Money In The Bank is this Sunday and as always our staff likes to bring you their reasoning behind who they believe will win each match. The staff of Wrestling News World brings you quality content each week and this is a way to interact with each of them. The Twitter handles for each staff member will be at the bottom of the article, Tweet them and let them know if you agree or disagree with their picks, follow them or you can leave a comment at the bottom of the article with who you believe has the best picks. 

The 2020 version of Money In The Bank will be like something we've never seen before. A match that will take place going through the iconic Titan Towers and concluding on the roof. Not to mention both Money In The Bank matches will happen at the same time. There are five other matches announced at this time for the show however Mandy vs. Sonya or Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders could be announced as well. Enjoy the predictions!

Smackdown Women's Championship Match:
Bayley vs. Tamina Snuka

Chris: Bayley, 100%. I will eat my hat if Tamina wins. Wait I don't have a hat. I will buy and then eat my new hat if Tamina wins. Bayley to win.

EvaBayley is retaining. I am wondering how Sasha Banks will get involved. I think this match has been built well but I am more interested to see when WWE will break Sasha and Bayley up.

Colby:  If Tamina wins, I’ll buy Chris a hat, watch him eat it and then buy myself one and do the same. Bayley wins.

David: I already have a hat but will happily join Chris and Colby in eating it if Tamina wins. What I would say is its been good to see Tamina have some relevance and she's done okay, but surely she's just playing her part in the build of Bayley versus Sasha for the title in the near future.

Ja'Von: I'm a big fan of Tamina and want to see her succeed but I don't see her winning the title here. I'm going with Bayley retaining. I don't think Bayley will drop the title until they do Bayley vs Sasha. Bayley retains.

Standing Streamer: Bayley wins & the storyline of the friction between Bayley & Sasha gets advanced.-Winner; And Stillllllll Smackdown Women's Champion, Bayley

John: I've got Bayley retaining. Tamina is there as enhancement to put her over until they set up the long-awaited feud between Bayley/Sasha. It will be a quick match with Bayley getting the W via heel shenanigans. 

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match:

New Day vs. Lucha House Party vs. Forgotten Sons vs. Miz & Morrison

Chris: Finally, we have a few different teams in the mix for the tag team gold. I can't see New Day dropping the belts to any of these teams other than Miz & JoMo, but they don't need them back this soon. New Day to win.

Eva: I have not been this invested in the Smackdown tag division in a while. I would have Miz and Morrison win but have it be a win like they had during Wrestlemania. A unique ending where they become the lucky ones once again. 

Colby: The Miz and Morrison have been extremely vocal about them never losing a 2-on-2, classic tag-team match to the New Day, I think they take their titles, here and then New Day finally get their first win over them at SummerSlam. Miz and Morrison win.

David: Should be an entertaining match and after only recently regaining the titles I fully expect The New Day to retain. Great to see The Forgotten Sons gain some immediate momentum on the main roster and great to see tag team wrestling as a whole getting some love recently. 

Ja'Von: I'm glad to see that WWE is finally putting some emphasis on tag team wrestling. I'm also glad to see some new blood in title contention. I'm going with the New Day retaining and LHP taking the pin. This will make the othet three teams look strong as New Day just won the titles, Miz/Morrison are still waiting on their tradtional 2 v 2 rematch, and Forgotten Sons have been booked strong since coming to the main roster. New Day retains.

Standing Streamer: Should be a great match.  I could do without the Lucha House Party, but I feel they are there for spots.  I am going to go out on a limb & take Sons with hacker playing a part in New Day dropping straps.  Winner & NEWWWW Smackdown Tag Team champions, The Forgotten Sons.  

John: Thankfully we have some new talent in the tag team ranks and I think we are going to see a title change here. The Forgotten Sons finally advance past their NXT days and I think that while the Lucha House Party will do some nice spots, the WWE will put the titles on the up and comers, setting them up with a feud with Miz & Morrison. Winners and New Champs: Forgotten Sons. 

Universal Championship Match
Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt

Chris: Another pretty easy one. Strowman retaining makes sense, likely through DQ, so that we can see him face The Fiend at the next PPV. Strowman as champion has been a major turn off for me, so hopefully it won't last much longer. Strowman to win.

Eva: Strowman wins but The Fiend attacks after. This feud continues until crowds can come back and that is when this feud finally ends. Strowman is not my favorite but I would extend this feud. 

Colby: I have no idea who *wins*, this match...but Strowman is 100% leaving with the title. Maybe we get an appearance from The Fiend and that’ll setup Braun-Bray II at SummerSlam where The Fiend takes the strap back. Strowman Retains.

David: I honestly don't know how to call this. The fact its Bray and not The Fiend gives Strowman a chance however I would love to see the first mid match transformation which sees The Fiend regain the Universal Championship. Bray Wyatt to win and go on a dominant run as champion.

Ja'Von: Braun Strowman is essentially in a handicap match as Bray Wyatt and The Fiend are one in the same. Braun just won the title at mania but to keep the feud going I see Braun retaining via DQ. This will set up Braun vs The Fiend down the road. Braun via DQ

Standing Streamer: I agree with Ja'Von this; Braun will retain in some sort of DQ or No contest.  It is too soon for Braun to drop title & Bray does not need a title.  Winner by DQ: Braun Strowman.

John: This is only the beginning of what I think is a summer long feud between the two. Strowman wins via DQ and Bray will continue to play mind games with him. This will lead up to the Fiend vs. Braun at SS.

WWE Championship Match:
Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins

Chris: I'm a little torn here. Drew has been great as champ so far and has coped brilliantly under the circumstances. The word backstage however is they're blaming him for the drop in ratings. Drew to retain, but don't be surprised if he loses. Drew to win.

Eva: Seth Rollins wins. His next competitor is Edge and at Summerslam, I finally get the feud that I have been waiting for. I would not mind if Drew wins but I do think he would be cashed in by the MITB winner immediately. All I care about is that I get Edge vs Rollins soon. 

Colby: In a weird way, I wouldn’t HATE Rollins winning this one, but I don’t think there’s any shot of Drew losing it. If he does, I agree with Chris and it’s purely because of ratings. We shall see. McIntyre retains.

David: Ever since his epic win at the Rumble Drew really has come into his own and beating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania has lead to an impressive run as WWE Champion so far. The all time low ratings are a concern however and may see Drew being scapegoated in favour of a proven draw. I'm going to keep the faith with the Scottish Psychopath, I just hope Vince McMahon does too. 

Ja'Von: Drew has just started to come into his own as the face of the company. But due to the circumstances of the world today people are not into wrestling shows with no audience which has equalled to low ratings. With that being said WWE has begun planting seeds for a phenomenal rebirth. Phenomenal One reigns again.

Standing Streamer: Based on the low ratings that we saw, people are going to be calling for Drew to drop title to Rollins, who then will go in a program with somebody else, but I am going to say Drew retains.  Remember, Vince is the one who dubbed Drew "The Chosen One" & it is too soon for Vince to switch gears.  Winner:  Drew McIntyre

John: I get that there may be some higher-ups who are blaming Drew for the low ratings, but it's not his fault. This feud has legs, and I think that Seth will (as always) put on a great match, but will get flustered and lose by getting himself DQ'd. Drew wins but this is only the beginning. 

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Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Asuka vs. Lacey Evans vs. Dana Brooke vs. Carmella

Chris: I'm almost positive we see the winner come from Raw. Bayley already has her next rival in Bayley. Asuka has had her shot and even though Shayna has, her winning makes the most sense. However I'm going for Nia Jax. People are talking about her constantly, which means WWE will think she is doing a great job. Nia Jax to win.

Eva:  It physically pains me to write this but I think Nia Jax winning makes the most sense. Do I think she will be successful when she confronts Becky? Yeah no and it's not just because I'm the resident Deadly. You can debate with me on Twitter but if Drew McIntyre is not a draw, Nia Jax is less of a draw. 

Colby: To keep it short and sweet...much like Aleister Black, Shayna would look a bit silly running around with a briefcase...they can both earn title shots by just running roughshod over the entire roster heading into SummerSlam...that being said, Asuka or Nia Jax are the only 2 that have a shot, IMO...& I’ll lean with the latter. Nia Jax wins.

David: It could be said that Shayna doesn't need the briefcase however after coming up short on a few occasions the MITB contract could be the insurance policy she needs to overcome The Man and dominate on the main roster. I have a feeling Nia is in with a shout however I'm going with The Queen of Spades. 

Ja'Von: The winner 100% is coming from RAW as we know who Bayley's next challenger will be. The briefcase doesn't suit Shayna's character. That leaves Asuka and Nia so I would have to go with Nia Jax winning the breifcase. Irresistible Force in the Bank.

Standing Streamer: I am going with Asuka because her dancing with a briefcase is GOLD.  I just want to see the Mist return.  Winner: Asuka

Once Shayna took the loss at WrestleMania, I thought to myself they will find a way to put the title on her, and this is it. Becky has had a very successful reign but the beginning of the end starts here. Shayna dominates in a fashion similar to Elimination Chamber and in (JR SPOILER) cashes in that same evening to become the New Raw Women's Champion. 

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You Can Read Our "Making The Case" Article For The Men Here

Chris: I am SO excited for this one. My heart says Alesteir Black but my head says AJ Styles. Black deserves it but AJ is a safe pair of hands and a believable champion, whereas Black may need to wait a whole longer. AJ Styles to win.

Eva: The Rumble is my favorite pay per view but this money in the bank is fun! I can't wait to see how they present it and to see the winner. Because Corbin has already won, I think the winner should be AJ Styles. I can't wait to see how the phenomenal one evolves without the OC. 

Colby: Much like I just said with the Women’s MITB match...Aleister would look silly running around with a briefcase...he’s dominated the roster since coming over to RAW from NXT and can continue to do so by winning matches in easy fashion and earn a title shot the old fashioned way, heading into SummerSlam. Much like the Women’s match, this one only has 2 realistic winners, IMO...AJ Styles and King Corbin...and I’m going with the former, this time. Styles wins.

David: Prior to AJ Styles and King Corbin qualifying this past week I thought Aleister Black was the favourite and imagined a Black Mass from the top of the Ladder to clinch victory. I'd still like to see Black win however if I was a betting man I'd go with AJ and the Phenomenal One would be a worthy holder of the MITB Briefcase.

Ja'Von: Before the addition of AJ Styles to the match I was having a hard time deciding who would this match. Mysterio and Black don't need the briefcase plus Bryan and Corbin can easily earn a title shot. Otis is a longshot anyways which leaves AJ Styles as the logical choice. Phenomenal One in the Bank.

Standing Streamer: Everyone wants Black, everyone expects AJ.  I am going with Corbin.  I know he has won before, but so did Carmella.  Winner: Baron Corbin

John: This can go a number of ways. Corbin has been one of the best heels in the company but he's had it before. Black doesn't need it as his character is similar to Bray's in that he's over without needing a title to solidify it. Bryan would be a great choice but I think that AJ gets it because he can be a true cash in heel at the right time. I got AJ being Mr. Phenomenal Money in the Bank. 

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