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WWE NXT Live (5/14/16) Portland, Oregon - WNW Reader Shares Experience

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My friend Lindsay Street attended last night's WWE NXT live event in Portland, Oregon and filed the following report:

Just went to NXT Portland. Not sure if you're interested in the results but here they are.

No Way Jose b Murphy via his finisher. Jose over in a big way on #NoWayDay.

Local guy Tucker Knight beat Tino via Lou Thes Press.

Bailey b Nia Jax with a rollup. Bailey was great with the crowd and hugged some young girls in the crowd after.

Austin Aries b a heel Mojo Rawley via choke. Mojo worked the crowd well, same shtick but was great egging on the crowd singing along with and dancing with the chants.

American Alpha b The Revival in a great match. Dash was outstanding while out of the match drawing heat from the crowd.

Shinske Nakamura b Elias Sampson via Kinshasa. Sampson was great threatening the crowd with singing both before and after the match.

Asuka b Alexa Bliss via Asuka Lock. A few missed spots but good match.

Samoa Joe b Finn Balor via rollup with a hand full of tights. Both brawled after the matched and the locker room cleared to break it up. Finn stood tall with the belt after. Finn was full Bullet Club with the too sweets, double guns, and suck it chops.

Interesting note, the poster had Bailey vs Bliss and Asuka vs Nia. Looks like they wanted some practice for future possible televised bouts.

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