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WWE Night Of Champions Results (9/21/14) - Lesnar Still Champion

Click above to enter our WWE Night of Champions "Open Thread" featuring streaming live results and your discussion. All titles are on the line including Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
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Welcome to our WWE Night of Champions "Open Thread" featuring live streaming results and your discussion. Please enjoy streaming live results below and discuss the show as you see fit in the comments area below.

WWE Night of Champions 2014 Results
Sunday, September 21, 2014
From Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN
Report by Sean Hopkins & Richard Gray of

Kickoff Coverage

Renee Young welcomes us to the Bridgestone Arena in Music City, Nashville, TN. The cameras pan the concourse area of the arena, inside the arena and then we go to the panel. The panel is Young hosting Booker T, Big Show and Alex Riley. They promise "more information" on Roman Reigns but confirm he won't be competing tonight. Riley (I keep wanting to call him Josh Mathews for some reason) says he may not compete for several months due to the incarcerated hernia. Cue tape promoting Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Young asks Big Show what's going through John Cena's mind. Show says Cena wants his championship back. It's not how many times Cena falls down, it's how many times he gets up. Show says Lesnar is The Authority's short-term fix to make an impact. He doesn't think of Lesnar as a true WWE Champion and the best champion they've ever had [and will ever have] is John Cena. They run through the 16 suplexes and 2 F-5s that Lesnar gave Cena at SummerSlam, promoting his complete dominance. Show said the fact Cena wants a rematch, it shows character and determination. Booker says since Lesnar has been back, he hasn't phoned any of them in.

Tom Phillips is in the social media lounge. The hashtag to use tonight is #WWENOC. Phillips went through some Tweets and put over the variety of platforms of the Night of Champions Kickoff. The WWE Network is just $9.99, a plug to end his segment.

They promote Mark Henry vs. Rusev on the pay-per-view, with Renee Young transitioning into a video package from last Monday's WWE Raw. Show talks up respecting Rusev because he respects The Constitution. Booker T says tonight is about America and national pride. He warned not to sleep on Rusev and he's gone through everyone they've put in front of him. The Kickoff went to a commercial break.

The expert panel talks about The Peep Show later in the Kickoff before previewing Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho. Cue Raw tape from two weeks ago. Renee Young talks about how personal this bout is and asks Booker about how they both know each other so well. Booker says it's all about bragging rights. Book talks about Orton looking to get back in the good graces of The Authority and says he can do that by dispatching Chris Jericho once and for all. Riley talks about the experience of both Orton and Jericho. Big Show talked up how vicious that Orton is but how many tricks that Jericho has. They talk about Chris Jericho always wanting to be the best. Booker said that's his makeup. Booker picks Orton to win the match, Riley picks Orton and Show picks Jericho.

They transition to promote the Intercontinental Championship match between Dolph Ziggler/ and The Miz. Show says The Miz's stunt double is better than Miz. He says Miz should be Sandow's stunt double. Booker put over The Miz winning the title at Battleground. The US title match between Sheamus and Cesaro is previewed. Show says getting to the mountain is easier than staying on top, talking about Sheamus and the pressure leading into tonight. Booker talks about this bout being a brawler vs. a brawler. Show thinks we're going to see a swing tonight. Riley says it's going to come down who can take the most and who has the tougher jaw. Book says he needs to leave the swing to the side and take care of business.

Back from a WWE Network commercial break (it's only $9.99), Renee Young previews the WWE Tag Team Championship match for tonight. Big Show and Alex Riley talk about Gold and Stardust changing their game plan. Booker T is gone from the panel. They joke about his absence but don't give an explanation as to why. Young continues to preview the WWE Tag Team Championship bout with Big Show and Alex Riley as they speak over chants from the crowd. Show told a weird joke about how he had a brother but ate him in the womb (can we stop with the womb lines? Sheesh!)

Booker T has been found. He's backstage to interview his former tag team partner Goldust (budget cuts people). Cody Rhodes, as a Stardust, takes over the interview. He reminded me of the Joker from Batman. Back to Renee Young, she transitions to the WWE Divas Championship match. Cue tape, promoting the multiple facets of this program. Renee Young asks Big Show and Alex Riley how they see the Divas Championship match playing out. Riley gives the edge to Nikki Bella because of The Authority. AJ lee joins the panel in Booker T's spots. AJ says they can throw whoever they want in her match - a sellout or failed actress. She's going to take back what belongs to her. AJ addresses Paige, saying tonight is going to be the last night her milky white hands touch her title. Riley asks for her thoughts on Nikki Bella. AJ says Nikki has a big bark but she bites.

Renee Young brings up The Peep Show. She says Christian's career has been put on hold for medical reasons and they hope to have him back at some point but tonight he has Chris Jericho on The Peep Show. We go back to Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge and he talks about Roman Reigns having emergency hernia surgery in Nashville. Phillips repeats that Roman Reigns will be "out for several months" for rehab. He reads Tweets about Reigns and plugs the WWE Network... for $9.99!

They replay the WWE Network updates on Roman Reigns. Dr. Haile M Mezghebe is the doctor that performed surgery on Roman Reigns. You can get more information on him at this link. Big Show and Alex Riley encourage that Reigns takes time off to heel the injury.

It's time to preview the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Brock Lesnar and John Cena. Renee Young says this is one of the biggest and most anticipated rematches in WWE history. She cues video footage of their main event encounter at SummerSlam last month. They play highlights of the build from SummerSlam to Night of Champions. Young talks about tonight's main event being "absolutely massive." She throws it over the Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler. They're ready as Christian's music hits and he comes out for The Peep Show.

Kickoff: The Peep Show

Michael Cole repeated that Christian's career has been "put on hold" due to medical injuries and they hope to have him back "one day." Lawler says that Christian has had a storied career in WWE. Christian grabs the mic. It doesn't work. They get him turned on and Christian talks about missing the WWE Universe. Tonight isn't about him, it's Night of Champions. Christian says there's one match that's peaked his interest and it's not even a championship match but a match of former champions. He introduces Chris Jericho.

Jericho put over the reception from the live crowd, put over the fact they're loud in Nashville. Chris is excited to have Christian back in the WWE. They talk up their past as Tag Team Champions. The Sexy Beasts, Vitamin C, they can't agree on who came up with it or the leader. Christian ripped Jericho for wearing trunks on The Peep Show, saying when you step onto The Peep Show you put on a pair of pants. They roll footage of Orton's backstage attack on Jericho from Raw 2 weeks ago. Christian says that Orton doesn't like him because Jericho is everything that he's not. Orton interrupts as Christian buries Orton as Triple H's pet. Orton said they were the Canadian version of Brad and Angelina, which one is Brad and which one is Angelina? He says it doesn't matter but Christian can't compete anymore in the ring because he's beaten him so bad. Orton said after tonight the only TV show he'll appear on is Total Divas.

Jericho said if he's on Total Divas, it'll be the setup to his show, Total Jackass. He says Orton can tell bad jokes, it's the first jokes of his life but don't forget who he's going to face tonight. Y2J Chris Jericho! The Kickoff ends and we go to pay-per-view promotion.

The show opens with a video package highlighting Lesnar vs Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. There's a whole thread about the makings of a champion, while a WWE title belt is shown being crafted and machined into the belt you see on television. It's a pretty cool sight to see the WWE title all stripped down.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the PPV, immediately hyping the fact that every title is on the line tonight. The first match of the evening will be for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

The Uso's are out first, making their usual entrance and getting a lot of love from the crowd.

We get a recap of Goldust and Stardust assaulting the Uso's on Raw a couple of weeks ago, including attacking Jey Uso's knee with a steel chair.

Goldust and Stardust are out next, and they don't get much of a reaction from the crowd, even when Stardust stands on the barricade in front of the fans.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Uso's vs. Goldust and Stardust

The bell rings and Goldust and Jey Uso kick things off. Goldust backs Jey into the corner, but Jey is quick to fight out, wiping Goldust out with a clothesline before tagging out to Jimmy. Jimmy comes in with a charging forearm in the corner before chopping Goldust down, and stomping on him. Goldust is able to tag out to Stardust, who comes in and gets a couple of quick shots on Jimmy, but Stardust is quickly slammed to the mat and hit with a quick elbow drop for a near fall. Stardust is quick to fight back, but Jimmy fights out of a headlock and hotshots Stardust into the top rope for two.

Jimmy goes to work on the arm, but Stardust fights to his feet and Jimmy eats a cheap shot from Goldust. Stardust and Goldust utilize quick tags, and wear down Jimmy methodically. Stardust kicks Uso in the face before tagging out to Goldust, who comes in with a chop to the throat. Goldust picks Jimmy up and Jimmy tries to fight back, but Goldust launches him into the corner. Jimmy catches Goldust with an uppercut and tags out to Jey. Jey wipes out Stardust and chops Goldust repeatedly before catching him with a big right hand to the face.

Jimmy hits a back drop and sends Goldust from the ring. He heads to the outside and takes out Stardust on the floor, but turns right around into a powerslam from Goldust. I want to take this opportunity to apologize if I get the Uso's mixed up, they are twins after all. Goldust brings things back into the ring and tags out to Stardust. Stardust stomps away at Jimmy, then chokes him for a bit before tagging back out to Goldust. Goldust traps Jimmy in a rear chin lock and lays down on the canvas with him.

Jimmy fights up to his feet, and fights out of the hostile corner, but he runs into a spinebuster from Goldust for two. Stardust tags in and pops Jimmy in the ribs before trying for a pin. Stardust traps Jimmy's arm in a submission hold, but Jimmy fights up to his feet quickly. Jimmy goes for the Samoan drop, but Stardust counters with a neckbreaker for two. Stardust stomps away at Jimmy, picks him up and punches hard. Jimmy tries to fight back, but Stardust clotheslines him to the mat.

Goldust tags in and hits a couple of quick elbow drops for another two count. Stardust tags in once more and clamps on a modified chin lock. Jimmy fights to his feet and hits a chin breaker to break the hold. Stardust charges in to Jimmy in the corner, but Jimmy moves and Stardust's shoulder connects with the ring post. Goldust is able to make the tag and cut off Jimmy, but Jimmy hits an enzugiri to stun Goldust.

Jey and Stardust both tag in. Jey hits a superkick and a shot to the gut. He tries for a belly to back suplex, but Stardust lands on his feet. Jey traps Stardust's leg in the ropes and kicks at it, before hitting a chop block, and slamming it against the apron. Jimmy flies over the top rope to wipe out Goldust on the floor, and Jey wraps Stardust's leg around the ring post. Jey goes to the top and hits a cross body for two, then follows with a Samoan drop. Jey hits a running hip bump into Stardust's fact, and sends Goldust from the ring. Stardust hits the cross Rhodes, and only gets two!

Stardust wraps Jey up in the ropes, tying his arms up. Stardust takes off his glove and slaps Jey. Jimmy is up and unties his brother, who rolls up Stardust for two. Goldust wipes out Jimmy with a cannon ball from the apron, and Jey flies over the top to take out Stardust.

Jey brings Stardust back into the ring and dives off the top rope with a frog splash, right into Stardust's knees. Stardust rolls up Jey and gets the three count.

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Goldust and Stardust

The new champions celebrate in the ring, with Stardust gazing happily at his title before raising it in the air, and dropping down to the mat kicking his feet. Goldust hugs Stardust, and we go backstage.

Byron Saxton is standing alongside Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth. Dolph says he may not be a movie star, but he's got the best stunt double in the biz. Miz can pretend to be a movie star, but Ziggler is the Intercontinental Champion. Ziggler says tonight, he'll rearrange Miz's moneymaker, and he'll never get work in this town. R-Truth says 'show off' in carny before walking off.

Cesaro is out first for the next match, not getting much of a reaction from the fans in attendance.

Sheamus is out next, and he gets a nice pop from the crowd.

WWE United States Championship Match
Sheamus vs. Cesaro

The bell rings and both men circle each other. We get a lock up and Cesaro pushes Sheamus away. Sheamus tries for a headlock, and we get a bit of chain wrestling before Sheamus pushes Cesaro into the ropes. We get a clean break and Cesaro smiles. Cesaro tries to tie Sheamus up, but Sheamus pulls Cesaro down to the mat and clamps on a headlock. Cesaro pushes Sheamus into the ropes to break the hold, but he slaps Sheamus after the hold is broken. Sheamus responds by beating Cesaro across the ring, and putting him down to the mat with one solid blow. Cesaro fights back in the corner, hitting Sheamus with a couple of body blows, but Sheamus hits a running knee to the chest and a running senton on Cesaro for a one count. Sheamus backs up and kicks Cesaro in the back before dropping a knee on his face, and tossing Cesaro out to the apron. Cesaro jerks Sheamus' neck down across the top rope.

Cesaro heads to the middle rope and leaps off with a double axe handle to the shoulder. Cesaro presses his boot against Sheamus' chest in the corner, and Sheamus is quick to fight back as soon as the ref backs Cesaro away. Sheamus picks Cesaro up and dumps him over the top, but both men are tied up and tumble to the floor together. Sheamus brings things back into the ring and hits a huge slingshot shoulder block from the apron on Cesaro. Cesaro sends Sheamus into the corner, but runs right into boots to the face. Sheamus heads to the top rope, but Cesaro charges in with an uppercut that sends Sheamus to the floor.

Cesaro pulls Sheamus back into the ring and snap mares Sheamus over before dropping a knee across Sheamus' throat. Cesaro traps Sheamus in a rear chin lock, driving him down to the mat. Sheamus fights up to his knees, then his feet, then out of the hold. Cesaro turns things right around, trapping Sheamus in a sleeper hold.

Sheamus begins to fade, dropping to a knee, but he recovers and makes his way out of the hold. Cesaro tries for another sleeper, but Sheamus turns things around, only to have Cesaro pick Sheamus up and dump him over with a belly to back suplex. Cesaro waits for Sheamus to stand. Sheamus ducks a clothesline and hits a couple of running forearms, and a shoulder to the gut in the corner. Cesaro recovers with a giant clothesline that's good for a two count.

Cesaro charges Sheamus in the corner with a huge uppercut, then another. Sheamus avoids another with an Irish curse backbreaker, which he immediately follows up with another Irish curse backbreaker. Sheamus goes for the pin, but only gets two.

Sheamus waits for Cesaro to stand on the apron, then traps his arms in the ropes and goes for the clubbing blows to the chest. Cesaro stops it and hits a huge forearm to the face before kicking Sheamus in the side of the head. Cesaro goes to the top rope, but he's stopped by Sheamus who has a couple of uppercuts of his own. Sheamus turns his back to Cesaro and flips the big man over, going straight down to the mat, sitting out, and going right for the pin. Sheamus gets two, and tries for white noise, but Cesaro fights out. Sheamus misses the brogue kick, and Cesaro hits the pop up uppercut for a two count. Cesaro tries to pull Sheamus up, then kicks him in the side of the head. Sheamus hits a big forearm, then a high knee before slamming Cesaro down to the mat for another two count.

Sheamus stands and begins to psych himself up in the corner. Sheamus begins pounding on his chest. Cesaro stands and avoids the brogue kick. He rolls Sheamus up for two. Cesaro picks Sheamus up with a double underhook powerbomb, but it's still only enough for two. Cesaro tries for the neutralizer, but Sheamus fights out. Sheamus misses the brogue kick again, and Cesaro hits a huge backslide slam, sending Sheamus to the mat on the top of his head and shoulders. Sheamus is still able to kick out at two.

Cesaro slaps Sheamus across the face repeatedly. Sheamus stands and the two trade blows. Cesaro hits a series of uppercuts and a giant kick to the chest. Sheamus shoves him away and calls for more. Cesaro hits a huge running yakuza kick. Cesaro turns his back for a second and walks right into a brogue kick. Sheamus pins Cesaro for three in an awesome match.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Sheamus

Sheamus celebrates with some of the fans around the ring before heading off to the back.

Mark Henry is shown pacing backstage. He turns around and sees the Big Show. Show asks if Henry's ready, he is. Show asks if he knows what's on the line. Henry says the country is behind him, and he can't and won't let them down. Show says Henry has 318 million tag team partners tonight, all in his corner. Show says he knows Henry is ready. Show presents Henry with some new trunks, emblazoned with an American flag. He tells Henry he won't fail. Show has Henry's back. No quarter, no surrender, Show says Henry better tear his head off. Henry says that's what he does.

Justin Roberts introduces Florida Georgia Line, who I guess is a country band that I know literally nothing about. The band members are apparently going to join Cole, JBL and Lawler on commentary for the next match. The band guys reveal that they'll be playing the Tribute to the Troops for WWE this year, before throwing it up to the ring.

Miz is the first man to make his way out to the ring, flanked by Damien Mizdow, who's dressed exactly the same and is mirroring Miz's every move on his way down to the ring.

Dolph Ziggler is out next, and of course he's got R-Ziggler by his side, mimicking his every move as well. Ziggler gets a big pop from the fans.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

The bell rings, and Miz removes his sunglasses. Miz and Dolph circle each other before locking up. Miz locks in a headlock, dropping down to one knee. Dolph fights out of the hold, reversing into a headlock of his own. Miz fights out, but eats a quick shoulderblock from Ziggler. Ziggler avoids a hip toss and hits a Thesz press. Miz tries to get a figure four, but Ziggler fights it off before hitting a hip toss and dropping a series of nine elbows to Miz's chest before he rolls out to the apron. Miz drops Ziggler's neck across the top rope, then connects with a big kick to the face that's good for two.

Miz stomps away at Ziggler before hitting the ropes and connecting with a kick to the face that's good for another two count. Miz mounts Ziggler's back and rips at his face before clamping on a rear chin lock. Ziggler is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold. Miz sends Ziggler into the ropes and hits him with a huge knee to the gut that sends Ziggler flipping over to the mat. Miz continues the assault, stomping and kicking at Ziggler.

Miz hits Ziggler with a big right hand and tries for another pin, but only gets two. Miz skips around the ring a bit, continuing to kick at Ziggler's chest and back. Miz picks Ziggler up, but Dolph is quick to fight back with a couple of rights. Miz sends Dolph into the corner, but Ziggler pops right out with a huge clothesline to wipe out Miz.

Dolph and Miz are slow to get to their feet. Dolph hits a couple of running clotheslines, then a huge splash in the corner, and a neckbreaker. Ziggler goes for the fameasser, but Miz almost counter into a powerbomb. Ziggler is able to roll up Miz for two, then both men end up tumbling to the outside. Ziggler sends Miz into the barricade before sending things back into the ring. On his way back in, Mizdow brings Ziggler down, slamming his face into the apron. Mizdow also takes out R-Ziggler. Mizdow gets in the band's face, and they stand up. Mizdow tells them to sit back down, and they shove him away. R-Ziggler chases Mizdow to the back, sending him running. In the ring, Ziggler hits a superkick and pins Miz for two.

Ziggler misses the fameasser again. Miz misses the SCF, but he's able to lock Ziggler in the figure four. Dolph screams in pain, fading and dropping his shoulders to the mat. Ziggler begins to get counted, but kicks out at two. Ziggler crawls and scrapes, pulling himself to the ropes, and getting his hand on the bottom rope to break the hold. Miz breaks, and goes right back for it. Dolph pops up and hits the fameasser. Dolph goes for the pin, but Miz is able to kick out at two.

Miz struggles to get to his feet, standing slowly and grabbing at his knee. Mizdow is on the apron out of nowhere and he's knocked off by a superkick from Ziggler. Miz rolls up Ziggler and grabs the tights to get the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

Miz and Mizdow celebrate on their way up the ramp, with Mizdow even holding up and invisible title belt, and still mimicking Miz's every move.

Scott Stanford is shown with some breaking news about Roman Reigns emergency surgery. We get some footage of Roman in the hospital, he talks about what led him to go to the hospital. Then there's some audio of a WWE doctor, and a doctor at the hospital explaining the procedure. Cole says apparently Reigns will be out several months, and wishes him a quick recovery.

Back in the arena, Seth Rollins' music hits, and Mr. Money in the Bank makes his way down to the ring to a good bit of heat from the crowd. Rollins has a huge smile on his face walking down the ramp.

Rollins stands in the middle of the ring and soaks up the boos, mic in hand. Rollins says it's amazing how life works sometimes, just crazy. One minute you're on top of the world, and the next, you're Roman Reigns. Rollins says his former partner and brother in the Shield was scheduled to face him in a match tonight, but he got word yesterday that Roman was rushed to the hospital. Rollins says that's no excuse for not showing up here tonight. Rollins says in the interest of fairness and justice, he's going to give Roman Reigns a chance, and ten seconds, to get here and face him. Otherwise, he'll accept Reigns' forfeit. He asks for the bell to be rung, and the ref begins counting.

The ref counts Reigns out and calls for the bell. Rollins is announced winner by forfeit. His music comes on. Rollins calls for it to stop, and says it's not official until the ref raises his hand. The ref obliges. Rollins says he knows they're disappointed. They all wanted to see him compete tonight. He's disappointed too. He's disappointed in Reigns, who isn't half the man Rollins thought he was. Rollins says he's got no choice, he has to do something to make the crowd happy. Luckily he's an opportunist, and the Authority is all about providing opportunity. So in that vein, he's issuing an open challenge to anyone in the locker room who wants to have a match right now.

Rollins stands in the ring and asks for anyone. Backstage, a taxi is shown arriving, and Dean Ambrose makes his way into the arena.

Singles Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Ambrose comes in and goes right to work, beating on Rollins before clotheslining him over the top rope out to the floor. Ambrose chases Rollins, sending him flying out into the fans. Ambrose chases Rollins up the stairs, bringing him back down to the floor of the arena. Ambrose and Rollins brawl all around the fans. Rollins tries for a powerbomb, but Ambrose hits a backdrop. Hunter and Stephanie make their way out to the top of the ramp, and security is out to break things up. Ambrose climbs up on a set piece at the top of the ramp and dives off on security before climbing another set piece and diving off on Rollins. Ambrose continues to stalk and beat on Rollins all through the fans, standing over Rollins and punching him repeatedly.

Ambrose hits Rollins with a series of forearms before clotheslining him back into the ringside area. Ambrose grabs a chair and brings it into the ring, but he's ambushed by security and taken down to the mat. Hunter hands security some plastic hand ties, and Dean Ambrose is handcuffed while five guys hold him down. Ambrose is hauled out of the ring, kicking the whole way.

No Contest

Rollins is angry, screaming 'Where did he come from?'. Hunter hands Seth the briefcase, and Rollins and Stephanie flank Hunter up the aisle before Steph and Hunter raise Rollins' arms in victory.

The All Star panel is shown, Renee Young is sitting alongside Booker T, Alex Riley, and Big Show. Renee talks about the new Intercontinental Champion, and new Tag Team Champions. Riley points out that the US Champion is the same, Sheamus proved himself, and it was a good match. Big Show talks about his pep talk with Mark Henry, he says Rusev might be headed home with his tail between his leg. Booker says tonight it's all about America and Henry will do it like it has to be done. Renee says Henry has promised not to let America down. Henry's music hits, and he walks out with a ton of American flags on the trons surrounding the entrance, and wearing the new gear and scarf given to him by Big Show earlier in the evening.

Lillian Garcia sings the National Anthem while Henry stands in the ring with his hand over his heart.

Henry begins to get emotional, shedding a couple of tears in the ring while Lillian sings. The crowd immediately begins chanting 'USA'.

Rusev's music interrupts the happy chants, and he makes his way to the ring waving a Russian flag, with Lana by his side.

Singles Match
Mark Henry vs. Rusev

The bell rings and Rusev and Henry stand across from each other. Rusev charges in and both men begin to brawl. Henry is able to sent Rusev from the ring, and Rusev looks upset. Rusev charges back into the ring, and he's met with a giant head butt that sends him crashing to the outside. Rusev keeps charging back toward the ring, but Henry won't let him in.

Rusev is finally able to make it back into the ring, and he ducks a clothesline before kicing and punching at Rusev. Henry hits another head butt and tosses Rusev from the ring again. Henry heads out to the floor, and Rusev backs him spine first into the ring steps.

Henry shoves Rusev away and makes it back into the ring, favoring his back. Rusev charges Henry in the corner, hitting a big running shoulder to the gut. Rusev backs up, and splashing into Henry again, thrusting his hip into Henry's stomach. Rusev kicks Henry in the gut before dropping a series of head butts and stomping at Henry's ribs.

Rusev picks Henry up and traps Henry's arm in a choke hold. Henry struggles up to his feet, but Rusev hits a series of knees to the chest and a Russian leg sweep to take Henry right back down to the mat, and into the same submission hold. Henry sits up, and gets to his feet once more. Rusev goes back to the knees, but Henry fights Rusev off. Henry hits a couple of clotheslines, then a big splash in the corner. Rusev comes out of the corner and Henry tries for a body slam, but he can't lift Rusev. Rusev hits the ropes and comes off with a flying back heel kick to wipe out Henry. Rusev rolls Henry on to his stomach and stomps on his back. Rusev goes for the accolade, but Henry won't let him lock it in.

Henry fights Rusev off, and Rusev hits a kick to the stomach. Henry lifts Rusev up and connects with the World's strongest slam. Henry goes for the cover, but Rusev rolls away and out of the ring.

Henry grabs Rusev on the outside, but Rusev backs away and connects with a kick to Henry's face. Henry shakes his head, and stands, showing that he won't give up. Rusev connects with a kick to the side of the head from the apron, but Henry won't go down. Rusev psychs himself up and hits a huge running kick. Rusev locks in the accolade, wrenching Henry back, and forcing him to tap out.

Winner: Rusev

The Russian flag drops from the ceiling and hangs over the ring. Rusev celebrates while the referee checks on Mark Henry on the outside.

We get a recap of Michael Cole sitting down with Brock Lesnar to discus his match with John Cena. Brock Lesnar says it's simple, Cena will get another ass beating.

Back in the arena, Chris Jericho makes his way out to the ring, getting a big pop from the fans when he makes his way out with his light up jacket.

Randy Orton is out next, and he gets a bit of a pop, but it seems to die off pretty quickly as he makes his way to the ring. We get a recap of Jericho being attacked backstage by Orton on Raw a couple of weeks ago.

Singles Match
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

The bell rings and Jericho and Orton circle each other before Orton goes for a big right hand. Jericho counters, fighting back and backing Orton into the corner, burying his shoulder in Orton's gut. Orton uses the ref as a distraction and gets in a couple of cheap shots that allows Orton to beat on Jericho in the corner with a couple of big uppercuts. Jericho chops his way out and sends Orton into the ropes, but eats a shoulder block. Orton hits the ropes and Jericho retaliates with a dropkick. Orton drops to the outside and Jericho hits a baseball slide. Jericho slams Orton's head into the Spanish announcer's table before sending him crashing into the ring steps. Jericho brings things back into the ring and he's caught with a couple of sharp kicks from Orton. Orton sends Jericho into the corner and hits a running clothesline.

Orton runs into a big boot from Jericho in the corner. Jericho hits a couple of chops, and hits big boots after being sent into the corner by Orton. Jericho makes his way to the top, but he's crotched when Orton kicks the top rope. Orton stalks Jericho in the corner, hitting him with a big right hand. Orton stands on the middle rope, then the top, superplexing Jericho off. Orton goes for the pin but only gets two.

Orton traps Jericho in a rear chin lock, cranking Jericho's neck. Jericho is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, hitting Orton with another big chop. Jericho charges into the corner, but Orton sends him flying over the top rope and out to the floor.

Orton heads out to the floor and sends Jericho into the barricade repeatedly, then a backbreaker on the ring steps. Orton brings things back into the ring, only to head back outside shortly after. Orton picks up Jericho in a belly to back suplex, dropping him on the announcer's table. Orton picks Jericho up and sends him back into the ring, going right back to the rear chin lock. Jericho fights out of the hold, and kicks Orton in the chest before chopping him repeatedly. Jericho hits a running forearm, then a shoulder block, then a flying neckbreaker that puts Orton down for two. Jericho kicks away at Orton in the corner, chops him, then sends him into the corner. Orton comes up with the quick powerslam out of nowhere and he gets a two count.

Orton goes for a knee drop, but misses. Jericho hits a knee to the face. Orton sends Jericho out to the apron, and Jericho stuns Orton, knocking him back. Jericho heads to the top rope, leaping off with a flying forearm to take out Orton. Jericho hits a bulldog, then tries for the lionsault, landing on his feet. Orton hits his signature backbreaker. Orton tries for the RKO, but Jericho pushes him away and hits the lionsault for a two count.

Jericho kicks Orton, sending him to the outside. Jericho heads to the apron and Orton heads inside. Orton tries for the suspension DDT, but Jericho gets his feet under him and tries for the walls of Jericho. Orton counters out, then sends Jericho head first into the corner, cracking against the ring post.

Orton stands over Jericho, then backs away, setting up for the punt. Jericho avoids the punt and rolls Orton up for two. Jericho catches Orton's legs and turns him over into the Walls of Jericho. Orton refuses to quit, crawling toward the ropes. Orton reaches, but Jericho drags him back to the middle of the ring. Orton still won't tap, grabbing Jericho's ankle and countering out of the hold. Orton kicks Jericho to the outside. On his way back into the ring, Jericho is caught with the suspension DDT from Orton for a near fall.

Orton sets up for the RKO, backing away from Jericho and dropping to the mat. Jericho turns around and hits the codebreaker out of nowhere. Jericho pins Orton, but Orton kicks out at two.

Jericho heads to the top rope, waiting for Orton to stand before leaping off right into an RKO from Orton. Orton poses, then pins Jericho for the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

Cole talks about the new champions that have been crowned tonight, and asks if there could potentially be a new Diva's champion. This leads into a video package where Paige discusses being the WWE Diva's champion, and her stance on the division, and her match tonight in general.

Brie Bella stands alongside Bryon Saxton backstage. Brie says everyone asks her when is Nikki going to get what she deserves, and she has to bite her tongue because she's still her sister. After the past few weeks, she can finally say Nikki shouldn't become the champion, because she would become even more obnoxious and self-centered. Brie says Paige and AJ can knock her sister down a couple of pegs tonight, and her sister's a lot like karma, they're both a bitch.

In the arena, AJ Lee is the first woman to make her way to the ring for the Divas Championship match. AJ doesn't get much of a reaction as she skips her way down to the ring.

Nikki Bella is out next, and she too doesn't draw much of a reaction from the fans in attendance.

Paige is out last, and she skips a bit to mock AJ before stopping at the top of the aisle to hold her title belt high. Paige continues to skip down to the ring while AJ glares at her the whole time.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Paige vs. AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

The bell rings and Paige gets right in Nikki's face. Paige and Nikki both go after AJ and are kicked in the face. AJ tosses Paige from the ring and hits a hurricanrana on Nikki for a one count. AJ runs right into a sleeper hold from Nikki, and Nikki swings AJ around while she's trapped in the hold. AJ drops down with a chinbreaker and rolls from the ring. Paige runs into the match into an elbow and a kick from the second rope from Nikki. Nikki focuses on the arm, wrenching away on Paige's arm in an arm bar. Paige struggles, but turns it into a pin to break the hold. AJ pulls Paige from the ring and tosses her into the barricade. Nikki comes out, but AJ sends her into the barricade as well.

AJ sends Paige into the ring and Paige begs off for a bit, but AJ doesn't let up, sending her face first into the mat and hitting her with a big kick to the face for a near fall. Paige kicks AJ and sends her out to the apron. AJ catches Paige with a boot to the face and heads to the top, but she's pushed off by Nikki while Paige rolls out to the floor. Nikki drags AJ across the ring and slams the back of her head to the mat. She mounts AJ and slams her head down repeatedly. Paige is in and she tosses Nikki to the apron, then kicks her out to the floor. Paige cradles AJ and picks her up to her feet. AJ shoves Paige away, then walks right into a kick. Paige screams 'why don't you love me?', then headbutts AJ repeatedly for another near fall.

Paige traps AJ in the ropes and buries her knee in AJ's midsection from the apron. Nikki is in and sends Paige out to the floor and AJ almost scores with a roll up. Nikki picks AJ up and slams her to the mat, going for the pin and getting a two count. Nikki runs into the corner into a boot from AJ. Nikki catches AJ leaping out of the corner, but AJ is able to turn the slam into the black widow submission. Paige kicks AJ and Nikki in their heads to put them both down. She tries to pin both, but only gets two. Paige gets frustrated, then seats AJ on the top turnbuckle. Nikki comes in and gives Paige a powerbomb while Paige gives AJ a superplex, and all three are down.

AJ rolls out to the floor, and Nikki blocks a kick from Paige. Nikki gets Paige in the torture rack and drops to her knees, pinning Paige. AJ breaks up the pin and Nikki catches AJ with a huge right hand. Nikki sends AJ to the floor, but AJ pulls Nikki out of the ring to the floor by her hair. AJ heads back into the ring and traps Paige in the black widow. Paige tries to counter, but AJ is able to lock it back in, and Paige is forced to tap out.

Winner and NEW WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee

AJ celebrates while Paige clutches at her shoulder on the mat. AJ skips around the ring holding her title high. Paige screams and pounds on the mat while AJ heads off toward the back.

We get a recap of the Cena/Lesnar SummerSlam match. It's a neat video package that highlights a couple of stats from SummerSlam, including total amount of offensive time for Cena, strikes by Lesnar, and of course, the 16 suplexes get a mention.

Another check-in with the All Star Panel, and Alex Riley says looking at those numbers, he's got to agree with Paul Heyman, to beat a beast, you've got to become a beast. He's going to have to put hustle, loyalty and respect aside tonight. Big Show says Cena needs to rely on what he knows best. Cena's got to stay on his game and do what he does best. Booker T says he's seen something in John Cena, and that'll be the key to John Cena winning tonight.

We get another video package, this one showing more actual footage from the SummerSlam match, and some of the recent events that have led to this rematch.

In the arena, John Cena's music plays, and the fans immediately break out in their mixed reaction for the challenger. Cena salutes the fans before running down to the ring and getting fired up.

Brock Lesnar is out next, and of course his manager Paul Heyman is alongside the champion. Cole points out that Brock Lesnar has had three matches this year, beating Big Show at Royal Rumble, The Undertaker at WrestleMania, and John Cena at SummerSlam. Three decisive victories.

The bell rings and we get formal ring introductions for both men.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

The bell rings to kick off the match, and Cena charges right into Lesnar. Lesnar picks up Cena and drives him into the corner, burying his shoulder in Cena's midsection. Lesnar goes for a German suplex, but Cena holds on to the ropes. Cena hits a clothesline, then a second. Cena connects with the AA out of nowhere, but Lesnar is only down for a one count.

Cena attacks Lesnar, but Lesnar is able to trap Cena in the kimura arm lock. Cena is close to the ropes and he grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. Lesnar breaks and immediately buries a knee in Cena's gut. Lesnar won't let up, hitting knee after knee to the challenger. Lesnar hits Cena with a clubbing blow to the back of the head. Lesnar stands over Cena and connects with a German suplex.

Cena stands and attacks Lesnar in the corner. Lesnar grabs Cena's arm and wraps it around the top rope, wrenching away before putting him down to the mat and stomping away at him. Lesnar locks in the kimura lock a second time, and Cena again makes it to the ropes. Lesnar breaks the hold and stomps away at Cena. Cena hits Lesnar with a series of right hands, but Lesnar ducks a clothesline and connects with a second German suplex. Lesnar goes for the pin, but only gets two.

Lesnar picks Cena up to his feet and hits a snap suplex. Lesnar holds on to Cena and hits a second suplex, then a third. Lesnar floats into a cover, but Cena's shoulders aren't down. Lesnar hits Cena with a big clubbing blow to the back to knock him down to the mat. Lesnar knees Cena in the stomach, then rolls Cena up for a two count. Lesnar continues the assault in the corner, burying his shoulder in Cena's gut repeatedly. Cena crumples out of the corner, but comes up with a couple of right hands out of nowhere. Lesnar's stunned, but he's able to come up with a huge clothesline to wipe Cena out and take him down to the mat again.

Cena picks himself up using Lesnar, and Lesnar hits him with another series of clubbing blows to the back. Lesnar goes back to the arm, but Cena is right at the ropes, grabbing on and forcing a break. Lesnar kicks Cena in the stomach, then hits a huge belly to belly suplex to launch Cena across the ring. Lesnar goes for a cover, but only gets two. He tries to cover Cena again, but Cena won't stay down.

Cena hits another couple of right hands, staggering Lesnar and sending him into the corner. Lesnar turns things around with a couple of shoulders to the gut, and Cena crumples to the mat yet again.

Lesnar knees Cena in the kidneys, and Cena screams in pain. Lesnar waits for Cena to stand, pushing him into the corner and whipping him across the ring hard. Lesnar runs right into an elbow from Cena, and Cena connects with a flurry of strikes, but Lesnar fights off an AA attempt with a third German suplex.

Lesnar's bleeding from the nose as he stalks Cena in the corner. Lesnar continues to bury his shoulder in Cena's gut in the corner. Lesnar takes off his gloves, and picks Cena up, running him across the ring and driving him into the corner turnbuckle. Lesnar backs away for one second and turns around, getting shouldered immediately, and driven to the mat with an AA from Cena. Cena goes for the pin, but only gets two.

Lesnar shoulders Cena, but Cena is able to drop down and trap Lesnar in the STF in the middle of the ring. Lesnar fights out of it and goes right back into another kimura. Lesnar wrenches the arm, and he positions himself in between Cena and the ropes. Cena stands with Lesnar hanging off of him. Cena drives Lesnar into the corner twice to break the hold. Cena shoulders Lesnar and hits the AA for a third time. Cena goes right back into the STF, cranking back on Lesnar.

Lesnar crawls toward the ropes, but Cena drags him back to the middle of the ring. Lesnar reaches the ropes, but Cena pulls him into the middle of the ring again. Cena breaks the hold and hits a fourth AA. Seth Rollins is in out of nowhere and hits Cena with the Money in the Bank briefcase. The bell rings.

Winner by DQ: John Cena

Rollins hits Cena in the side of the head with the briefcase, sending him out of the ring. Rollins looks down at Lesnar's body, holding the briefcase. Rollins hits Lesnar with the curb stomp, then tells the ref he's cashing in on Brock Lesnar.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins

Cena pulls Rollins out of the ring and attacks him, sending him crashing into the announcer's table, and Rollins escapes, bailing and running up the aisle to the back. Cena screams angrily, but he's turned around and hit with an F5 from Brock Lesnar.

No Contest

Paul Heyman hands the title to Brock, and Cena is announced as the winner of the match, but Brock is announced as the Champion. Lesnar smiles and holds the title up. Apparently Rollins' cashing in won't count because the bell never rang. Lesnar makes his way to the back with Heyman, and neither look too happy, even after retaining the title.

The show ends with Cena's arm being held up, but Brock and Heyman walking to the back, with the title over Brock's shoulder. Cena looks sadly down to the mat while the screen goes black.

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