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WWE Network Problems, Hulk Hogan Happy To Be Home, The Miz Speaks On Wedding

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- We continue to receive reports from readers that are having problems with the WWE Network. I watched another episode of NXT on Wednesday night without issue. I'm not sure if I've just been one of the lucky ones but the issues for me have been limited. However, I am aware of the readers that have reported serious problems including not being able to watch the video-on-demand library and unable to login. For the most part, there do not seem to be issues with the live feed if a user is able to access it.

- Hulk Hogan is very happy to be back home with WWE. He Tweeted the following after a day filled with doing media for the company:

- The Miz did an interview at this link where he talked about his recent wedding to Maryse. He said he just wanted a wedding where he could talk to everyone, hang out and have fun. He said it was beautiful and wonderful and perfect. Miz said his honeymoon was in the Elimination Chamber.

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