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WWE NXT Live Coverage: 12/16

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to another episode of WWE NXT! DNezz here and we are getting ready to kick off the evening in what hopes to be another Wednesday Night of non-stop action. 

                                                       Leon Ruff & Kushida v. The Way

It's official! Our newest faction in NXT is called The Way and they are about to kick things off against Leon Ruff and Kushida. Theory and Kushida start things off after a bit of mind games from the champion, Gargano. Theory with the headlock takeover but quickly countered by Kushida.

 Theory finds himself overwhelmed with the ability of Kushida and is dragged into the corner. Ruff with the tag in and the scrappy upstart enters the fray. Theory quickly overpowers Ruff and softens the former NA champ for the current one as Gargano tags in. Gargano quickly picks up where Theory left off, despite Ruff's best efforts to defend himself. It's a matter of time before Ruff finds himself isolated in the corner as The Way has its way with Ruff. Ruff manages to escape and brings Kushida into the match as the men find their way on the outside. After a scary moment during Ruff's Top-Rope attempt, Ruff seemed to bounce back but found himself in a world of trouble as Gargano and Theory descend.

We return from break and Ruff narrowly escaped Theory and Gargano before tagging in Kushida. Kushida comes in like a buzzsaw as he clears house with his unorthodox offense.

 Kushida is on fire but Gargano finds a way to cool him off. Things start to fall apart as the men are everywhere at ringside. 

Theory makes the blind tag in as Gargano continues to keep Ruff occupied. The plan succeeds and Theory plants Ruff for pinfall.  

                                                     Tyler Rust v. Tomasso Ciampa

The bell sounds for this match and Rust seems outmatched against Ciampa as he is pushed into the corner. Rust battles back but is dragged to the ground the grappling ensues. Both men have their moment of offense in what was an impressive exchange of skill. Ciampa opens things up a bit and turns up the physicality as Rust's mentor, Timothy Thatcher makes his way down the ramp. Thatcher watches on as his student is tossed out to ringside and left in a heap before Thatcher. Ciampa and Thatcher have a moment outside and Thatcher is escorted back to the locker room as Rust capitalizes on his opponent's attention is elsewhere. 

We return from break and Rust is in control ith the stretch on Ciampa. 

But Ciampa escapes and begins to heat up once again; running the ropes and bulldozing Rust at every encounter. Ciampa would fair to be too much for Rust as he plants him into the ground and secures the pinfall. Ciampa seems to give the nod of respect to his opponent but also draws the ire of a returning Thatcher, complete with the referee's restraining him. 

                               Kyle O'Riley v. Pete Dunne: Number 1 Contender's Match

Man alive have we started off hot! Both men pounce on one and another as there is no love lost between them. 

Both men take to the ground and the BJJ skills of both are on display as Dunne locks in a submission. KOR fights through and the men find themselves fighting all over the ring. The men settle on the outside and it's a slugfest as the ref utilizes his 10 count. It appears the men may settle for a double count-out but they come to their senses as they slide under the bottom rope; narrowly escaping the count! We head to break and it appears that KOR has the advantage.  

We return from break and Dunne has turned the tides as he counters KOR into the German. 

Dunne looks for the Bitter End but KOR counters with the submission and then tags Dunne with a knee. Dunne recovers and plants KOR in the X-Plex and it's time for Dunne to stretch KOR. Dunne transitions into another submission and KOR is in trouble. KOR somehow escapes and the men battle for momentum once more. KOR continues to use his striking but Dunne is unstoppable as continues to find openings to inflict damage. The men find themselves in no man's land as they are stuck on the top rope, but KOR launches Dunne across the ring. Dunne anticipated and rolled to his feet before smashing KOR's face with a well-planted kick. Dunne continues driving his feet into KOR, taking advantage of every moment of this Tree of Woe as we head to break.

We return and the men are blasting each other into the turnbuckle before they collapse from pure exhaustion. 

Dunne rises first and plants KOR with the Sitdown Bomb but KOR kicks out at two. Dunne locks in an armbar and it appears to be over before KOR finally connects with the bottom rope. The men exchange submission attempts and KOR impressively connects on a reverse capture fishermen's plex. Dunne kicks out at two and the men slowly dissolve from fluid wrestling tactics to brutal beating as both men are absolutely spent. Dunne looks for a Bitter End on the apron but KOR counters into a big-time suplex to the outside area. KOR would then deliver a knee to the skull of The Bruiserweight and we have our winner folks.  

                                                     Indie Hartwell v. Shotzi Blackheart

The bell sounds and the women are underway as Indie grabs the quick lead. But Blackheart is a force to be reckoned with as she battles back and finally overtakes Indie. Shotzi can smell blood in the water as looks to finish off Indie but Candice LeRae adds some interference as she distracts the referee; allowing Theory to hand Indie the War Games Trophy. Indie miscues though, and drives the trophy into the mid-section of Shotzi as the referee looks on in horror. Indie would be disqualified but she would continue her beat down on Blackheart before assisting LeRae with her Wicked Stepsister. 

                                                     Desmond Troy v. Karrion Kross

No words, just action... Kross in impressive fashion. Right before he calls out Damien Priest for a dance at New Year's Evil. 

He doesn't even talk...

                                                           Toni Storm v. Rhea Ripley

It is time for the main event of the evening ladies and gentlemen as Toni Storm makes her way to the ring, followed by Ripley. 

There's a feeling in the air as these two women engage and the bell sounds. Neither woman gives an inch as both women throw their best shots at each other. 

Storm send Ripley out of the ring but Ripley drags her out as well, but Storm was on her toes and sent Ripley crashing into the turnbuckle and crashing to the outside as we head to commercial. 

We're back and it's Storm in control with the reverse headlock. Ripley rises and sends fists to the gut of Storm before escaping and connecting with more well-placed shots. The women continue jockeying for momentum until both women shut it down and collide with a vicious headbutt.

 The women rise and somehow continue with their assault on each other. Ripley gains the slight advantage and locks Storm in the modified Cloverleaf but Storm escapes then connects with a diving punch. Storm delivers the clutch German Suplex but Ripley kicks out at two. Storm looks for the corner smash but Ripley crawls out of the way and looks to capitalize. But Raquel Gonzalez appears on the outside and after a bit of maneuvering, is able to drive Ripley into the turnbuckle 

Allowing Storm to hit Storm Zero for the three count. You wanted her attention, Raquel Gonzalez, now you have it. 

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