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Last week’s edition of WWE NXT 2.0 saw a six man tag team war as Imperium defeated Diamond Mine, the return of Sarray plus Kay Lee Ray terrorized NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose all of the Performance Center.

Tonight as we build towards NXT Vengeance Day the Men’s Dusty Classic continues and the NXT Women’s Title hangs in the balance.

Here is everything advertised for tonight’s show: 

Preview (via WWE) - Kay Lee Ray is finally getting her NXT Women’s Championship opportunity, and all it took was separating Mandy Rose from her toxic cohorts and hounding her throughout the NXT Arena, threatening Rose with a bat before she finally gave in.

Toxic Attraction and the Women’s Championship have been on Ray’s hitlist for some time since “The Forever Champion” made her way to NXT 2.0. Ray has been after Rose since the two crossed paths at NXT WarGames, going on to decry Rose’s reign and preference for photoshoots over title defenses.

After repeatedly being denied a match, Ray took it upon herself to force Rose’s hand, chasing the champion out of the ring and throughout NXT Arena with her trusty bat in hand on multiple occasions.

With Ray promising a brutal response should she say no, Rose had no choice but to give Ray what she wanted, but will The Forever Champion regret her forceful coercion?

Preview (via WWE) - LA Knight has been waiting to settle the score with Grayson Waller for some time, but “The Arrogant Aussie” always has a few tricks up his sleeve: first, a restraining order and then the imposing Sanga always by his side.

In a short span, Waller’s new bodyguard has decimated everyone who has attempted to get their hands on Waller, ramming Dexter Lumis into the ring post and most recently beating down Knight following his singles match with Joe Gacy.

Following that altercation, Waller offered Knight an opportunity, stating that if Knight can beat Sanga one-on-one that he would consider lifting the restraining order.

Will Knight get one step closer to Waller, or will the colossal Sanga stomp out any hopes of retribution?

Preview (via WWE) - Sarray  has returned to Tuesday nights with a new look and a new attitude after connecting with her roots, and more specifically her grandmother, while looking for a new start on NXT 2.0.

After dedicating her first NXT 2.0 victory to her grandmother, The Warrior of the Sun was confronted by Dakota Kai, who cared little about Sarray’s lineage and stated that the sun will always set, no matter the changes.

Will Kai eat those words as The Warrior of the Sun rises to the challenge, or can Kai rain on Sarray’s return?

Preview (via WWE) - Daddy’s credit card is not a plaything, and Tiffany Stratton will try to take back what’s hers when she squares off with Wendy Choo Tuesday night.

“Daddy’s Little Princess” doesn’t believe women in pajamas like Choo belong in NXT, going so far as attempting to bribe Amari Miller with a shopping spree if she could beat the slumbering Superstar. Stratton’s planned quickly backfired when Choo pulled off the victory against Miller and swiped the credit card out from underneath Stratton’s nose.

Can Stratton reclaim daddy’s credit card, or will Choo go on a onesie shopping spree?

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