Complete WWE Night Of Champions Kickoff Results


WWE SummerSlam Kickoff Results – (9/15/13)

Welcome to WWE’s Night of Champions Kickoff Show!

Santino Marella, Alex Riley and Booker T join Josh Mathews for some pre-show analysis.

Booker T points out the WWE Championship match as a definite highlight, and looks forward to seeing Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton. Santino is excited for CM Punk's match. Alex Riley predicts that the winners of the upcoming Tag Team Turmoil match will win the title later tonight.

Santino says that The Usos have the edge tonight because they have better "gellification" than the other teams. Booker T's pick is the Prime Time Players, since they've been on fire as of late. Alex Riley agrees with Santino, and makes his pick The Usos.

They throw it over to Renee Young in the social media lounge, who hypes up some fan polls for the WWE Universe's favorite champions. Results will be shown throughout the show.

CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel is hyped up. Paul Heyman is shown backstage, clearly upset. Brad Maddox passes by and asks if he's okay. Heyman accuses Maddox of signing a "father of two" to his death. He says he taught CM Punk what he knows, and he will massacre Heyman in the ring. Heyman pauses, and points out that if he punches a referee in the face, he can be disqualified. Therefore, if Punk attacks him after the disqualification, any attack on Heyman will be felonious assault. Maddox says that such a tactic wouldn't be best for business, and decides to make Punk vs. Heyman & Axel a No Disqualification match.

Alex Riley says that the new stipulation may actually benefit Paul Heyman, as he is a "survivor."

3MB comes to the ring for their match. Tons of Funk out next.

No. 1 Contender Tag Team Turmoil Match

Slater and Brodus start in the ring. Brodus picks Slater up and drops him before tagging in Tensai. Slater applies a headlock and gets a blind tag from Jinder. Slater baits Tensai out of the ring, and McIntyre hits a plancha from over the top rope. Back in the ring, Tensai goes for a quick pin, but doesn't get the fall. McIntyre punches Tensai repeatedly in the corner. Tensai uses a school boy for the quick pin.

Eliminated: 3MB

3MB assaults Tensai as The Real Americans run out. Cesaro shouts "We the People" over Tensai's downed body.


Cesaro is in control of Tensai. He goes for a suplex, but Tensai counters into a suplex of his own. Brodus gets a hot tag and hits a number of headbutts followed by a Shee-plex. Brodus hits a big splash in the corner. Brodus goes to the second rope and hits a big splash. Swagger breaks up the pin and knocks Tensai off the apron. Brodus clears Swagger from the ring. Cesaro makes a quick tag to Swagger. Swagger quickly applies the Patriot Lock and Brodus taps.

Eliminated: Tons of Funk

The Usos run out next. They clear the Real Americans from the ring. One of the Usos jumps over the turnbuckle onto Swagger. The other hits a plancha on Cesaro. An Uso goes to the top rope and hits a cross body on Cesaro in the ring for a two count. Cesaro takes control and tags in Swagger. They hit a double half nelson slam. Swagger applies a wristlock as Zeb Colter watches. Cesaro is tagged in and hangs up the legal Uso in the ropes. He distracts the referee while Swagger punches him.


The legal Uso is on the second rope. Swagger runs up, but the Uso leaps over him. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock and gets the tap-out.

Eliminated: The Usos

The Prime Time Platers run out. Titus is the legal man and he takes control with a number of clotheslines and a fallaway slam. Titus goes for a big boot but Swagger dodges and hits a chop block. He applies the Patriot Lock but Darren Young breaks it up. Titus tags Darren in, but he is immediately put in the Patriot Lock. Darren rolls out and hits his gutbuster finisher to get the pin.

Eliminated: The Real Americans

Winners: The Prime Time Players

The Prime Time Players, now the Number 1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championship, celebrate in the ring.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan is hyped up. The commentators discuss how Bryan has the deck stacked against him. Riley thinks it's going to be a bad night for Bryan. Santino picks Orton to win. Booker T says Bryan will find a way to win. Riley picks Orton but he respects Bryan's courage. This concludes the Night of Champions Kickoff.

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