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WWE NXT Live Coverage: 1/20/21

It's a New Day, Yes it is!

Happy Inauguration Day folks! DNezz here, getting ready for night two of the Dusty Classic; along with every bit and inch of drama and action from tonight's episode of NXT!

Along with Pro Wrestling's Premier Tag Team Tournament, we're kicking off its female counterpart as the NXT Women's Division kicks off its own Dusty Classic!

As if two phenomenal tournaments weren't enough, tonight is the night... Tommaso Ciampa will enter the terrifying structure that is The Fight Pit, as he looks to battle the Master Technician, Timothy Thatcher. We are so close to the first bell so grab your snack and beverage tune in to some other show but make sure to keep that browser tab open, NXT is live and it is next!

We are live Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another action-packed episode of WWE NXT! DNezz here folks and before we get too far into our episode, make sure you hit up Twitter and follow lil ol' me: @ItzMeItzMeItDBD for all of my live reaction! Let's get to ringside!

                                   Leon Ruff & Kushida v. The Way

It's Dusty Classic time as we open the show with another First Round match! The bell sounds as the teams prepare and it appears that Ruff and Theory will be opening the match. Theory with the physically inspired mind games as he tosses Ruff at his leisure. Ruff looks to utilize his speed and unorthodox use of body positioning but has no answers for his larger foe as he makes the tag and Kushida enters the match. Kushida comes in hot and fast as he looks to keep Theory grounded, but Theory's size and strength allow him to tag in the North American Champion. Gargano enters the match for a bit of showboating but when the action picked up, it was Theory right back into the fray. Theory would look to work over the much smaller Kushida but the crafty nature and discipline of Kushida would allow him to make the tag to Ruff who enters the match and quickly hits a few quality strikes on Theory. Theory is dazed but momentarily as he rises to his feet and quickly drops Ruff with an impressive sit-down bomb. The ref makes the count but the defiant Ruff only allows the two-count, enraging Theory, who continues to wear down Ruff as we head into our first commercial break!

We are back folks and it has been all Theory during the break as tags in Gargano who pounces on the weakened Ruff. Ruff breaks the face lock but eats a slam for his efforts as Theory is tagged back in and the two look to end Ruff. Ruff somehow escapes the corner and the double team as he stretches and crawls to his corner. Ruff is fingertips away but Gargano pulls Kushida from the corner before the tag can be made! 

Things look bleak for Ruff but he somehow holds on as he is battered by the tandem offense of The Way. Suddenly Kushida emerges and is poised for the tag as Ruff finally cannot be denied, the tag has been made! Kushida enters the match and puts on a display as he takes his lumps but also dispatches of both Theory and Gargano in an impressive fashion. 

Ruff reenters the action to run the interference on Theory as Kushida sets Gargano into a wristlock bridging Suplex... Kushida and Leon Ruff take the victory and advance into the second round of The Dusty Classic!

                                        Karion Kross v. Ashante Adonis 

No shocker here folks... Kross damn near killed with a pair of Saito Suplexes and his Tatsu Forearm. Karion Kross continues his quest to reclaim the title he never lost. 

                                       Imperium v. Lucha House Party

An impressive entrance from the boys across the pond as Imperium gets ready to tangle with the high-flying LHP. Dorado and Barthel kick things off as Barthel looks to keep Dorado on the ground with a little smashmouth style. Dorado battles back from the corner and takes to the ropes before tagging in the King of the Ropes, Gran Metalik. Dorado drops Barthel once more before being the platform for Matalik to leap from as he crashes down on Barthel. 

Aichner tags himself in and looks to get to work as he pounces on the first Lucha he sees. Imperium looked to regain their composure as the tandem offense allowed for Imperium to hit an impressive tilt-a-whirl backbreaker; leaving Imperium in firm control as we return from commercial break. 

We return and it's Barthel and Dorado in the corner, Barthel looks in trouble as Dorado plants him with a tornado DDT, but Imperium has some surprises themselves as they catch Metalik and drop him with a tandem Hanging DDT. Imperium continues to steamroll but suddenly the Lucha Libre Specialists claw their way back in as they put on a display and shatter the dreams of Imperium; picking up the victory and advancing to Round 2 of The Dusty Classic!  

          Toni Storm/Mercedes Martinez v.                                                                                         Kacey Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

After a brief introduction by Beth Pheonix, we are underway as Storm and Carter kick things off. Storm's experience pays off as she is able to capitalize on the straightforward style of Carter but the teamwork of Carter & Catanzaro would be the story in the early going as they looked to be firing on all cylinders. Storm would tag in Martinez and the power game would be in full effect as she dominates the much smaller Catanzaro. As Martinez executes the Stalled Hanging Powerslam, we head to a commercial break!

We're back folks and it has been Martinez throughout the break and much of the same as we return, but a sudden change of tides as Catanzaro hits a top rope hurricanrana and buys some time to make a tag. 

Carter enters as does Storm and our original pair continue their battle. Storm appears shook by the upstart, Carter, and looks to make a tag but the returning Io Shirai makes her presence felt as she takes out Mercedes Martinez, the woman who put her down weeks ago. 

Catanzaro would then take to the ropes and impress with this maneuver. 

The interference pays off and Carter and Catanzaro pick up the victory in the kickoff match of the Women's Dusty Classic!

                                   Tyler Rust v. Bronson Reed

You want it, you got it is the phrase that comes to mind as Rust squares off against the Thick Boy Behemoth, Bronson Reed. Rust opens up optimistic but after a few power moves from Reed, Rust is sent to the outside and seeking advice from Bivens. The moment on the outside would pay off as Rust targeted the shoulder and arm of Reed...

 but targeting a limb of Godzilla only infuriates the monster and that's what we were treated to as Reed rallied against Rust's surprising and impressive offense and delivered a MASSIVE top rope splash, securing the victory and leaving Rust & Bivens scratching their heads. 

                       Timothy Thatcher v. Tomasso Ciampa

                                                   Fight Pit

It's our main event of the evening as we kick things off and Ciampa stalks Thatcher above the pit itself. Thatcher goes for the blitz but Ciampa braces and the men collide in a fury of strikes as they look down into the pit, 10 feet below them. Ciampa changes direction and looks to dump Thatcher to the outside but Thatcher holds strong and counters with the European Uppercut. The men continue to exchange atop the pit, the strikes coming in swift and stiff with Thatcher taking the advantage. Thatcher drags Ciampa down the platform but Ciampa reenergizes and takes control of the match. After a bit more brutality on the platform, the men finally descend into the pit and now, we can have a winner as Ciampa drives Thatcher into the fence. 

The men continue their sadistic destruction of one another as Thatcher takes the mount on Ciampa and lays in stiff elbows on the face of Ciampa before isolating the fingers of Ciampa and driving them into the mat.

 Ciampa somehow manages to his feet and looks to put an end to the thorn in his side, but The Pit is Thatcher's playground, and despite Ciampa's creativity and utilization of certain referees for move execution; Thatcher would lift Ciampa in the air and wedge his leg in the corner of the cage, before tucking his head in the crux of Ciampa's knee and vice locking it as he locked his hands and squeezed. 

Ciampa looked for any available escape but was forced to tap; keeping Thatcher perfect in his match with victories over Matt Riddle and now, Tomasso Ciampa. 

And that will do it here ladies and gentlemen as we close the curtain on another episode of NXT...Be sure to tune in next week as we continue our coverage of The Dusty Classic's and prepare for what should be a raucous main event as Finn Balor will tag with Kyle O'Reilly to take on the NXT Tag Champs, Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan. Until then, DNezz signing off from here and saying Goodnight IWC! 

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