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WWE NXT Live Coverage 12/2

We're days away from NXT's most unforgiving PPV of the year; War Games is upon us once more! Hello IWC, DNezz here and welcome back to another edition of NXT Live Coverage; a very special shoutout to my main roster amigo(Talking about you Kevin Sullivan). We're minutes away from a jam-packed, Wednesday night of wrestling, and what better way to take in all of the action than keeping that browser open to me, and tuning in to the other guys as we get ready for one hell of a Wednesday night!

We open the evening by saying goodbye to one of the very best in the business. The NXT Roster out in mass as they give a final farewell to the Original Intercontinental Champion, Pat Patterson. The video package rolls on as we see the true legacy left behind by legend. The roster says takes one final moment and the intro plays on.

                       Leon Ruff & Damien Priest v. Legado Del Fantasma

The bell sounds as the North American Champion starts things off in our opening match of the evening. Both men would warm things up as they look for an opportunity to gain ground, leading to this bit of athleticism by Ruff.

Ruff would soon tag in his newly substituted partner into the match and it is clear Priest has the power advantage over both of his opponents. Priest would display that power all over the ring as he established dominance with his unique blend of power and agility. It would all come to a screeching halt as Priest would dispatch Mendoza on the outside, but his eye would turn to a different "Fantasma".

Momentum would shift as Escobar would capitalize on Priest's momentary lack of focus, and momentum would fall into the corner of LDF. But, like a phoenix from the ashes, Priest would rise up and reclaim his dominance against Escobar and Mendoza. Of course, Johnny Gargano would be hating... 

And as Priest looked to place the final arrow in the heart of his opponents, Ruff would make the tag, hopeful for the tandem finish. Priest would oblige and here are your winners!

But of course, the mind games would continue between Gargano and Priest. 

We return and discover that as Shotzi is preparing for her match tonight, her friends have brought her a little surprise; claiming that a War Machine needs an engine. 

And shortly after, we discovered that Undisputed Era has accepted that they haven't exactly had the best few weeks, but the time for reflection was at an end. It's time for the boys to remind NXT of who they are. Battle lines are officially drawn and our Men's Match is at a fever pitch heading into War Games.

                                                     August Grey v. Cameron Grimes

He's heading into a strap match with Dexter Lumis at War Games but tonight he'll be squaring off against August Grey, Grimes would kick things off with some mat dominance against his opponent. Grimes would play to the crowd a bit too much as Grey would battle back and even connect with an impressive Rope Walk, 180 Crossbody, but Grimes would take in stride and easily dispatch of Grey. 

Insult though would turn to injury as Grimes would hook Grey into a leather strap and parade him around, whipping him and addressing the WWE Universe and Lumis. Grimes would send Grey out to the floor but drag him back in by the strap... or so he thought.

                                                           Jake Atlas v. Tony Neese

We return from break and the bell sounds on our two competitors. 

Atlas dedicating his performance to Pat Patterson as the two men lock horns and the match is underway! Atlas begins the match hot and fast as he looks to bring down the former Cruiserweight Champion. Atlas would generate some offense and catch Neese by surprise but the veteran savvy of Neese would help him weather the storm and gain control of his less experienced opponent. Neese would put in work but couldn't keep Atlas down, and as Neese ran out of offensive options, Atlas began to take back momentum; securing victory by planting Neese with the ever-impressive, Cartwheel DDT.  

And just when we thought it was safe to hang out backstage...

We return from break and Pat McAfee has entered the building with his fellow team members for this weekend's War Games PPV. As they take the ring, McAfee would open the night, paying his respects to the late Pat Patterson, but would follow up with a verbal assault of epic proportions onto the Undisputed Era and the WWE Universe. 

But, perhaps the most poignant words of the evening would come from the silent assassin himself. 

And when we return from break...

                                            Ever-Rise v. Grizzled Young Veterans

Will Ever-Rise ever get their match on NXT? Not this evening as Imperium as invaded and dispatched Ever-Rise to the floor. Imperium is hot as they look to step right back into the Tag Title picture but first, they'll need to get past GYV. Both teams open the match hot but Imperium would hold the line and take a brief advantage. 

Drake would free himself enough to tag in Gibson and he would lock up with Imperium's Fabian Aichner in an impressive bit of chain wrestling; sending both men to the floor. Things would start to fall apart as we head to commercial break!

We return from break and momentum is firmly in the camp of Imperium. Barthel would begin to widen the gap as Gibson looked to be fading but still refused to stay down for the count. Barthel would look for some top rope offense to finish things off but Gibson had other plans as he would steal the very breath from Barthel. 

The match would fall apart shortly after as both teams battled on the outside, but not before Aichner would take to the skies and look to put an end to GYV. 

Suddenly, Ever-Rise would return and attack both teams as they have finally become fed up with their treatment within the tag division. 

And as we return from break, Timothy Thatcher has entered the ring for another riveting demo of Thatch's-Thatch-Can style of wrestling. Thatcher looked to teach a lesson on distractions but was interrupted by the recent thorn in his side by name of Tomasso Ciampa.  

As Ciampa looked to bait Thatcher into accepting a challenge, Thatcher would continue to shy away until the time was right and pounce! The men would grapple until Thatcher's student would attack Ciampa from behind and allow his teacher to lock in a guillotine and put Ciampa to sleep. 

        Raquel Gonzalez v. Shotzi Blackheart: War Games Advantage Ladder Match

And it is time for our main event of the evening as the women enter the ring and the bell sounds for our War Games Advantage Ladder Match! Gonzalez would immediately break out the power game as she lifts Blackheart effortlessly to stretch her out across her shoulder; before tossing her to the ground. Blackheart would quickly adapt to an in and out style of attack but it would still do little to the powerhouse of Team LeRae. Blackheart would lock in a rear-naked choke and look to bring down Gonazalez but again, Gonzalez would shake her off like a pest.

 Shotzi would finally look to chop down the larger competitor by bouncing her leg off of the steel steps and following up with a bit of apron creativity. The competitors would continue to battle through the commercial break and Shotzi has certainly put in the work against Gonzalez as she looks to gain the advantage heading into the weekend's War Games Match. The ring is littered with fallen ladders and there battered bodies of the competitors as Shotzi picks her spot and uses the ladder as an aid. 

As Gonzalez looked to regain her composure on the outside, Blackheart would take one final desperation attempt that would, unfortunately, take its toll on both women. As both competitors recover on the outside, the members of Team LeRae find a way to escape their platform and check on their fallen companion, but Team Shotzi would follow suit, and soon enough all hell would break loose on the outside. Gonzalez would enter the ring during the melee and look to end her ladder match and gain the much-coveted advantage for the War Games Match. To the surprise of few, Io Shirai would appear from the crowd and take the back of Gonzalez who was nearing her objective. 

Shirai would become the equalizer as she delivered her picture-perfect Moonsault, dispatching all who stood in the sea of humanity. 

Blackheart would enter the ring and in the absence of everyone, would claim her victory and the much-needed advantage for her team!    

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