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More On The WWE Network In The United Kingdom

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Wrestling News World reader Michael Westphal sent in the following email conversation that he had with Sky Sports in the United Kingdom regarding the WWE Network. You can read it below:

Michael Westphal: Hi there I was wondering if Sky was providing the UK version of the WWE Network when it launches on Wednesday 1st of October

Sky Sports: Hi Michael Thank you for your email. There will be no change to our coverage of WWE once the WWE Network launches as we have a long term contract with them. All WWE PPV’s, normally 14 a year, will be available via the network at a subscription/monthly cost payable direct to the WWE Network, however, will still be on Sky Sports and Box Office as normal. I hope this helps with your enquiry.

The WWE Network will be distributed over the top in the United Kingdom, just as it is in the United States. Company executives stated on the most recent investor relations conference call the only market where the WWE Network is different is in Canada, where it is available as a traditional Pay-TV channel on Rogers Communications systems.

There has been a delay as WWE announced they will release the new launch date for the WWE Network in the United Kingdom on the 1st of November. The original launch date for the WWE Network in the UK was 1st of October.

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