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WWE NXT ArRIVAL Results (2/27/14) - Adrian Neville Is The Fourth NXT Champion

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Welcome to our NXT ArRIVAL "Open Thread". I am Richard Gray and I'll be providing you with up to the second results and reactions from the first live wrestling show on the WWE Network.

Thursday, February 27, 2014
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by Richard Gray of


We're live from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida as Renee Young sounds like she's in a barrel. The panel is comprised of Bret Hart, Kevin Nash and Paul Heyman. There's a pretty decent crowd surrounding the outside set. Bret said he's honored to be here. Nash passed up his wife's birthday, which is today, to be here. Heyman corrected Renee Young, who said he was one of the best managers of all time, saying he was the best of all time. Young urged viewers to use the hashtag #NXTArRIVAL on Twitter. They role a NXT stock clip.

Renee said it is amazing to be a part of the next generation of WWE Superstars. Heyman questions this very fact and declares that it all starts here. Renee Young introduced a WWE Performance Center clip narrated by Michael Cole. We've ran it before as you can watch it at this link.

Renee Young puts over the state of the art facility and asked Kevin Nash what it would have done for his career if he would have it. Nash said when you think of Kevin Nash, you think of high-flying, sarcastic of course. He put over the aerial ring. Bret said he was always so proud of coming out of the legendary Dungeon with his father. Hart said it was an amazing process and the young guys today were going to set the stage for the next 30 years. He said he's really impressed with the abilities of the young stars. Heyman said for him this is like a shark on a feeding frenzy. There is a locker room here at NXT full of Paul Heyman Guys for the taking. He's looking for the next big thing.

They ran a clip of NXT prodigies that have already been called up. Big E was featured first then Fandango. The Wyatt Family were shown then The Shield come on. Roman Reigns told Dean Ambrose it's a lama mask they wear. Rollins says it's a lamb but they put over the list of talent they've taken out on the main roster and said they laid the foundation of NXT. Rollins says they are the emergent leaders of the next generation.

Nash said he sees a lot of comparisons between the nWo and The Shield. They were also very good friends and they have good camaraderie. He said people say they want to see the nWo vs. The Shield and he wants no part of that. Bret Hart said he has a lot of respect for The Shield but what he likes about The Wyatt Family is their unpredictability. He said it's hard to fight crazy.

Paul Heyman conducts some interviews with fans. He takes a selfie with a fan and said he's here to see every match because NXT is the future. He finds a female fan that said what he said, NXT baby! They promote Paige vs. Emma for the NXT Women's Championship tonight and roll a promotional clip. Both women are featured in the clip and do an excellent job in giving the match a "big fight feel." Renee said these two Divas have become the cornerstone of the Divas division at NXT. Heyman said heavy that hangs the head that wears the crowd because whoever wins will have to face one of the other talented Divas at NXT.

We go to a clip from earlier today with Natalya coaching Emma in the ring. Emma said it's been crazy and talked about a match six months ago. She said that maybe tonight is her night. Nattie said not maybe, tonight is her night. Emma said she is a bubble popping dance machine but she is going to be the new champion of 'Emma NXT.' Nattie tells her to enjoy this because these are the moments of your life. Bret talked about what a good opportunity Emma has being able to get advice from Nattie. He really put Nattie over for being a total pro.

NXT Women's Champion Paige is shown with Tensai. She said she respects Emma but she is not serious enough to hold the Women's Championship in NXT. The title is a huge responsibility. She doesn't think Emma can handle this. Paige said Emma is going to have to give her everything she's got and even then, she doesn't think that is good enough. Tensai wished her luck.

The Ascension will defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against a mystery opponent. Nash said they have the look and the size and they are not working by the minute, they take care of their opponents very quickly. It's going to be a quick night for these guys.

It's time to talk about the main event as Bo Dallas will defend against Adrian Neville. There have been three NXT Champions - Big E, Seth Rollins and Bo Dallas. Bret said when you win the world championship, everything pales in comparison. Nash said his first title win was surreal. Heyman said his legacy is forever tied to Brock Lesnar. On the night that Brock won his first title, it was a very emotional night for Brock Lesnar and Brock Lesnar is not an emotional man.

Alex Riley interviewed NXT Champion Bo Dallas earlier today. Bo said this is what he lives for and he's waiting his entire life for this. Bo said he's scared of spiders and lightning but he's not scared of Adrian Neville. When he steps through the curtain, he hears all of his loyal believers cheering him up that ladder and when he grabs his title, there will be absolutely no fear. Don't stop Bo-lieving. Adrian Neville "declined" to be interviewed.

Bret said he really likes Adrian Neville. He's technically sound and has great potential. Bret said overconfidence can be trouble and he senses overconfidence from Bo Dallas and he's more vulnerable than he thinks. Nash said he spent a lot of his career with HBK and he's going to go with Bo because he thinks cockiness gives you an edge. Heyman said the winner will walk way the NXT Champion. Whoever that person is will have Paul Heyman knocking at their door, contract in hand.

We go to JBL, who has an announcement. JBL said he's proud and honored to bring to the world what we've known all along, that there is something special about NXT. Somebody better call the Sheriff because these first two boys might steal the show. They're opening with Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro. They roll a promotional clip.

We're live inside the soundstage at Full Sail University. Triple H comes on the mic and says are you ready. A spotlight shines on him and said, no are you ready?! This is N-X-T! Hunter is in the ring as smoke shoots throughout the building. He said NXT is the next generation and the next generation has arrived.

Two out of Three Falls Match
- Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro

The entrances:

Sami Zayn comes out first and the crowd loves him. Brandi Rhodes, Cody's wife, is doing the ring announcing. The announcers are William Regal, Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton. Cesaro is out next to the Real Americans music. He's over as a babyface too, remember this is a more knowledgable crowd that appreciates both of these guys and their work. Loud NXT and Math of the Year chants.

The start:

Cesaro has black trunks on, Zayn has black pants and black boots. Cesaro shoves Zayn down. Loud chants for both performers, this has a Ring of Honor feel to it. Cesaro picks Sami up and slams him to the ring canvas. They're starting slow, letting the crowd build into it. They lockup and it's a sideheadlock takeover by Cesaro. They exchange moves but Cesaro hits a beautiful dropkick.

Mid-match notes:

Cesaro fights for opening control but he can't get it. He catches Zayn off the ropes but then they chain wrestle. Cesaro drops to the outside but Zayn follows with a suicide dive. This gets a loud NXT chant and the referee counts. Zayn rolls Cesaro in and "this is awesome" chants are loud. Zayn off the top in a cross-body, Cesaro counters into a backbreaker and gets a two count. Zayn counters and Cesaro throws him to the outside. Ceasro follows with rights on the outside. He takes the head of Sami Zayn and bounces it off the ring and then the crowd barricade. Cesaro puts him back in and tosses him back out.

Sami Zayn, who has every country he's ever competed in on his ring gear, counters. Cesaro picks Zayn up and slams him on the apron. Back into the ring and a two count for Cesaro. Zayn is again tossed to the outside and Cesaro stomps his head. Cesaro picks Zayn up and drops him on the barricade. Ceasro works him on the outside, pushing Zayn's body into the side of the ring. Cesaro uses the ring post to wrap the left leg of Zayn around it. Zayn kicks his way out and goes to the outside.

Zayn launched from the outside through the middle rope but Cesaro caught him with an uppercut on the other side on the outside! They're back in the ring and Cesaro works the leg of Sami Zayn in the corner. Cesaro continues to work the left leg of Zayn, going off the ropes and crashing down onto it. He follows with a two count. Cesaro kicks Zayn in the face. "This is awesome" chants from the crowd as Cesaro continues to work the leg with a dragon screw leg whip. Zayn counters out of desperation and the crowd gets behind him.

It doesn't keep Cesaro down long as he goes right back to that left knee of Zayn. He's firmly targeting it and is proud of himself over it. "We the people" chant from the crowd. Sami fights back with right hands but Cesaro pulls him down and locks in a single leg Boston crab. Zayn battles to the ropes and the crowd chants "Sami." Cesaro, with a smirk, runs at Zayn but runs right into his boot. Zayn counters and sends Cesaro to the outside. Zayn springboards off the ropes but Cesaro caught him when he launched. Cesaro destroyed him on the ramp and gets back in the ring. The referee counts. Zayn just barely gets back in before being counted out.

Zayn sells hard as Cesaro runs at him. Zayn hits an exploder suplex off a counter and gets a cover. Zayn continued to land offense and hit a blue thunder bomb on Cesaro for another cover. He applied the Koji Clutch but Cesaro countered with his own submission maneuver. Zayn tries to get to the ropes and finally gets to the bottom rope. THey exchange offense and another cover happens before Cesaro puts Zayn in the Cesaro swing. He follows with an uppercut and gets three covers.

Cesaro can't put him away and is worn out. The crowd is very appreciative with loud "this is awesome" chants. They replay a double stomp from Cesaro onto Zayn that he did between the second and third cover I mentioned above. Zayn is on the apron, Cesaro on the middle rope. Zayn throws hard right hands and kicks with his right leg. Cesaro is sitting on the top turnbuckle. Zayn uses elbows to his head and is on the top rope and attempted a hurricanrana. Cesaro went for the Nuetralizer off the top rope but Zayn countered. Zayn hit the huelva kick and got a two count. Cesaro is back up and Zayn is really selling the knee. Cesaro hits a stiff European uppercut and tells Sami Zayn to stay down. The referee begins to count.

Zayn gets back to his feet but only to take another stiff European uppercut from Cesaro. He pleads with Sami to stay down. The referee counts again as the crowd chants 'Sami.' They exchange rights and an all out brawl ensues. Sami hits a German suplex out of nowhere! Cesaro lands a boot to the face and goes for the Neutralizer but Zayn blocks. Zayn hit a Spin-out powerbomb off a counter and got a two count but he kicked out as well. A phenomenal match in front of an excellent crowd. Cesaro picked Zayn up and hit an uppercut and Zayn kicked out at one!

The finish:

Cesaro can't believe it. He lands another monster uppercut and finally the Neutralizer for the win. Wow, what a match!

Winner - Cesaro

After the match, Cesaro stood tall and Zayn looked dejected. Cesaro started up the ramp but came back to the ramp. The crowd chants "hug it out." Cesaro pulled him up and embraced him. Loud "NXT" chants, wow guys that was something.

Richard Reacts: We've thrown around the phrase "Match of the Year" a lot lately but wow, I'm just not sure anything has topped this. Cesaro and Sami Zayn are two of the best workers in the world and were on a mission tonight. Their mission was to give a five star match and they did it. There were a ton of notable spots but Zayn countering the Neutralizer into a Spin-out powerbomb was one of the most phenomenal spots I've ever witnessed.

Garry Jones from Full Sail and Mayor Teresa Jacobs are shown sitting at ringside.

Singles Match
- CJ Parker vs. Mojo Rawley

The entrances:

CJ Parker, a heel hippie gimmick, came out first. Rawley came out second pumped up and he's a big boy with a football player body because he is a former football palyer.

The start:

Loud "Mojo Rawley" chants before they lockup. Mojo got the first cover after elevating CJ Parker off the ropes

Mid-match notes:

Parker counters on Rawley but they both still look for control. Parker covered Rawley for a quick count. Lefts from Parker followed by kicks on his opponent in the corner. Backhand chop from CJ Parker on Mojo Rawley. He bounced Rawley's head off the turnbuckle but Rawley fights back. CJ Parker continues the punches in the corner on his opponent. He whips Mojo but Mojo counters and hits a couple of splashes.

The finish:

Mojo Rawley goes off the ropes and hits Hyper Drive to win the match.

Winner - Mojo Rawley

Richard Reacts: They had no chance of following Cesaro and Sami Zayn and there wasn't much to the match. This was probably what you would probably expect out of a developmental match but certainly not the norm down here at NXT.

They roll an Emma promo clip, building towards tonight's NXT Women's Championship match.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
The Ascension vs. Too Cool

The entrances:

Konnor and Viktor, known collectively as The Ascension, come out first with the title belts. The lights go down for their entrance. Their opponents are Too Cool. Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay come out together and the announcers put them over. The referee holds up the title belts to signify they are on the line.

The start:

The bell rings and it's Grandmaster Sexay and Viktor starting things out. Viktor lands power offense and takes in Konnor. He gets a quick cover for a two count.

Mid-match notes:

Konnor hits a should block on Sexay off the ropes. He goes for another one to the appeasement of the crowd. Sexay goes for a tag but ends up in the corner of The Ascension. Konnor and Viktor are very dominate, looking fantastic against former WWE Tag Team Champions. Viktor tags in and goes right for a cover. Grand Master Sexay kicks out. Viktor follows with kicks and drops an elbow. He lands a kick to his opponent's head and hits snap suplex into a two count. Sleeper hold by Viktor on Grandmaster Sexay. They're still in the corner of The Ascension.

Scotty 2 Hotty wants a tag but Viktor wrenches back on the sleeper hold. The referee checks for submission but Grand Master Sexay kicks hits feet. Viktor breaks the holds and stomps away and follows away with elbows in the middle of the ring. Here comes another submission hold, some type of chinlock. Sexay gets to his feet and tries to back Viktor down. He breaks it with a jawbreaker but he needs a tag. Viktor blocks his path but Sexay tries to battle him off. Regal says he's feels foolish saying Sexay.

Scotty 2 Hotty is tagged in and goes to town with right hands on Viktor. Konnor comes in but Scotty eliminates him. Scotty 2 Hotty goes off the ropes and brings Viktor down to the mat. Right hand from Scotty on Viktor. He whips Scotty into the corner off a counter but runs into a boot. Scotty 2 Hotty uses a right hand to back him down. Viktor goes for a splash and no one is home. Sexay lands more offense and he's feeling it. He throws Konner out of the ring and here's comes the worm. Viktor blocks it and Sexay tries to save but he's knocked off.

The finish:

Konnor tags in and it's time for a double team. Scotty is in the middle of the ring as Viktor and Konnor hit their Fall of Man double team finisher and get the pinfall victory.

Winners & still NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension

Richard Reacts: The Ascension is my favorite tag team in developmental and they're ready for a main roster opportunity. They have it all and could really fit in great with the company's tag team division.

They roll a promotional clip for Paige similar to one they ran earlier in the night for Emma. They're doing a great job building the Women's title match as a "big deal," much more than WWE has ever done for their Divas Championship.

Ric Flair is shown sitting ringside with his daughter Charlotte (who is an NXT diva). Regal doesn't even like to talk about Flair because his liver starts to shake.

NXT Women's Championship Match
- Paige (c) vs. Emma

The entrances:

Stephanie McMahon comes out in a black and white dress. The crowd chants "you've still got it" but Stephanie says she never lost it. Stephanie said tonight we're making history, the first ever event to stream live on the WWE Network isn't Wrestlemania, it's NXT Arrival. The crowd chants "NXT." Stephanie is proud to be here tonight as a McMahon and a woman. She has the privilege the announce the women and being a Diva is all about showing women can do everything men can do, only better. She introduces the next generation of WWE Divas and Emma's music hits. She comes out first and it's time to dance folks.

Coming out second is the 218-day NXT Women's Champion. She holds the belt high and walks down to the ring. Her theme song is "Stars in the Night" and it's available for download (via purchase) on iTunes. Stephanie McMahon shakes each of their hands before taking the NXT Women's Championship and holding it up. The referee holds up the belt and it's time to go.

The start:

It's a downright fight to start. Paige kicks Emma in the midsection and went immediately for the Paige Turner. Emma countered with a backslide for a quick two count.

Mid-match notes:

Emma looked to sling-shot Paige to setup the Emma lock but Paige countered and hit a dropkick. She got a cover. Paige picks Emma up and slams her down to the mat and another two count. The crowd is split for Emma and Paige, they've been split all night long. Side headlock takedown by Paige on Emma. She has it locked in on the mat and the crowd stomps. Paige has her headlock firmly on Emma but she gets to her feet. Paige clubs her and picks her up. Emma looks to counter as William Regal talks about knowing Paige's family and remembers when she was born.

In the corner, Paige puts her foot in Emma's throat. Emma catches her foot and counters. Emma regroups as the champion is down in the corner. Emma goes for the Emma Sandwich but Paige blocked. Again, looking for a slingshot to setup the Emma Lock. She can't get it locked in as Paige kicks her 619 style into the middle rope. Paige hits high knees to the face of Emma. Emma counters and Paige falls on the apron. Emma gets a one count as they get back in.

Paige misses on a splash in the corner as Emma goes for the Dil-Emma. Paige counters out and Emma hits the Emma Sandwich and gets a two count. William Regal says he's been married 17 times and why can't he find a women like this. Emma puts a knee to the back of Paige inside the ring. The crowd is firmly into the match. The Women's Champion gets to her feet but Emma locks in another submission maneuver. It's chain wrestling but the crowd loves it. Emma puts her feet firmly into the back of Paige, stretching her in a very uncomfortable position. Emma releases and Paige splats face-first on the mat and gets a quick cover. Emma picks Paige up and throws her down and stomps away at her throat in the corner.

Emma gets another cover but Paige powers out. Paige throws Emma into the corner and Emma goes to the apron. Paige starts to build a counter. Now they're on the middle rope, Paige on the inside and Emma on the outside part of the turnbuckle. Emma hits a sit-out powerbomb and gets a cover and "a lot better than Batista" chant breaks out. Emma tells Paige to give up but she lands offense including the Paige Turner for a two count. Emma kicked out of Paige's finisher and Paige looks shocked. "This is awesome" chants break out from this outstanding crowd (Green Bay, take notes!)

The finish:

Emma is trapped in the middle of the ring in a Scorpion crosslock lock by Paige. She wrenches back and Emma taps out.

Winner & still NXT Women's Champion Paige

After the match, they shake and Paige celebrates in the ring with the title as Emma backs down the ramp.

Richard Reacts: Good match and better than anything WWE does with the main roster Divas. I know I preach all the time that WWE isn't Ring of Honor and they're more than just pro wrestling but it's so refreshing to watch a great wrestling show. That's what this is and this crowd is completely into it. The workers are just feeding off of it and it's translating really well. The notable spot in this match was Emma's sit-out powerbomb that I think even surprised them on announce.

Cue an Adrian Neville promo package. He's a high flier and unlike anything most people have ever seen. If you like the Shooting Star Press, wait until you see the Red Arrow.

Pat Patterson and Dusty Rhodes are shown sitting at ringside. Patterson took Rhodes' cowboy hat off and put it on.

Singles Match
- Xavier Woods vs. Tyler Breeze

The entrances:

Xavier Woods comes out to Brodus Clay's music... and gimmick. Breeze comes out next with his phone up, selfie ready. Breeze is a male model gimmick and he can work. He gets on the apron and takes a selfie. Alexander Rusev and Lana come out and he destroys them both. No match but my stream was having major issues so hopefully that's finished.

Larry Zbyszko and Steve Keirn are shown sitting at ringside.

Ladder Match for the NXT Championship
- Bo Dallas (c) vs. Adrian Neville

The entrances:

Shawn Michaels comes out with the NXT title belt. HBK said he's very honored to be a part of this historic night. The crowd loudly chants "one more match" at him. He said he gets asked that a lot. HBK said he's fat, out of shape and no adherent to a dress code. Who wants to change all that? Certainly not me. The crowd chants HB shizzle and "Yes" chant breaks out. HBK tells the crowd he doesn't do this much anymore and they're throwing him off. He said he has a little insight on ladder matches and plugs his new Wrestlemania DVD. He has two kids to put through college and he needs the money, so get out and buy the Mr. Wrestlemania DVD. Shawn said he's very honored to be here tonight and what you're about to see is two very talented men but only one has the chance and the opportunity to not only step into history but step into greatness.

Adrian Neville comes out and the crowd is on fire for him. NXT Champion Bo Dallas is out next. His reign is 260-days as he checks out the ladder at the top of the ramp.

Formal introductions take place as Neville, the challenger, is introduced first. Bo Dallas is introduced second with the title hanging above them. Dallas gets the first real heat of the night.

The start:

The bell rings and the main event is underway. You cannot win by pinfall or submission there are no disqualification or count outs. The winner must climb the ladder and grab the title. Adrian Neville starts by landing offense on Bo Dallas and lands a missile dropkick off the top rope. Neville gets back on the top rope but Bo Dallas gets out of the way. Dallas counters and takes Neville down to the mat and he hits his head hard. Dallas uses some right hands and backs Neville in the corner with an elbow.

Mid-match notes:

Bo Dallas has Neville by the arm and works his opponent with a stiff elbow. Dallas finally takes Neville down to the mat. Bo Dallas picks Adrian Neville up and puts one of his legs in the ropes. Dallas goes out of the ring and gets a ladder. Neville's leg is tied up in the ropes and he's incapacitated. However, not for long as he frees himself and baseball slides into the ladder. Neville flies over the top rope onto Bo Dallas. Uh oh, Neville has a ladder.

They replay the over the top rope spot as Bo Dallas throws Neville into the steel ring steps in a counter. Dallas assaults Neville, tying his arms up into the ring apron. Dallas grabs another ladder and runs it down the ramp and into the ring. Neville counters on Dallas and backdrops Dallas onto the ramp. Adrian Neville gets into the ring and sets up an 8-foot ladder in the middle. He starts to climb but Bo Dallas greets him with another ladder, taking out Neville and the ladder he was on.

Neville sells in the ring as Bo Dallas uses the ladder as a weapon. Dallas equalizes Neville with the ladder as the crowd chants they want tables. Bo Dallas climbs up the ladder with Neville trapped underneath. Neville is able to use his feet to kick the ladder over, causing Dallas to fall. The referee checks him from the outside. Neville kicks Dallas in the head and sets up a ladder. He climbs up a ladder but is kicked off. Both men are down and the ladders are down.

Dallas and Neville fight for a ladder. Bo Dallas ends up pinning Adrian Neville into the corner with the ladder right into the ribs. Dallas sets up a ladder between the first and second rope. Neville tries to hang on and finally counters with a rolling DDT, where he used the ladder to gain leverage. Neville climbs the ladder but Dallas meets him. They work back and forth and a ladder ends up falling on Neville. Their heads actually ended up clashing together before a ladder feel directly on Adrian Neville.

Bo Dallas works on Adrian Neville in the corner, landing a stiff clothesline. Dallas grabs Neville by the hair and pulls him up as he's braced in the corner. Side headlock from Bo but Neville counters and launches Dallas head-first into the turnbuckle and ladder. William Regal says he can't help but root for his fellow Englishmen and tells Adrian to get up the ladder. He climbs but Bo Dallas goes up the other side. They exchange blows on the ladder. They work off the ladder and Neville ends up going to the top rope. Dallas shoves him out of the way to the outside. Bo slowly tries to get up the ladder but Neville jumps over him!

They're both on the ladder in the middle of the ring. Bo Dallas tries to German suplex him off the ladder. Bo finally powerbombs Neville into the corner on a ladder. He grabs a ladder and charges Neville but he counters. He body slams Dallas on top of a ladder. Neville goes to the top rope and it's Red Arrow on Dallas on the ladder! There's the "NXT" chant and with good reason, what a beautiful finisher.

The finish:

Bo Dallas has rolled outside of the ring as Adrian Neville gets the ladder setup. He climbs the ladder but at the last moment Dallas is back in. It doesn't matter as Adrian has the title and is the new NXT Champion!

Winner and new NXT Champion Adrian Neville

Smoke shoots out as Adrian Neville sits on top of the ladder and holds the title up. They go to replays as Adrian Neville is the fourth NXT Champion in the company's history.

John Cena is shown sitting next to Brian Fritz as the show ends.

Richard Reacts: This was a good match but it still finished third on this card. Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro stole the show with my new Match of the Year candidate and the Women's title match was second. Adrian had some high-risk spots and got to show off the Red Arrow. Dallas didn't do anything that was overly impressive in this one. Overall this was a very entertaining show. I had one stream issue that I documented on Twitter. It happened at 9:21 PM EST during the entrance of Tyler Breeze and came back on about 5 minutes later. I missed Rusev's run-in that apparently kept the match from happening. Other than that, the stream was fine and the quality was perfect.

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