and sends Del Rio into the ropes for an elbow. Del Rio takes Sheamus into the corner and blasts him with a big kick before taking him down in another arm bar.

Mid-match notes:

Sheamus hits Del Rio with a knee to the back of the head that's good for a two count. He drops a series of three knees that's good for another near fall. Del Rio kicks Sheamus and hits him with a big dropkick. He charges Sheamus but ends up flying through the ropes out to the apron. Sheamus takes Del Rio into the corner before simply suplexing him from the apron into the ring. Sheamus heads up to the top rope and launches himself off with a giant shoulder tackle that's good for two. Del Rio heads to the outside and Sheamus follows, throwing Del Rio right back in. Ricardo distracts Sheamus, and that allows Del Rio to hit an enzugiri to send Sheamus out to the floor.

Del Rio heads to the outside and slams Sheamus' arm into the ring steps before slapping Sheamus and sending him into the ring. Del Rio heads to the top and hits a cross body. He locks on another arm bar, but Sheamus gets right up and head butts his way out of the hold before hitting a big axe handle smash. Del Rio executes a single arm DDT before hitting repeated knee drops and stomping at Sheamus shoulder. Del Rio locks in a key lock hold, continuing the arm work. Sheamus gets to his feet, but Del Rio hits him with a kick to the back of the head, then another. Del Rio gets a one count.

Del Rio locks in another arm submission, but Sheamus is quick to fight out of it. Del Rio head butts Sheamus, but then runs right into a big boot and eats a swinging neckbreaker. Sheamus charges in with a couple of axe handle smashes, but Del Rio comes with back with a kick and flying knee to get another near fall. Del Rio kicks at Sheamus, but Sheamus retaliates with right hands. Sheamus charges Del Rio, but Del Rio moves and Sheamus charges shoulder first into the ring post. Del Rio wraps Sheamus' arm around the ring post before getting another near fall. Sheamus tries to fight back, but Del Rio proves to be too much with another head butt.

Del Rio tries for the cross arm breaker, but Sheamus avoids it. Del Rio sends Sheamus out to the ring apron and when he comes back in, he catches him with what looks to be a code breaker to Sheamus' arm. Del Rio looks to be getting frustrated, grabbing at Sheamus' face. Sheamus deposits Del Rio in the corner before hitting a running knee and a huge slam for a two count. Sheamus gets Del Rio on the apron and ties his arms up, hitting repeated clubbing blows to Del Rio's chest. Del Rio responds by grabbing Sheamus' arm and dropping it down on the top rope. Del Rio heads into the ring and is caught with an Irish curse backbreaker for another two count.

The finish:

Del Rio catches Sheamus with a boot, but misses the follow up. Sheamus tries for the bicycle kick, but Del Rio moves and hits a lungblower for another two count. Del Rio hits Sheamus with a soccer ball kick to the ribs before backing up and waiting for him to stand in the corner. Del Rio misses an enzugiri in the corner and Sheamus hits the celtic cross. Sheamus stands and begins getting himself psyched up. He charges in with the bicycle kick and he pins Del Rio for the three count.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

On his way out of the ring, Ricardo jumps on Sheamus' back. Del Rio attacks as well and the two stomp away at Sheamus, choking him and stomping on his face.

Dolph Ziggler's music hits, and the show-off makes his way out.

Ziggler hands over his briefcase, but the bell doesn't ring. Sheamus hits a bicycle kick, and Ziggler is out. Cole explains that Sheamus is still the champ and Ziggler still has his briefcase.

We get a recap of the interview between Josh Matthews and Daniel Bryan during the pre-show. Bryan calls AJ his future wife and says she would have said yes had CM Punk not been there poisoning her mind. Matthews says she slapped him in the face. Bryan says he clearly doesn't understand women. That kind of passion is something only soul mates can share. Tonight she'll make the tough and necessary decisions. She'll be fair. He'll emerge with the championship and AJ's heart. Yes, yes, yes.

Tag Team Match
- The Prime Time Players w/Abraham Washington vs. Primo & Epico w/Rosa Mendes

The entrances:

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston make their way out dressed in suits to join the announcer's at their position.

AW makes his way out and introduces the future WWE World Tag Team Champions. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil, the Primetime Players.

Primo and Epico are out next with Rosa Mendes in tow.

The start:

The bell rings and Titus and Epico kick things off. AW's mic is still on for some reason. Epico ducks a dropkick and hits a flying forearm before hitting a nasty chop and tagging in Primo. Primo and Epico hit dual dropkicks but it's not enough for a three count. Titus backs Primo into his own corner and tags out to Young.

Mid-match notes:

Young comes in and beats on Primo in the corner, but he's whipped in to opposite corner and he falls victim to a headscissors. Epico tags in and hits a hurricanrana that sends Young from the ring before Primo hits a suicide dive. Epico low-bridges Titus before diving over the top rope on top of his opponents. Epico sends Young into the ring and hits a slighshot splash for a two count.

You makes the tag and Titus come in, sending Epico to the mat before shoving him out of the ring hard. Titus heads to the outside and picks up Epico, running and slamming him into the ring post. Titus sends Epico back into the ring and stomps away at him. He hits a weird rip-cord styles slam before tagging out to Young, and front suplexing Young on top of Epico. Young pills Epico out of the ring apron and holds on to Epico while AW uses a pick to comb out Young's fro. Titus tags in and stretches Epico up against the ring post, pulling back hard. Titus picks Epico up and hits a backbreaker before holding on and hitting a fall away slam.

Titus busts out a couple of dance moves in the ring to mock Rosa. This allows Epico to catch Titus with a big kick to the face. Titus makes the tag, but so does Epico. Primo comes in and blasts Young with rights before hitting a nice spinning back elbow. Young runs into a big boot before Primo executes a springboard brain chop. A crazy combo leading to a springboard mariposa gets Primo another two count.

The finish:

Primo hits Young with a dropkick to the back that sends him into the ropes. Primo launches himself, coming down on the back of Young's head. Primo goes for a springboard maneuver, but Young catches him with a codebreaker. Primo rolls up Young and steals the three count.

Winners: Primo and Epico

AW says it doesn't matter because they're still the number one contenders. They turn their attention to Kofi and Truth. The Players get in the champs faces, but AW says the moeny isn't right. Truth throws water in AW's face. AW looks hot, but he's held back by his team. Kofi and Truth hold their titles high while the Prime Time Players make their way to the back.

No Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship
Special Guest Referee: AJ Lee
- CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

We get a video package that I've seen a couple of times, but still think might be one of the best video packages WWE has produced in a good long while. This means that our streak of having a non-title match close the show will stay intact (unless there's some sort of MITB shenanigans).

AJ is shown backstage with Matt Striker. Striker says many are concerned about her performance tonight. AJ says she's taking her responsibilities seriously and she's in full control. Just because CM Punk broke her heart in front of the entire world, and made her act out in rage and slap him doesn't mean she won't be fair. Bryan was her first love, and you always have a special place in your heart for someone even if they lied to you and used you. She doesn't know if she wants to hug and kiss them, or rip out their... She says the match is next and she has to go. She walks off toward the entranceway.

The entrances:

AJ is the first person to make their way to the ring. She skips, and she looks pretty darn good in her little referee outfit. I'm really excited to see what role she'll play in tonight's match.

Daniel Bryan is the first competitor to make his way out to the ring, and he's got on some sort of crazy weird overcoat.

Bryan kisses AJ's hand as his music cuts out.

CM Punk is out next, and the champion gets a great reaction from the crowd.

We get formal ring introductions for both men from Justin Roberts, and we're ready to kick off this match.

The start:

The bell rings and both men begin circling each other. Bryan goes for a kick and he and Punk tie up in the ropes. Bryan blasts Punk with a couple of kicks, but he's caught with a dragon screw leg whip. Punk kicks at Bryan's back before tossing him from the ring.

Mid-match notes:

Punk follows and chops Bryan against the barricade before backing him into the ring apron. Bryan is able to reverse a whip into the barricade and he chops away at Punk before sending him back into the ring and dropping a big knee on his face. Bryan stretches back Punk's arm and stomps down on his elbow. Bryan kicks Punk's back and chest before trying for an arm breaker. Punk rolls up Bryan for nothing. Punk knees Bryan in the corner before whipping him across the ring.

Bryan turns things around in the corner and rips away at Punk's face before chopping his chest. We get a chop battle, then a kick battle before Punk blasts Bryan with a European uppercut. Punk picks up Bryan and hits a backbreaker before he heads up to the top rope. Punk tries for a leg drop, but Bryan moves and Punk crashes to the mat. Bryan kicks at Punks chest and back, wearing him out. Bryan backs up and soccer ball kicks Punk in the ribs before going for a pin and getting a one count. Bryan locks in a rear chin lock, continuing to rip at Punk's face.

Punk fights out of it but eats a shoulder block. Punk responds with a dropkick that sends Bryan to the outside and he follows with a suicide dive through the ropes. Punk fights Bryan up toward the entranceway. Bryan tries for a suplex on the floor, but Punk blocks it and slams Bryan down chest first on the barricade. Punk drags Bryan back toward the ring, bringing him in. Bryan shoves Punk and Punk flies into AJ knocking her from the apron out to the floor.

Punk goes to check on AJ. Bryan attacks Punk from behind and throws him into the ring steps. Bryan checks on AJ, and she's walked to the back by one of the trainers. Bryan continues to wear Punk down with nasty kicks to the chest. Bryan heads to the ring apron and launches himself off toward Punk with a flying knee to the head.

Bryan front suplexes Punk on the ring steps before peppering him with even more kicks to the chest. Bryan whips Punk into the barricade hard, but when he charges in, he's backdropped into the timekeeper's area. Punk hits Bryan with a big knee before he crotches him on the barricade. Punk heads to another barricade and uses it as a springboard for a big clothesline that sends both men back to the ringside area.

The crowd wants tables, so Punk reaches under the apron for one. Bryan assaults Punk and slams him down hard on the arena floor. Bryan goes under the table and he gets his hands on a kendo stick. Bryan slams it on the floor and screams yes. He goes for a shot but Punk moves out of the way. Bryan goes for another shot but still misses. Punk rolls into the ring and calls for Bryan to come in after him. He holds Bryan at bar with kicks, but Bryan hits him through the ropes. Punk ducks a shot and kicks Bryan. He gets his hands on the kendo stick, but Bryan kicks him. Bryan backdrops Punk to the apron and Punk springboards back in but Bryan catches him with a kendo stick shot to the ribs for a two count.

Bryan uses the stick to blast Punk with shots to the back. I counted at least twelve shots to the back and shoulder. Bryan holds the stick high and winds up, hitting another big shot to Punk's back. Bryan rolls Punk over and goes for the pin but Punk kicks out at two. Bryan backs Punk into the corner and grinds at his face with his forearm. Bryan kicks Punk in the chest and thighs before dragging him out to the middle of the ring for a snap suplex.

Bryan heads to the top rope and goes for a flying head butt, but Punk is able to move at the last second and Bryan crashes to the mat. Punk kicks Bryan's chest, and Bryan responds. The two trade kicks, then forearms, and Punk gets the advantage with a huge back heel kick and a neckbreaker. Bryan kicks out at two. Punk clamps on a front face lock and knees Bryan before sending him into the corner and hitting the high knee. Punk tries for the bull dog, but Bryan shoves him off. Bryan misses a kick and Punk hits a powerslam for two.

Punk calls for the G2S and he shoulders Bryan but Bryan fights out. Punk shoulders Bryan again, but Bryan reverses into a roll up for a two count. Bryan kicks Punk in the back of the head to lay him out. Bryan goes back to the kendo stick, using it to bash Punk's back. Bryan goes for the Mexican surfboard, yanking Punk back and supporting him. Punk gets out of the hold and reaches for the kendo stick, using it to punish Bryan with repeated strikes. Punk goes for the pin, but Bryan kicks out at two.

Punk heads to the top, but Bryan stops him in his tracks. Bryan heads up after Punk and he hits a giant superplex. AJ marches her way back out to the ring and she sends the other ref out, assuring him that she's OK to work the rest of the match. AJ smiles at both men before skipping around in a circle.

AJ heads to the outside and goes under the ring, grabbing a chair. She heads back into the ring with the chair in hand. Bryan reaches out a hand toward her. She puts the chair down in the middle of the ring. Both men scramble and Bryan comes up with it, blasting Punk across the back with four consecutive shots. Bryan goes for the pin but only gets two.

Bryan appeals to AJ, asking her to count correctly. Bryan is rolled up for a two count. Bryan looks at AJ and says this is for her before he starts kicking Punk furiously in the chest. Bryan takes him into the corner not stopping with kick after kick. AJ looks a bit upset. Bryan backs up and charges in but Punk leaps out of the corner with a big clothesline. Punk grabs the chair and uses it to help him stand. He winds up and hits Bryan across the back three times before wedging it between the middle and top rope.

AJ stands in front of the chair before Punk can whip Bryan in. Punk goes toward her and she moves. Bryan charges in with a dropkick that sends Punk crashing into the chair in the corner. AJ looks conflicted. Bryan crawls toward the kendo stick, but AJ puts her foot on it and smiles down at Bryan, laughing. Bryan tries to reason with AJ, and turns around into a huge kick to the side of the head. Punk grabs a chair and uses it to hold behind Bryan for a big slam. Punk heads to the top and comes off with an elbow drop, but Bryan moves and Punk's elbow crashes into the chair. Bryan goes for the Yes! lock, using the kendo stick for more leverage.

AJ watches closely. Punk is able to fight his way out of it, slingshotting Bryan into the corner. Punk shoulders Bryan and hits the Go To Sleep, but Punk falls away from Bryan. Punk crawls into the cover, but Bryan is able to kick out at two.

Punk crawls out of the ring, heading out to grab the table he pulled from under the ring earlier. Punk takes the table and brings it into the ring. Punk sets the table up near the corner of the ring. Punk places Bryan on the table and he hits Bryan with a couple of shots to the chest. Punk heads up to the top rope and he calls for another elbow drop, but Bryan crotches Punk and stops him. Bryan hits Punk with a series of right hands and a big kick to the chest before he goes up after Punk.

The finish:

Punk counters and crotches Bryan on the top rope. Punk heads up after Bryan and hits him with some elbows to the neck and chest before hitting a huge belly to back superplex through the table. Punk covers Bryan and he gets the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

AJ hands over the title to Punk after looking a bit conflicted, and Punk heads up in to corner to celebrate. AJ looks kind of upset watching Punk celebrate with his championship. AJ looks at Bryan who's still in the wreckage of the table. Punk walks by AJ and she stares him down.

2-on-1 Handicap Tag Match
Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins vs. Ryback

The entrances:

Reks and Hawkins make their way out to the ring first, and Ryback is out next. Nobody really gets any kind of reaction from the crowd that's anything worth speaking of.

The start:

The bell rings and Hawkins kicks things off with Ryback. He gets his face slammed down to the mat. He backs into the corner and talks to Reks for a second. Hawkins goes behind Ryback, but he's tossed into the air and taken down to the mat.

Mid-match notes:

He rolls to the outside. Hawkins runs into the ring and makes the tag. Hawkins cheap shots Ryback with a knee that allows Reks to hit a big clothesline and a series of stomps to the big man. Hawkins tags back in and he knees Ryback before snap maring him and stomping at his chest. Reks tags back in and beat on Ryback in the corner for a bit before being backed away by the ref. He charges back in with a running boot.

Hawkins tags in and Reks slams him down into Ryback. Reks tags back in and hits a big European uppercut before tagging right back out. Hawkins and Reks hit a double suplex, but it's not enough to keep Ryback down for three. Ryback slams Hawkins to the mat hard. Reks tags in and eats a shoulder block, then a second and third. Ryback takes him into the corner and buries his shoulder in Rek's midsection. Ryback picks up Reks and shrugs him off before hitting a spine buster on Hawkins and following up with a powerbomb.

The finish:

He tosses Hawkins from the ring and clotheslines Reks out of his boots. Ryback marches around the ring with Reks on his shoulders before hitting shell shock. Ryback pins Reks for the three count.

Winner: Ryback

We get another moment from Raw history as we recap Chris Jericho's first appearance in the WWE where he interrupted the Rock and cut one of the best promos of all time.

6-Divas Tag Team Match
WWE Divas Champion Layla, Kaitlyn & Tamina Snuka vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalya & Eve Torres

The entrances:

Layla is out for a six Diva tag match. She's followed by Kaitlyn, then Tamina.

Beth Phoenix, Natalya and finally Eve are out for the next team.

The start:

Natalya and Tamina kick things off. Natalya catches Tamina with a kick to the gut before mocking the superfly pose. Tamina responds with a hip toss and a big chop to the chest. Kaitlyn tags in and hits a quick back breaker.

Mid-match notes:

Kaitlyn goes for the cover but only gets two. Beth tags into the match and she stares down Kaitlyn, slapping her. She gets a slap back, so she tags in Eve. Kaitlyn slaps Eve and Natalya before hitting a big running crossbody on Eve for two. Eve catches Kaitlyn with an elbow to the face before hitting something sloppy that puts Kaitlyn down for two.

The finish:

Beth tags in and chokes Kaitlyn in the ropes, but misses a leg drop. Layla tags in and hits a couple of running clotheslines before running the ropes for a nice cross body out of the corner. Layla misses a kick to the head, so Beth presses her over her head. Layla counters into a cover and Natalya breaks it up. Things break down into a brawl. Kaitlyn sends Natalya out. Eve sends Kaitlyn out. Tamina superkicks Beth and Layla hits the neckbreaker for a three count.

Winners: Layla, Kaitlyn and Tamina

Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE Championship match contract
- Big Show vs. Kane vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Cena vs The Miz

The entrances:

Stagehands are shown setting up the ring and bringing ladders down for the Raw Money in the Bank match. Kane's pyro hits, and the big red monster is the first man to make his way out to the ring, getting a bit of a mixed reaction on his way out.

The lights go out, and Chris Jericho is entrant #2 into the match. He gets some really crazy pyro before making his way out to the ring.

The returning Miz is the next man out for the match, and he tests out some of the ladders on his way to the ring.

Big Show is the fourth man out to the ring, and he doesn't get much of a reaction out of the crowd.

John Cena is the final man out for the match, and as per usual he gets a mixed, but very, very loud welcome from the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and everyone begins brawling. Show and Cena are left in the ring. Cena clotheslines Show over the top rope and heads out right after him. Show responds by tossing Cena into the ring steps. Show chases Jericho down and slams him into a ladder in the entranceway.

Mid-match notes:

In the ring, Miz sets up a ladder and starts climbing. Cena pulls him down just in time for both men to be blasted with a huge shoulderblock from Show. Show knocks Jericho from the ring apron to the floor. Show drops a ladder out on top of Jericho and Jericho clutches his wrist. Show shrugs off a shoulder block from Cena and Cena is sent from the ring. Show and Kane trade right hands. Show whips Kane into the ropes and catches him, slamming him down. Show swats Miz out of the air with a huge chop before turning around and slapping a ladder into Jericho's face.

Show tries for a chokeslam on Jericho but Jericho ducks it and hits the code breaker. Miz hits a DDT and Kane hits a big boot to send Show over the top rope to the outside. Cena is standing there and he begins taking apart the Spanish announce table. Cena waits for Show to stand and he shoulders him, putting Show through the table with a huge AA.

Everyone in the match takes a second to bury the Big Show in ladders. Jericho charges in and blasts Miz and Kane with ladder shots before dropping one more ladder on top of Show. Jericho grabs a ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring and begins climbing slowly toward the top. Miz stops him and gets him in electric chair position. Jericho transitions out of it and goes into the walls of Jericho. He cranks down and wears Miz out. Kane tries to bring a ladder into the ring but Jericho dropkicks the ladder into Kane's face to stop him. Jericho stomps away at everyone before hitting a snap suplex on Miz.

Jericho sets up a ladder on the top rope in the corner. Miz begins climbing, but Jericho stops him and pulls him down. Jericho launches Miz face first into the ladder sitting on the top rope. Jericho starts climbing to the top but Cena is up after him. Cena slams Jericho face first into the ladder and he's left alone at the top. Cena is pulled off by Miz who hits a big DDT.

Miz climbs and gets his hands on the briefcase, but Kane tosses up a ladder into Miz's back. Kane climbs the ladder, but Jericho is able to stop him before he gets it down. Kane grabs Jericho around the neck, and gets Miz too for good measure, but they stop him and execute a double suplex onto a ladder. Cena heads in and shoulder blocks Miz and Jericho before slamming both of them on the ladder. Cena does a double five knuckle shuffle to Jericho and Miz at the same time.

Kane tries for a chokeslam on Cena, but Cena reverses into an AA, putting Kane down on top of Miz. Jericho is able to send a ladder into Cena hard to send him from the ring. Jericho is the lone man in the ring, but he climbs out of the ring to grab yet another ladder. He picks it up and slams it down on Miz before bringing it into the ring. Jericho sets the ladder up, but Show is stirring and he makes his way out from under the ladders. Show breaks the ladder and places Jericho in between the legs of the ladder, snapping it in half and using it to slam down into Jericho's back.

Show uses another ladder to blast Kane, sending him from the ring. He tosses a ladder out on top of Kane. Show chops Miz and sends him from the ring, throwing another ladder down on top of him. Show turns his attention to Cena and hits him with a big right hand to the gut. Shot head butts Cena before propping him up in between the ropes and a ladder and hitting a huge splash. Show tosses another ladder out on top of Miz, then tosses another out on the giant pile.

Show heads to the outside and goes under the ring for a giant reinforced ladder. Show actually looks to be having a hard time with this ladder, struggling to get it in the ring. Show is able to get it into the ring, and after a bit of setup, Show begins climbing the ladder.

Show gets his hand on the briefcase, but Kane climbs up the other side. He hits Show with a couple of rights, but Show grabs him around the throat. Kane grabs Show, but Show hits Kane with a right hand. Cena charges up the ladder and fights Show, but Show sends Cena down with a big head butt. Jericho uses a steel chair to hit Show a couple of times to bring him back down to the mat. Jericho continues the assault. Jericho and Cena climb up opposite sides of the ladder slowly. Both men get to the top at the same time.

Both men go for it but they push it away. Jericho and Cena fight it out at the top of the ladder. Cena shoulders Jericho but Jericho fights out of it and locks on a sleeper. Cena fades and climbs down a couple of rungs, but Cena comes back, climbing the ladder with Jericho on his back. Cena gets to the top but starts fading once more. Jericho lets go of the hold and fights off Miz who tries to sneak up the side of the ladder. Cena comes back to life, but Jericho holds on to the sleeper and Cena fades again.

Jericho sends Cena down to the mat. Jericho gets his hands on the briefcase, but Miz is up and he's got a hand on it too. Jericho grabs on to the briefcase and Miz head butts him, sending him swinging from the ladder. Jericho comes back and Miz teases a suplex off of the ladder. Both men trade rights and Show is climbing up as well. He reaches the top and KO's Jericho, sending him down. He sends Miz crashing to the mat and through the ladder on the top.

The finish:

Cena uses the briefcase to Bash Show and the clasp holding the briefcase breaks. Cena continues to use the briefcase to bash Show and send him to the mat.

Winner and Mr. Money in the Bank: John Cena

Cena sits on top of the ladder and kisses his newly won contract.

Cena grabs the briefcase handle that broke off and shoves it in his pocket. The show ends with Cena celebrating with the fans and saying that Raw will be interesting from here on out.

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