WWE Night Of Champions Results (9/15/13) - Yes! Yes! Yes! Daniel Bryan Is Champ

Complete results from WWE Night of Champions 2013 featuring Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship from Randy Orton. Live from Detroit, Michigan on September 15, 2013.

WWE Night of Champions Results
Sunday, September 15, 2013
From the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan
Report by Sean Hopkins of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Quick Results:

  • Kickoff: The Prime Time Players b. Tons of Funk, The Usos, 3MB & The Real Americans
  • Curtis Axel b. Kofi Kingston to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • AJ Lee b. Natalya, Brie Bella & Naomi to retain the WWE Divas Championship
  • Rob Van Dam b. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio via disqualification
  • The Miz b. Fandango
  • Paul Heyman b. CM Punk in a No DQ Elimination Handicap Match
  • Dean Ambrose b. Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE US Championship
  • Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins b. The Prime Time Players to retain the WWE Tag Titles
  • Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship

Pay-Per-View Opening:

The show opens with a video package highlighting the championship theme of the evening, and some historical highlights of great champions from the past. The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. Justin Roberts introduces the COO of the WWE, Triple H.

Hunter makes his way to the ring and Cole talks about how it's fitting that we start the show with an all-time great champion in Triple H. King says he doesn't know how many people are saying derogatory things about Triple H for fear of losing their jobs.

Hunter grabs a mic and welcomes the crowd to Night of Champions. He's proud to put his stamp of approval on tonight's matches because tonight will be one of the greatest nights in WWE history. And to show the fans that he's not the villainous guy that WWE superstars think he is, and that he's listened to the fans, and they, and he both want what's best for business. So tonight, in the WWE Championship match, where Daniel Bryan takes on Randy Orton, there will be no interference from anyone. No Shield, no Big Show, nobody, just Orton and Daniel Bryan one-on-one. We'll find out who should be WWE Champion. Hunter asks the crowd if they're ready. He's interrupted by Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel.

Heyman says he's been calling, e-mailing, texting, leaving messages with everyone. He doesn't know what it takes to get a reply from Hunter, but Heyman has a desperate need to talk to Hunter. He didn't want it to be in front of the world, but Hunter thinks it's best for business. Hunter says Paul looks terrible and asks him when the last time he slept was, or when he showered. He says Paul looks like a wreck, and Paul screams of course he's a wreck. He apologizes and compliments Hunter on the line-up for NOC, but he says tonight Hunter has made a serious error in judgement, by putting Heyman, a non-athlete and middle-aged father of two, into a handicapped elimination match against a fighter of such dominance, WWE accepted Heyman's branding him as Best in the World. A fighter that gave Brock Lesnar all that he could handle. And Punk wants to beat Heyman up, to hurt him. Punk wants to give him such a beating that Heyman will never be seen in WWE again. Heyman begs Hunter to cancel the match with Punk.

Hunter thinks it over, and says that Paul makes some good points. He asks about if it has anything to do with the match being made no DQ. Hunter says he's tried to weasel out of things, and he doesn't see it happening here. Hunter says Heyman doesn't need to tag in, he can let Axel handle it. Because Heyman should believe in Axel. Hunter asks if Heyman believes in Axel. Heyman hesitates, and Hunter says the match is on. Heyman asks if there's no more honor among thieves. Axel grabs the mic and asks Hunter if there's something personal going on. He knows what it is. The first day Axel became a Heyman guy was on Monday Night Raw and Axel beat Hunter in a match. Hunter says there's an old saying, don't poke the bear. Heyman brought up the fact that Hunter made a mistake, and tonight is Night of Champions, and all championships are defended. Luckily this is a mistake that Hunter can fix tonight on September 15th, in Detroit. He's going to walk down the aisle and defend the Intercontinental Championship against the first person he crosses in the back, and that match is going to take place right now. Hunter drops the mic and heads to the back.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
- Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

The entrances:

Heyman grabs the mic and says this match is taking place under Axel's protest.

Kofi Kingston's music plays, and Kingston heads down to the ring.

The start:

The bell rings and we get a lock up. Axel goes behind and Kofi switches it up. Axel is able to clamp on a headlock and Kofi fights out of it. Axel works over Kingston's arm, but Kingston flips out of it and gets a quick near fall. Axel backs into the ropes. Axel stands and Kofi goes behind, but Axel is able to get Kofi back into a headlock. Kofi fights out and falls to a shoulder block. Kofi pops back up and leap frogs Axel, and Axel bails to the outside, sitting on the ring apron.

Mid-match notes:

Axel heads back into the ring and beats on Kofi in the corner with a series of rights and kicks. The ref backs Axel off and when he comes back in, Kingston turns it around and kicks at Axel's gut. Kingston kicks at the back of Axel's leg, dropping him to the mat and leading him to bail outside. Axel limps around on the outside and Kofi pulls him up to the apron, but when he tries to suplex him into the ring, Axel lands on his feet. Kingston lands a big kick and gets a two count. Axel gets up and is able to land a sloppy dropkick before clotheslining Kofi over the top rope to the outside.

Axel heads to the outside after Kofi, but Kofi pops up, runs up to the top turnbuckle, and leaps off with a huge crossbody to the floor. Kingston takes things back into the ring and gets another two count. Kofi heads to the top and Axel sweeps out the legs, trapping Kofi in the tree of woe. Axel holds Kingston up and hits him with several huge clubbing blows before backing up and hitting a big spear in the corner. Axel gets a two count. Axel hits Kofi with a big right, then an elbow to the top of the head before catching Kofi in a rear chin lock and grinding him to the mat.

Axel tosses Kofi with a big German suplex and it's good for two. Axel wrenches Kofi's neck putting pressure on Kingston. Kofi fights up to his feet and out of the hold. Kofi ducks a clothesline, but runs into another. Axel pins Kingston but Kofi kicks out at two. Axel walks over Kofi's face in a disrespectful display. Axel picks Kofi up to his feet and buries his knee in Kofi's midsection. Axel hits a snap mare then flips over and snaps Kingston's neck for another two count. Axel goes right back into another rear chin lock, but Kofi fights back up and out of it. Kofi avoids a clothesline and reverses into a crazy DDT.

Kofi hits a double chop, then another, then a dropkick. Kofi misses a flying forearm, but catches Axel with the boots in the corner. Kofi hits an insane cross body for another two count. Kingston hits Axel with a running knee to the face, then follows it up with the boom drop. Kingston goes to the corner and begins hyping up the fans. Kofi misses trouble in paradise and is backed into the corner. Axel buries his shoulder in Kofi's midsection, but runs into a kick in the corner. Kofi leaps off the top and Axel hits a giant dropkick to Kingston's stomach, but Kingston doesn't stay down.

Axel tries for a delayed back suplex, but Kofi reverses it into a roll up for two. Axel plows right over Kingston for a two count of his own. Axel hits Kofi with a series of right hands, then gets up to his feet. Kofi tries for the SOS but Axel counters. Kofi misses trouble in paradise. Axel tries for a neckbreaker but Kofi counters into the SOS. Kofi pins Axel but only gets two.

The finish:

Kofi hits Axel with a series of kicks. Kofi goes up in the corner and Axel catches him in electric chair position, but throws Kofi into the ropes. Axel hits his neckbreaker set-up DDT, and drives Kofi's face into the mat, leading to the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

There's a poll to show that Chris Jericho was chosen as the all-time greatest Intercontinental Champion.

Rob Van Dam is shown warming up backstage with Ricardo Rodriguez. Rob Van Dam asks Ricardo if he'll be alright tonight. He asks Ricardo how to say Five star frog splash in Spanish, then Mr. Monday Night, then Rolling Thunder. He asks about Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo says No cajones. He asks how you say World Heavyweight Champion and Ricardo says that one's easy, 'R-V-D'

Aj Lee is shown skipping backstage. She runs into a couple other Divas and says that they're going to prove that a real Diva is going home with the belt. Aksana says they won't be helping and Alicia Fox agrees before they walk off. AJ asks if Layla understands, Layla says she does, but then runs off to join Fox and Aksana.

Trish Stratus is shown to have been voted greatest Divas/Women's Champion of all time before we get a video package that shows the events that led up to this match including AJ's pipe bomb.

Fatal Four-Way Match for the WWE Divas Championship
- AJ Lee (c) vs. Brie Bella vs. Natalya vs. Naomi

The entrances:

Natalya is the first woman to make her way out to the ring, and she gets an OK pop from the crowd on her way down the aisle.

Naomi is out next, and she doesn't get too much of a reaction at all.

Brie Bella is the third competitor to make her way out of the ring.

AJ Lee is the last woman to come to the ring, and she gets a pretty nice pop out of the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and everyone is slow to start. AJ bails and everyone chases her. She runs out to the floor on both sides of the ring and Natalya throws her into the barricade, then Naomi does the same, and Brie gives her a third shot for good measure. Natalya brings things back into the ring and Brie knocks AJ right back out to the floor.

Mid-match notes:

Brie hits a double clothesline on Naomi and Natalya before hitting them both with huge running knees. Brie dropkicks Natalya from the ring apron to the floor. Naomi hits a huge dropkick on Brie, then after a nice little series, hits a decent hurricanrana. Brie runs into Naomi in the corner and AJ almost sneaks in a roll up on Natalya.

Things break down and all four women fight. Brie goes for a superplex on Naomi, but is pulled down by Natalya. Natalya rolls up Brie, gets a two count, then ducks a cross body from Naomi. AJ tosses Naomi and Natalya from the ring. Naomi is quick to recover on the apron, scoring a kick to Natalya's head, but AJ pulls her off the apron. AJ heads to the apron but is dropkicked off by Natalya. Brie and Natalya fight in the ring with Natalya suplexing and slamming Brie to the mat before clotheslining Naomi. Natalya sets up the sharpshooter, but punches Brie and slams her on top of Naomi instead. Natalya grabs Brie's legs and Naomi's legs and wraps them up for a double sharpshooter, she turns them, but it's broken up by AJ.

The finish:

AJ catches Natalya in the octopus hold, and Natalya is forced to tap out.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee

Josh Matthews is with Alex Riley, Booker T, and Santino. Booker says that we're going to see a new World Champion. Alberto Del Rio has shown he's a real World Champion, but RVD will win tonight. Riley says RVD has 17 years of experience, and this might be his last shot. Booker says he's old school, and he hopes to see his friend hit the five star frog splash and win the World Title.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
- Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam w/Ricardo Rodriguez

The entrances:

Back at ringside, Rob Van Dam's music hits, and the challenger makes his way out to the ring with Ricardo Rodriguez in tow.

Alberto Del Rio is out next, and the crowd doesn't really seem to care as the champ makes his way to the ring.

Lilian Garcia does formal ring introductions, though Ricardo grabs the mic for RVD's entrance. Lillian does Alberto's introduction in Spanish, and we're ready to begin.

The start:

RVD is super over with the crowd off the bat. The bell rings and Del Rio kicks and hits RVD with a couple of rights before drilling him with a shoulder block. RVD responds with a huge back kick to the chest. RVD fights Del Rio into the corner before whipping him across the ring and hitting him with a running spinning heel kick. RVD monkey flips Del Rio across the ring before hitting a standing moonsault that's good for two.

Mid-match notes:

Del Rio catches RVD with a huge dropkick, but misses another kick and ends up tied up in the ropes. Del Rio ends up dropkicked to the floor and Van Dam dives to the outside to wipe out Del Rio. RVD kicks Del Rio into the barricade before suplexing him chest first on top of the barricade. RVD heads up to the ring apron and hits a spinning back kick to Del Rio, who's laid out over the barricade.

Del Rio gets back to the apron and blocks a suplex, bringing Van Dam back into the ring. Van Dam puts Del Rio back into the ring, and Del Rio hangs Van Dam up on the top rope, causing him to fall to the floor. Del Rio dives to the outside on top of Van Dam, then throws him into the barricade hard. Del Rio brings things back into the ring and gets a two count before clamping on a rear chin lock. Van Dam fights to his feet, and rolls Del Rio up for two. Del Rio suplexes Van Dam and kicks him in the back of the head.

Del Rio chokes Van Dam against the bottom rope before kicking him in the back of the head again for another two count. Del Rio goes right back to the rear chin lock, and Van Dam fights right back up to his feet. Del Rio hear butts RVD and drops him with a belly to back suplex. RVD rolls to the apron and Del Rio scores with an enzugiri to knock Van Dam to the floor.

Del Rio goes for another dive through the ropes, but Van Dam moves and Del Rio hits the ground. Back in the ring, Van Dam scores with a couple of kicks to the face, but Del Rio is able to whip him into the corner. RVD hits another huge kick that's good for a two count. RVD hits a slingshot leg drop over the ropes to the ring apron on Del Rio, then he heads up to the top rope. Van Dam hits a huge single leg drop kick from the top, then follows up trying for rolling thunder. Del Rio pops up and hits the backstabber for a two count.

Del Rio slaps the back of Van Dam's head in the corner before seating him backward on the top turnbuckle. Del Rio hooks his arm around Van Dam's head, but Van Dam blocks it with a series of elbows and Del Rio falls to the mat. RVD stands and hits a giant cannonball senton to a standing Del Rio for another two count. RVD gets to his feet first and he and Del Rio begin trading punches. Van Dam runs right into a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then Del Rio follows up with a double stomp to the back for two.

Del Rio calls for the cross armbreaker. He tries to lock it in, but Van Dam scores with a kick to the side of the head and a roll up for two. Van Dam hits the spilt legged moonsault in the corner that's good for another two count. RVD gets to his feet and Del Rio scores with an arm breaker, then a kick to the face for yet another near fall. Del Rio stomps at RVD's face, then he heads to the top rope. Del Rio waits for RVD to stand, but jumps right into a big heel kick. Van Dam hits a big leg drop, then leaps to the top rope. RVD tries for the five star frog splash, but lands on Del Rio's knees. Del Rio clamps on the cross armbreaker in the middle of the ring. Van Dam fights, and works his way to the ropes to force a break.

The finish:

Del Rio holds the armbreaker past a five count and gets intentionally disqualified.

Winner: Rob Van Dam but STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Post-match Del Rio continues the beat down on RVD, stomping the back of his head. Del Rio heads to the outside and grabs a chair, but when he gets back into the ring, the chair is snatched by Ricardo. RVD hits Alberto with a DDT. RVD seats Del Rio in the corner and Ricardo holds up the chair while RVD heads to the opposite side of the ring. RVD heads to the top and goes coast to coast with a dropkick driving the chair into Del Rio's face. RVD and Ricardo stand while Del Rio remains slumped over in the corner.

Doctors are out to check on Del Rio after the match as he falls to the floor looking pretty dazed. Del Rio is helped to the back by refs and the doctors, stumbling on his way to the back.

Curtis Axel is shown backstage holding his belt happily. Heyman walks up and says he wants Axel to understand what's at stake tonight, because if he's left alone in the ring, Heyman won't be around anymore and Axel will not have Heyman around to help him. He says Axel made an enemy of Triple H, and Triple H will do everything he can to take everything his family has built away. But he won't be here if he's left alone with CM Punk. Axel says Heyman believes in him. Heyman says he's believed since day one, and tonight he needs Axel to believe in himself.

It's shown the Booker T was voted the greatest World Champion of all time.

Triple H is shown backstage talking on the phone. Randy Orton comes in and looks upset, saying he doesn't understand why Hunter barred everyone from ringside. Hunter says it's because he wants to make sure he made the right choice as to who he wants to be the face of the WWE.

Singles Match
- Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. The Miz

The entrances:

Fandango is the first man to make his way out to the ring for the next match, dancing his way down the aisle with Summer Rae.

The Miz is out next, and he gets a little pop from the fans in the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and Miz and Fandango begin circling each other. We get a lock up and Miz backs Fandango into the corner, breaking somewhat cleanly. Fandango dances a bit in the corner before catching Miz with a kick to the gut and punch to the back. Fandango locks in a head lock, but Miz fights it off, only to fall to a shoulder block. Miz catches Fandango with a quick neckbreaker, and tries for the figure four, but Fandango fights it off and sends Miz out to the apron.

Mid-match notes:

Miz comes back in with a roll up, then follows it up with a big slam, and the corner clothesline. Miz heads to the top and is distracted by Summer Rae, so Fandango kicks him off the ropes to the mat, where he stomps away at him.

Fandango whips Miz into the corner hard and gets another two count. Fandango traps Miz in a body scissors, working in a rear chin lock too. The crowd doesn't seem to be into this one at all. Miz fights out of the hold, and lands on his feet off of a belly to back suplex. Miz sends Fandango crashing out to the floor, and dives through the ropes with a big dropkick to the outside. Miz gets up to the apron and leaps off into a huge kick to the stomach from Fandango.

Back in the ring, Fandango scores a two count, then traps Miz in a seated bear hug. Miz fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but Fandango hits him with an elbow to the back of the head. Miz follows up with a big clothesline, and a kick to the chest. Miz runs into the corner and kicks the inside of Fandango's leg before following up with a quick dropkick to the leg. Miz tries for the figure four, then kicks away at Fandango's leg and plants him with a DDT for two. Miz tries for the SCF, but Fandango fights it off and suplexes Miz to the mat for another two count.

Miz rolls out to the apron and Fandango grabs the arm, whipping him into the turnbuckles before pulling him back into the ring and trapping him in the ropes. Fandango heads to the top and hits a leg drop to drop Miz from the ropes and get another two count. Fandango heads to the top again and goes for the leg drop but Miz sits up.

The finish:

Miz gets a two count, and Fandango rolls Miz up for two, but Miz clamps on the figure four, and Fandango taps out quickly.

Winner: The Miz

In an always classy move, the WWE recognized members of the National Guard in attendance tonight. It gets a big USA chant going. Michael Cole teases the upcoming match featuring CM Punk taking on Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman, before segueing into a video package featuring the events leading to Heyman turning on Punk and the aftermath over the past few months.

No Disqualification Elimination Handicap Match
If Paul Heyman does not compete, he will be fired.
- WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk

The entrances:

Curtis Axel is the first man to make his way out for the match, and of course Paul Heyman is in tow looking completely unsure.

CM Punk is out next, and he gets a huge pop from the crowd. Heyman looks like he's about to cry as the Best in the World makes his way to the ring. Punk has a kendo stick in hand.

Axel has a kendo stick of his own. Punk screams that everyone is gonna die.

The start:

The bell rings and Punk swings the stick at Axel. Axel ducks and hits Punk in the gut, but Punk hits Axel with the first full force shot to the stomach, then back, then chest. Heyman looks shocked. Punk grabs the stick and uses it to choke Axel, hitting him with a Russian leg sweep. Punk dives through the ropes to wipe out Heyman on the floor before picking him up and bringing him into the ring. Punk grabs Heyman by the throat, then picks up the kendo stick, Axel hits Punk with a low blow.

Mid-match notes:

Axel hits Punk with a series of rights to the face before getting up and grabbing one of the kendo sticks. Axel whacks Punk across the back, then puts the stick in Punk's face and brings it down over Punk's shoulder. Axel pins Punk for a two and Heyman screams that he believes in Axel. Axel goes under the ring for a chair and he brings it into the ring, but Punk catches him with a couple of kicks, a Mongolian chop and a big forearm before Punk grabs the chair. Axel hits a big dropkick that gets him another two.

Axel wedges the chair into the corner, and Punk tries to whip him in. Axel avoids it and hits Punk with a clothesline to the back of the head but it's still not enough to keep Punk down for three. Axel goes back under the ring and pulls out a table, the crowd goes nuts. Axel slides the table into the ring and props it up in the corner. Heyman tells Axel to drive Punk through the table. Axel tries to suplex Punk but Punk fights it off and tries to reverse it. Axel finally suplexes Punk away from the table for another two count.

Axel goes to the middle rope and drops an elbow to Punk's face for another two count before putting Punk in a rear chin lock. Punk fades and falls to the mat and Axel stomps on his face, then heads to the middle rope for another elbow. Punk rolls out of the way, and sends Axel into the steel chair wedged into the corner. Axel falls to the floor.

Punk catches Axel with a kick, then a double forearm, and a swinging neckbreaker. Punk hits Axel with the running knee in the corner followed by a clothesline. Punk heads to the top rope and points to the sky. Axel rolls to the outside. Punk drops to the mat and dives to the outside. Axel hits Punk with a glancing blow to the back of the head on his way out. Axel brings things back into the ring and gets a two count. Both men get to their feet and Axel hits a swinging neckbreaker for two. Axel pounds away at the back of Punk's head, grinding his forearm against the back of Punk's head.

Axel grabs the kendo stick and blasts Punk with a nasty series of shots to the back, but Punk refuses to stay down for three. Axel tries for the swinging DDT, but Punk counters. Punk tries for the GTS, but Axel drops down. Punk grabs a stick and blast Axel in the gut. Punk hits the GTS and locks on the anaconda vice. Axel taps out.

Curtis Axel has been eliminated

Heyman looks shocked and he immediately begins running away, up the entrance ramp, through the crowd and back by the announcers into the ring where he's caught by Punk. Punk rips at Heyman's face before grabbing a kendo stick. Punk listens to Heyman begging, and lets Heyman hug him with a big smile on his face before he shoves him off and blasts him with the kendo stick. Punk hits Heyman repeatedly and Heyman screams in pain.

Punk reaches in his boots and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Heyman looks like he's seen a ghost and he begs off while Punk traps Heyman in the cuffs and screams that Heyman did it to himself. Heyman says that he's tapping. He slaps his foot against the mat. Punk grabs the kendo stick and blasts Heyman's ankles, then his chest. Punk hits Heyman in the stomach, yells at Heyman to remember that he did this to him, and he hits him with a sick series of shots to the gut. Heyman continues to try to tap with his foot. Punk tells Heyman he broke his heart, and he'll break his face. Ryback is in from out of nowhere, and he spears Punk through the table propped in the corner.

The finish:

Ryback tosses Heyman on top of Punk, and the ref counts to three.

Winner: Paul Heyman

Ryback shoulders Heyman and carries him off to the back.

Following the match, doctors are in to check on Punk who had a pretty nasty cut on his back from being driven through that table. Punk shoves away some of the refs checking on him and looks extremely upset. Punk walks to the back and tells the doctors to stay away from him.

Josh Mathews is standing alongside Alex Riley, Booker T, and Santino. Mathews asks what the most shocking thing that's happened tonight has been. Riley says it's Booker winning the vote for greatest World Champion. Booker says that he's surprised that three Champions have retained their titles tonight. Santino says he's impressed by Kofi Kingston. Booker says Kingston couldn't deliver though, and become the Intercontinental Champion. They're interrupted by The Shield's music, and it's time for the United States Championship match.

WWE United States Championship Match
- Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

The entrances:

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring through the crowd.

He's followed out shortly by Dolph Ziggler who gets a nice pop from the crowd on his way to the ring.

The start:

The bell rings and Ziggler takes Ambrose down to the mat for a quick one count. Ambrose avoids Ziggler as much as possible, staying close to the ropes. Ambrose works Ziggler down to the mat, working on his arm and floating into a hammerlock. Ambrose transitions into a head lock, and hits Ziggler with a big shoulder block when he's thrown off. Ambrose tries to play mind games with Ziggler and ends up dropkicked. Ziggler hits a snap mare and drops a series of ten big elbows for a one count.

Mid-match notes:

Ziggler clotheslines Ambrose over the top rope, tumbling to the outside himself. Ziggler slams Ambrose's head on the apron and brings things back into the ring, pounding on Ambrose in the corner. Ambrose turns things around and slams Ziggler face first into the turnbuckle. Ziggler and Ambrose continue to trade chops and rights until Ambrose hits a big Alabama type slam to Ziggler to stop his momentum.

Ambrose shoves Ziggler's face into the canvas and traps him in another rear chin lock. Ziggler fights to his feet and Ambrose brings things right back down to the mat. Ziggler sits up, but refuses to quit, even when Ambrose turns it into a straight jacket style chin lock. Ziggler fights to his feet and out of the hold, rolling Ambrose up for a two count. This leads to a series of roll ups for both men. Ziggler counters out of a suplex and hits Ambrose with an elbow. Ziggler goes to the top but he's stopped by Ambrose. Ambrose rakes at Ziggler's back before hitting a double underhook superplex. Ambrose pins Ziggler for two.

Ambrose goes to the top rope but Ziggler is right up there with him, hitting a giant facebuster off the top, but it's still not enough for a three count. Ziggler rolls up Ambrose for two before kicking him into the middle turnbuckle. Ziggler mounts Ambrose in the corner and hits him with a series of punches before dropping and hitting a huge running clothesline for another two count. Ziggler counters something crazy and works it into a sleeper hold, but Ambrose works out of it and slams Ziggler to the mat for another near fall. Ambrose leaps in with a kick, but Ziggler turns it into a roll up. Ambrose rolls up Ziggler for two. Ziggler hits the rocker dropper but Ambrose grabs the ropes.

The finish:

Ziggler tolls out to the apron, and Ambrose stops him coming back in. Ziggler rolls up Ambrose for two, but Ambrose drives him into the corner, and plants him with the fact first DDT, getting the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Dean Ambrose

Sting wins the vote for greatest United States Champion of all time as The Shield makes their way out for the next match, and to celebrate Dean Ambrose's win.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
- Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns (c) vs. The Prime Time Players

The entrances:

The Prime Time Players make their way out to the ring to a nice pop, having already won a match tonight.

The start:

The bell rings and Rollins and Titus begin things for their teams. Rollins slaps Titus across the face, then back into his own corner. Rollins kicks Titus' leg and slaps him in the face again. Rollins ducks a clothesline, but gets caught by Titus and thrown aside like a rag-doll Titus picks up Rollins and slams him around again before tagging out to Darren Young.

Mid-match notes:

Young locks on a cravat, but Rollins fights up to his feet. Young hits a shoulderblock, then catches Rollins for a quick powerslam. Rollins tags out to Reigns, and Reigns is caught with a series of rights. A blind tag from Rollins doesn't help as Young scores with a huge elbow.

Titus chokes Rollins with his boot before stomping on him in the corner. Young and Titus clothesline Reigns over the top rope. Young heads to the outside, ducks a clothesline from Reigns and hits him with a huge right hand. Young heads back into the ring and is hot-shotted into the top rope by Rollins. Reigns tags back into the match and throws Young to the outside hard. Reigns tosses Young up onto the apron and catches him with a knee to the chest before rolling him into the ring for two. Rollins tags in and traps Reigns in a modified rear chin lock.

Young fights back, but Rollins slams him to the mat. Rollins misses a short arm clothesline and Young follows up with a belly to belly suplex. Reigns tags in and shoves Young into the corner, but he trash talks Titus and misses a splash in the corner. Young kicks Reigns away and Rollins tags in. Young hits a back drop and tags in Titus. Titus hits a giant tackle for a two count. Titus goes to work on both opponents with giant kicks and series of strikes.

The finish:

Titus hits Rollins with a giant slam. Rollins comes back with a kick to the head, but Titus hits a giant sit out powerbomb for two. Reigns breaks up the pin. Young sends Reigns to the outside. In the ring, while the ref is distracted with Young, Reigns hits the spear, and Rollins pins Titus for three.

Winner and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The Shield, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

The Shield stand tall in the middle of the ring displaying the gold that they continue to control.

After a recap of what happened during Punk vs. Heyman and Axel the greatest tag team of all time vote is revealed, and DX wins out over the Legion of Doom and everyone else by a pretty good margin.

WWE Championship Match
- Randy Orton (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

We get a video package to hype the events that took place the night of SummerSlam, and over the past month leading up to this match.

The entrances:

Daniel Bryan is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he easily gets the pop of the night, with the entire arena chating 'yes'.

The Champion, Randy Orton, is out next, and Orton gets a reaction out of the crowd, but it dies off significantly from the pop Bryan received.

The Greatest WWE Champion of all time poll results are revealed, and Hulk Hogan is shown to beat out John Cena, CM Punk, Triple H and even Stone Cold Steve Austin by a huge margin.

We get formal ring introductions, and we're ready to begin.

The start:

The bell rings and both men stare each other down before locking up. Bryan backs Orton into the corner and Orton turns it around, breaking clean. Bryan gets right back in Orton's face, working over the Viper's arm. Orton head butt's Bryan in the face before clamping on a side headlock. Bryan pushes Orton off and falls to a shoulder block. Orton hits the ropes and runs right into a knee to the gut from Bryan. Bryan hits Orton with a series of kicks in the corner before hitting a big armbreaker.

Mid-match notes:

Bryan kicks at the arm, then hits yet another arm breaker. Bryan continues the assault with more kicks to the arm in the corner before mounting Orton and hitting him with a series of rights. Orton pulls Bryan off the second rope into his across the back backbreaker.

Orton hits Bryan with a big clothesline in the corner, then backs up and hits another. Orton pins Bryan for a two count. Orton stands and stomps on Bryan's hand, then on his ankle. Orton and Bryan trade right hands. Orton kicks Bryan and suplexes him across the top rope. Orton covers Bryan for two. Orton rips at Bryan's beard and locks in a rear chin lock. Orton wrenches away at Bryan's head. Bryan fights up to his feet and out of the hold. Bryan ducks a clothesline and takes Orton down, mounting him and hitting him with a series of punches. Orton is up quickly and hits a big clothesline for another two count. Orton stomps away at Bryan's joints, then goes for another pin for two.

Orton mounts Bryan in the corner and hits him with a series of rights to the face. Bryan slumps down in the corner. Orton pulls him up by the beard and head butt's Bryan. Orton whips Bryan across the ring. Bryan flips over Orton and follows up with a running clothesline. Bryan gets to his feet and hits a huge dropkick in the corner, then a second. Bryan kicks at Orton's chest repeatedly, then seats him on the top turnbuckle. Bryan hits a top rope hurricanrana and Orton rolls to the outside. Bryan doesn't stop there, leaping through the ropes to wipe out Orton. Bryan brings things back into the ring and heads for the top rope. Bryan hits the shotgun missile dropkick and Orton goes outside again. Bryan dives through the ropes to the outside to wipe out Orton again.

Orton goes back into the ring and to the outside again and Bryan goes through the ropes into an Orton forearm that stops him cold. Bryan slumps to the apron and Orton pulls him out for an apron assisted DDT to the floor. Bryan is up and back in the ring at a count of 9. Bryan is slow to get up as Orton drops down to the mat. Orton goes for the RKO but Bryan pushes him off and hits a dropkick that sends Orton into the ref, and the ref crashing out to the floor. Bryan wrestles Orton down to the mat and tries to put Orton into the yes lock. Orton fights it off and hits the snap powerslam on Bryan for two.

Orton tosses Bryan to the apron and tries for the suspension DDT into the ring, but Bryan gets his feet under him, and clamps Orton into the yes lock. Orton is able to make it into the ropes to force Bryan to break the hold, but Bryan did a good bit of damage to the champ. Bryan hits Orton with another series of vicious kicks, but when he tries for a corner dropkick, Orton moves. Orton slides over and pins Bryan for a two count. Orton pulls Bryan to his feet and seats him on the top turnbuckle. Orton blasts Bryan with a right before climbing up and trying for a superplex. Bryan ducks through and seats Orton on the top. Bryan pulls Orton down into a tree of woe and kicks at Orton's chest before backing up and hitting a low dropkick to Orton's face. Bryan seats Orton on the top and Orton fights it off, knocking Bryan to the mat.

The finish:

Bryan charges in again and stops Orton, hitting a giant superplex and hanging on to the ropes with his legs to avoid the impact. Bryan stands on the top rope and hits the flying head butt. Bryan pins Orton but can only get two. The original ref is back into the ring after a replacement came down. Bryan stands and kicks at Orton's chest. Bryan is caught and hit with an exploder suplex by Orton. Orton smiles and goes for the RKO. Bryan avoids it and kicks Orton in the head before hitting the giant running knee to the face. Bryan pins Orton for a three count.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Bryan holds the title high and the crowd is going nuts, chanting 'yes'.

Bryan heads to the outside to shake hands with the fans and continue to celebrate his second WWE Championship win. Bryan makes his way up the entranceway, and the PPV ends with Bryan holding the title high and the arena chanting for Daniel Bryan.

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