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WWE NXT Great American Bash Betting Odds Night 2

Odds are out for tonight's WWE NXT Great American Bash event, although not many. 888sport only has three official odds for bettors to wager on, as some late announced matches (such as Gargano vs Swerve) are still without odds.

For the matches that do have odds though, let's take a look at what they are and if they're worth betting on. WWE betting is only legal in the U.K., but that doesn't mean Americans can't have fun discussing it.

Breezango & Maverick vs El Legado del Fantasma Odds

Breezango and Drake Maverick enter their 6-man tag team match as slight underdogs (+125). This makes sense for a few reasons, most notably the championship-caliber push that Escobar is currently receiving. 

However, a potential Cruiserweight Championship match between Maverick and Escobar might see the former win. Maverick getting the win over any member of El Legado del Fantasma would easily set up a title shot down the road.

If you have conviction in WWE wanting Maverick vs Escobar for the Cruiserweight Championship, it might be wise to take the underdog. The other side to this coin is the push Escobar is getting.

As the favorites at -177, El Legado del Fantasma can easily pin Tyler Breeze or Fandango while keeping the Maverick vs Escobar momentum going. 

Drake Maverick Involved In Match Result?

What makes the underdog bet so appealing in this match is the fact that Drake Maverick is the favorite to be involved in the match decision at -200. These odds should lift confidence into any bettor contemplating taking Breezango and Maverick.

It just seems more likely that Breeze or Fandango would be involved in the match result if El Legado del Fantasma wins. This would help push Escobar while also keeping the feud against Maverick alive. The conflicting odds tell two different stories here, so be cautious betting this match.

For those who feel inclined to place a wager, this is one you should probably hedge. If you take Breezango & Maverick to win, hedge the bet with Maverick being involved in the decision to cover yourself. It's very unlikely Breeze or Fandango pick up the win although they might concede, which sees great value at +200 each. If you decide not to hedge, take the favorites straight up and leave the prop bet alone.

It's unlikely Maverick loses the match while also receiving a title match down the road. If you believe Maverick is going to fight for a title very soon, take the underdog or Maverick as the involved participant. 

Mia Yim vs Candice LeRae Odds

This is a toss up according to the oddsmakers, as Mia Yim (+108) enters as the slight underdog while Candice LeRae is the favorite (-150). Neither superstar sees convincing odds to win, so bet with your heart here.

The case can be made for either superstar to win this match, especially LeRae who was first out of an elimination match. The push for LeRae seems more crucial at this moment in time than Yim does, so the favored odds do seem justified.

Go cheap with this match because it can go either way, but LeRae does seem like the safe bet. She has been a fantastic heel since turning and has had classic matches already with current NXT Women's title holder Io Shirai.

If NXT wants to move one of these women into the title picture against Shirai, it's probably LeRae. It would seem the first steps into doing that is to get her out of this rivalry with Yim, which might be the reasoning for the match stipulations. 

Street fights usually finalize a rivalry and if that's the case tonight, then the winner of this match will probably challenge Shirai very soon. Back who you feel is going to challenge Shirai next, because that woman will probably win this match. 

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