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WWE Night Of Champions A Big Step In The Right Direction

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Seth Rollins

WWE Night of Champions was a big step in the right direction. If you haven't read my Richard Reacts to Night of Champions, which I suggest you doing, then you probably don't know just how pleased I was with last night's pay-per-view. The booking at times in WWE can be mind-boggling but the outcomes at Night of Champions made sense. Consider the fact that WWE is making their pay-per-views as "big attraction" driven then ever before with matches such as Sting vs. Seth Rollins (which we saw last night) and Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar in Hell in a Cell (which we'll see next month) while at the same time building up younger talent.

Kevin Owens is now WWE Intercontinental Champion, Charlotte is WWE Divas Champion and Seth Rollins is WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Sure, people will complain about John Cena going over Rollins clean -- something I myself didn't know how to process -- but that list of champions indicates WWE is finally embracing change and beginning to showcase up and coming talent. Not only that but we're getting the best of both worlds with the attractions that are Sting, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and whoever else they decide to bring in (Triple H and The Rock are two names that immediately come to mind).

I feel bad that Sting got hurt and I'm sure many of you are going to analyze the risks he took until they can analyzed no more but injuries are part of the business. Did Sting push it too far? I believe that he did but unfortunately that's how this business goes. I don't like seeing the words "career-threatening" injury when an official diagnosis has not been made available. How many people retired The Undertaker when he was rushed to the hospital via ambulance after his match against Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30? Let's just slow down, hope for the best and wait for the facts. It's irresponsible to begin ending an iconic career based on preliminary information. Remember, WWE has offered no specifics.

I cannot tell you how encouraging it is to feel the nostalgia of a tag team like The Dudleyz but also be optimistic about The New Day. Or how Chris Jericho selflessly returned to television in order to help launch the career of Braun Strowman and resurrect the mystique of The Wyatt Family. Ryback seems to have even found a good niche and with the help of Owens playing to strengths, delivered an entertaining opener.

My continual praise for Charlotte will not cease. Some readers see the Divas Revolution as something so black and white, it's almost disturbing. If I praise Charlotte that must mean I don't think much of Sasha Banks. Nothing could be further from the truth. Banks is one of the best in-ring workers in the company, heck, Natalya is the best female in-ring worker in the world. But what Charlotte has is something no one else has and can't be taught. Her talent is God-given and it's very special. Charlotte is going to alter the way we view women in wrestling and the moment last night with Ric Flair was historic. Don't get sidetracked by complaining and let's not diss Nikki Bella either. Nikki is legitimate and has done everything that has ever been asked of her.

Let's also stop with the John Cena hate. The dude can flat out wrestle and has put on the best matches in WWE this year. His match against Rollins was another one of those matches. I understand people are frustrated with him always going over but his drawability is undeniable and the company is clearly focused on giving big time opportunities to big time prospects. Sure, I wish Owens would have gotten the rub but he got it last night.

There is nothing wrong with Sting or Jericho "doing the honors" either. I'm fine with people criticizing Hunter over Sting but putting Rollins over was the right move. Hopefully that's what will happen with Kane as well. Savvy veterans helping progress younger talent is what we've all been hoping for. Let's not criticize them when they actually do it. The behavior on Twitter is laughable. Is this really what Sting signed up for? Sting isn't working for free and is more relevant today than he has been in 15 years.

WWE Night of Champions was a breath of fresh air. I felt it was an enjoyable show from top to bottom, featuring a wonderful mix of nostalgia and up and comers. I encourage you to check out my match grades in Richard Reacts and comment with your feedback. I implore you not to get caught up complaining. Maybe you should take a couple shows off and then return because Night of Champions delivered and it looks like WWE will be using a similar formula for Hell in a Cell next month.

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