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I start with this embedded tweet for a reason, so if you haven’t seen this promo yet, please watch it real quick. It’s more than worth a few minutes of your time.

Drake Maverick is 37 years old, and has been wrestling since 2001. He’s approaching his 21st year in the business, and he’s currently plying his craft in front of an audience larger than ever before. I think –hell, I know that he’s 100% grateful for the opportunities he’s been given as the General Manager of 205 Live and the manager of the AOP on Raw. His recent run in the NXT Cruiserweight Tournament, while controversial, may have been the best thing to ever happen to Drake. He’s proving what I always knew from his Rockstar Spud days - he will take any opportunity and make the most of it and more.

His time in TNA was a roaring success, if an unexpected one. Maverick was a 2 time X Divison Champion, Boot Camp winner, won the TNA World Cup and much more. 2015 would price to be his best year to date, not only reigning as X Division Champion but also striking up a successful partnership with real life friend Ethan Carter the 3rd... or EC3 to the majority of fans. These two were phenomenal together, a perfect blend of muscle and in ring action with one of the best mouthpieces in the business. Maverick time in TNA was remarkable when you consider he was a small, brash, light British guy who noone knew anything of prior to his joining.

But look at him in action.

Drake Maverick can WORK. Not just bumping, rolling, feeding, running the ropes, etc. He sells like a champ, and he genuinely tells a story in the ring. That's an old trope that a lot of wrestling fans will spout without really knowing what it means, but it couldn't be more accurate then it is when describing Drake.

Based on the tweets he shares, he’d love to be consistently in the ring wrestling the biggest and best in the company. He has a WrestleMania dream, and that’s not a dream that is going away anytime soon. Here’s the thing for me: If Drake Maverick was 6’4″ he’d already have main evented multiple WrestleMania events. If he were 250 pounds, he’d have main evented even more of them. But he’s not. He’s 5’4″ and barely 150 pounds, limiting the story that WWE can likely tell with him, or are willing to attempt at least.

Will he make it to the WrestleMania main event? I don’t really know. I can’t 100% say “No” to him, because I know how hard he’s worked to get to where he is now, how hard he’s worked to make the most of a bad situation on 205 Live, make the most out of being the questionable manager of AOP and even how hard he worked to make the most out of what turned out to be a great run in TNA. His recent work on NXT should at the very least earn him a championship opportunity in the near future, likely against the current interim champion.

So I don’t know if he’ll make it to the main event of a WrestleMania (that term isn’t even really a thing anymore), but I do know this: Drake Maverick is an asset to any wrestling company that is willing to give him an opportunity. Hopefully WWE don't make the same mistake again of letting him go... because they may not get a third chance.

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