WWE Network Had Deals With Major Distributors But Vince McMahon Refused To Sign

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting article at this link that discusses the WWE Network launching as an over-the-top service rather than as a traditional cable network or pay channel model similar to HBO.

Vince McMahon is quoted by the publication, explaining that WWE had deals with major distributors for a network that would have generated fees of $0.20 per month per subscriber. However, much to "the chagrin" of his staff, McMahon told them he wouldn't sign it.

Instead, WWE ultimately determined that an over-the-top service gave them more control and a better user interface. Vince is also quoted in the piece, saying what pay-TV distributors wanted in return for the WWE Network was "too restrictive."

The company has spent more than $40 million in WWE Network development in a process that has been about five years long. You can read the LA Times piece in its entirety at this link.

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